Mass Abuse on Steemit by Attackers, Bots. We are considering leaving. If any can help, please let us know.


Screen Shot 2019-06-27 at 1.13.13 PM.png

Our posts on OUR OWN BLOG have been removed to where we can not even read them. Yours can be too! On Your own page, on your own blog. Some psycho can just have them removed as he wishes. This is now Steemit.

(FIRSTLY, this is NOT a bash on STEEM, read it with this in mind. Someone said I'm powering down my Steem, yes but only to get more STEEM to use for promotions etc. As you earn you get more SP but I don't want more SP I want more STEEM so I'm selling some SP to then use buy more STEEM services. Unfortunately some ppl misunderstood. I'm not leaving Steemit. Also I was able to make up with one of my attackers and found out that I was being attacked due to a noobie-boobie trap I fell into. I have NO INTENTION on steering people away from steemit use, just obviously having this Block User function would be much better. I'm not even sure it could be added, probably though.)

(What this is is an ADVOCACY that SteemIT this posting blog needs to be adjusted to protect users from abuse. That means we need a BLOCK USER function on our posts so abusers can't abuse, downvote, post nasty things, downvote you with bots and friends etc. We need protection methods to keep steemit a healthy clean abuse-free place this is what this is, and it can not be that without some more adjustments, CLEARLY. So I'm advocating for change by revealing what the problems are. So, on we go.)

A vicious attacker psycho can commit crimes against you and your startup, damage your reputation, lie about you, false accuse you, slander you, commit commercial damages against you, and cause you monetary and business harm now on steemit. And steemit seems to have no recourse nor defense for you. How can this be? This is being done to us right now. We are brand new to steemit. This is the welcome for the new guys to steemit. What will it translate to for the future of steemit? It's pretty obvious if left unfixed.

The community needs to fix this problem, and now.

Our Startup is very new to Steemit. We came here to support decentralization after being deplatformed like so many millions of others, by Fakebook, Instagram, Linkedin, and shadowbanned by Twitter severely down to nearly zero likes and effectively zero views. Every time we have been oppressed on social media, there has never been any central support nor any explanations as to why no matter what anyone did to try to find out.

We're the #1 Breakthrough CleanEnergy Innovator in human history with 2,930 techs, and when we post for example 10 minutes in to a Climate, SDG, Environmental or Startup related post, that gets 100,000+ views, with 25,000+ likes and 2500+ retweets of traffic, we get no likes, effectively every single time, even when providing solutions and answers to problems etc. The suppression is unreal.

We came to Steemit and like any new person, poking and prodding around learning. made some posts, checking it out, learning the functions, moving things over from medium and others.

But now I'm already thinking about leaving Steemit, not even 90 days in. Update, not leaving.

Is that what's good for the Steemit community? To have people in not even 90 days thinking woah big problem here? I better pack this in and find an alternative fast!?

We have been attacked when we merely asked some simple questions in a discord chat, relating to a topic we are interested in. The original attacker didnt have answers to our simple questions and refused to answer directly. His dodging led me to challenge him on it. Then he exploded in rage, kicked us out of the group.

I thought nothing of it, just another fool who refuses to be honest. No big deal. I went onward with life. it was a bad move by him as he destroyed potential allies.

I then went into steemengine discord to seek some help now a few days later. I asked for help and posted my post. This abuser was in the group. He then immediately attacked.

He immediately began downvoting us, false accusing us, slandering us illegally, committing libel and willful defamation against us even commercial damages. He immediately went and got his bot armies and put them against us downvoting us to cause us reputational harm and financial harm. That is illegal, it is a crime, in fact several crimes.

After posting I went to eat with my family and didn't see his demanding controlling totalitarian message in the group as he attacked us over and over and over again logging into his different bot accounts to destroy us willfully for no reason other than he now can armed with the steemit system.

I stood up to this bully and demanded he take it down and undo it. He refused to undo the damages which is in his ability to do so. He then blamed his actions on us and threatened us further. He refused to remove his slanders defamations and libels and false accusations against us and there they sit. (finally he edited them out, excellent)

I responded to his false illegal accusations and defamations as of course I must. He then lied claiming I have done something wrong to respond.

Then more bots came in to downvote our responses to the lies about us. They downvoted our responses until our responses could not even be seen any more, but only the illegal criminal lies and slanders could be seen. Our voice to even respond to these criminal false accusations completely suppressed from the platform.

This picture below shows how all our responses to his illegal slanders have been completely vanished from view by him and his bot armies.
Screen Shot 2019-06-27 at 1.39.21 PM.png

We asked Steemit for help in the general chat. The chat mods were very abusive and abused us and then banned us from the chat room. They didn't help at all. We are now banned from the general chat room. The mods gossipping about us. We can still see it, but can't even respond.

We asked Steemit for help in the help chat. One user came to be a mediator and talked the abuser into removing 3 downvotes but then he refused to remove the others from his bot army. He refused to remove the slanders. He said our comments that we will seek legal action is a threat against him, and threatened us further.

Our voice has been suppressed on steemit in vicious attacks on our very own blog. This doesn't even happen on the other social media platforms. The platform can oppress you and attack and silence someone but the other users can not. This is unprecedented for a social media platform to be able to be used to silence and oppress directly the other users at will, and commercially harm them. Steemit platform is not helping us. The abuse chat is not manned and there is so far no service nor responses in a week.

This picture shows how when we go to our blog posts we can't even see our own blog posts on our own blog!!!!
This is now Steemit. This is the level this abuser goes to.
Screen Shot 2019-06-27 at 1.39.31 PM.png

What can users even do to combat this abuse? Has steemit not set up any kind of system to police this network? Can merely a few bots be allowed to silence anyone and everyone at some abuser's will? What recourse do us users even have here?

They have damaged our reputation score so far. They have damaged our income on Steemit. They have damaged our commercial reach. They have damaged our very clean reputation. They did it on purpose with blatantly evil will and malice. It is criminal illegal actions and they know this and even acknowledged it when we stated such. They are fully aware that it's a crime, unethical, and stated they are doing it anyway and told us to not try to fight back or it will get worse. He told us we will not win.

This is insane criminal oppression far worse than anything you will have when on the centralized platforms, and makes me stop and question to go any further. If the steemit platform and community will not respond to protect our freespeech rights to voice our defense from blatantly criminal attackers like this, we will leave the platform completely immediately selling all Steem and never come back to the Steem ecosystem and let everyone know what is going on here with Steemit that it's clearly not a Startup friendly place and that you have no ability to defend yourself against attacks and there is no point to blog here as it will just be attacked by crazy internet trolls and vandals and shut down and you have no defense.

Please all steemit positive contributors help us find a solution to this issue if there is at all one, help us find the right people who are policing and protecting the users and contributors, and help all steemit users fight abuse, oppression, and this demonic totalitarianism and cyberattacks like this.

This is clearly not good for any of us when sickophantic attackers and abusers will go to viciously attack tiny little social enterprises in the third world, effectively eliminating their voices and even ability to comment on their own blog or to respond to the illegal criminal lies and slanders of abusive attackers, nor to be able to block them from your blog to protect your blog.

Is there any way to block these evil sickophants from accessing our blog pages to immediately silence us and attack us to harm us?

The attackers have lied about us, slandered us, false accused us of 2 different things which clearly proven not true even by their own postings. Clearly no one is safe on steemit if we aren't safe either. The entire future of steemit is also at risk including all our funds and all your funds due to this. Bots with $5,000 or $100,000 down voting everything in sight.

This bot has over $100,000 in it just downvoting everyone on Steemit. Wow. Destroying the steemit community. Probably some kind of central bank sponsored attack destroying the community for everyone.
Screen Shot 2019-06-27 at 12.07.30 PM.png

This bot attacked us until our posts couldn't even be seen any more on our own blog even by us. So these attackers have the ability to remove you from your very own blog here on steemit and it seems steemit isn't even doing anything about it to protect the community from this.
Screen Shot 2019-06-27 at 12.13.02 PM.png

This enforcer bot seems to be battling another bot downvoting all it's posts also. Probably for it's radical abuse.
Screen Shot 2019-06-27 at 1.01.26 PM.png

It's hard to believe the Steemit Terms of service includes the ability to permanently continually attack others in oppression merely by who has the bigger stake, immediately allowing freespeech to be purchased, not a consensus, and completely without any legality nor due process, but merely due to Money or financial purchase. This effectively renders all businesses on Steemit ripe for targeting and destruction, their blogs can be totally erased even from themselves being able to read their own comments let alone anyone else.

So why should we or the mainstream be here on Steemit? If this is merely going to be a troll attack bot feed where you are not even allowed nor able to defend yourself and no one is protected and your own blog erased from your eyes? Wow what an unfortunate demise for something that could have been so powerful for the people as steemit.

Very very unfortunate for all of us.

There is clearly nothing "decentralized" about a Steemit where any radical crazed criminal psychopath can commit crimes completely unbridled effectively totally usurping your decentralization, can take over your own blog, other people's blogs, and silence and erase other's ability to even see them, and the victims not supported. That is centralized hit man totalitarianism at will, not decentralization.

If someone can help us with this, I have been hearing again and again that people are leaving steemit in droves, and now I can see why.

This post will be downvoted by the attack bots. Please lend your support.
Please ALSO suggest alternatives to Steemit where we can actually blog in peace and protection from these criminals.




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On the internet it's common for people to be attacked. We don't want this to happen on Steemit. Sometimes you get abusers and Trolls who refuse to stop. Other steemians and startups can be attacked and the steemit community destroyed by these people who are bent on abusing others.
If you are abused, you need to stand up against it, but try to do so in a diplomatic way if can. Re-post your blogs if you are silenced by huge bots. Don't let others silence you off your own blog. Some people and bots try to do this. Thats what Steemit community is for? Thats what steemit community wants?

Some messages for those who think to abuse others.

Some bots and people are engaging in step by step oppression and depersoning attempts by radical Totalitarian Facist internet nazis. Make sure you are never acting in such a way. Make steemit a strong community.

We got further information that "Steemcleaners" will downvote you with their Mack-bot if you post links un-approved first into any steem related discord groups. Also if you "cross-tag" which means you "Tag" or "Hashtag" a Keyword that is not actually related to that post. This is frowned on by steemit community and even attacked in response.

Promotion of yourself and your project and post is okay and approved on Steemit, however if someone requests you don't do that, keep a list on a spreadsheet. Be respectful!

Don't spam it though. Don't just show up advertising on other people's posts. If you thank them and leave a footer on your message like email, that's okay.

Thanks for the help from steemit community on discord for teaching us more about these issues!

The main attack came from us posting a link into a steemit chat group on discord. Boy did we get smoked for that one. O.O Be careful noobies where you walk, booby traps!

ABUSE and Improvement suggestions:

Github is the place to recommend suggestions to steemit.
Abuse channel on discord does not control steemit
Steemcleaners does not control steemit
Steem chat github is probably also the place to suggest changes or new ideas

  ·  작년

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I ran into a guy who helped some on discord.

  1. He says the The mack-bot and enforcer flags are from Steemcleaners. He says they are voting down my posts for "comment spam" (confirmed Mack-bot is steemcleaners but enforcer48 bot is not) enforcer48 bot is known to go attack people who post links into discord groups. Best not to do that, tread carefully!

What is comment spam I asked?

"comment spam is when you place ads at the bottom of your comments you reply with" he says

"Sending these comments on any reply to a post you made is the equivalent of mass advertising or spam
The community does not appreciate this and have groups like steemcleaners in place to remove it via downvote"

Example: I have been placing some "ads" in my posts, to get more exposure. I have now just been told that something about it isn't welcome or attracts the ire of community, here you can see the ads at end of comment.

Screen Shot 2019-06-27 at 2.47.57 PM.png

Looks like ill have to find out more what I can post in these "ads" or can't and what the limitations of freedom I have are. Some of them are on my own blog page, and no one should be downvoting someone's ads ON THEIR OWN BLOG PAGE. Don't like their Blog? PASS. WALK AWAY. Don't abuse them. Don't follow them, you can mute them, you don't have to attack and damage people because you are a hothead internet psycho thank you very much. O.O

I apparently have to get ahold of "steemcleaners" in order to get them to stop downvoting my posts and find out how to prevent it further. If anyone has info on this, let me know.

These are the official reasons listed by for using a flag:
a "Flag" is a downvote.

  • He disagrees on your rewards
  • He has the right to state anything about your posts, content, etc
  • Nobody here will control his speech, hate speech is not policed
  • This is what decentralized is here for, there is no controlling entity that can decide what is said.

Therefore, it seems that Steemit allows all kinds of Hate, Hatespeech, Criminal actions against others, but not the freedom to even post something you want about your project or blog on your own posts. You can't sell yourself, but you can sure going around abusing others and damaging them. Terrible. Absolutely rediculous.

Steemit community needs to have this fixed and now. A tiny ad in your post should not be worse than or looked on worse than nor attacked versus hateful actions, harrassment, and abuse.

Steemit also needs to make the options to block abusive people from your blog. There should be no support for abuse and hate speech on steemit. At least not criminal libellous attacks, criminal false accusations, criminal defamations, or otherwise.

There should also be some kind of mechanism to protect discrimination against new users, users of different categories, etc. If there is none, then Steemit is effectively a radical hate speech platform. No ad at the bottom of your post but no problem to commit crimes and ethics violations against others? Its clearly backwards and a serious problem that makes steemit not a professional platform nor atmosphere for the mainstream.

Legal matters. These are LEGAL FACTS. They are not up for dispute.

  1. It is ILLEGAL in every country to: Verbally or written, to false accuse, lie about, slander, defame, libel other people or entities. This is NOT your freespeech right and is NOT protected in ANY country as a freespeech right.
  2. Just because you are committing these CRIMES online does not magically somehow make it legal or ethical, it is STILL A CRIME in EVERY nation and jurisdiction and Internationally ALSO.
  3. Written defamation is called "libel," while spoken defamation is called "slander." Written defamation can also be considered as "slander" especially if used in a conversation or blog, direct communications in public conversations or public forums.
  4. If you suspect someone is trying to scam people, you can NOT state that it is a scam until loss has been committed and you must prove your claim, NOT the party accused. They don't have to prove anything.
  5. Due process DEMANDS the accuser to prove his claim NOT the accused. That is THE LAW, EVERYWHERE.
  6. Even if you are on the ISS and not on the earth, you are a citizen of a country and subject to those laws of your citizenry. ALL OF THEM have such laws.
  7. If you are present in a jurisdiction where the law can not reach you currently to arrest you for such, that DOES NOT make it legal, that only means you will be arrested LATER for it.
  8. Financial penalties for such, can range into levels far far higher, even hundreds to thousands of times higher in many multiples of the actual loss. This is COMMON and the norm. There is no limitation for losses to be only the amount of actual financial loss. Reputational loss is typically estimated and appointed by the plaintiff and awarded accordingly. It is typically in the Millions of dollars per case per occurrance.
  10. DO NOT FALSE ACCUSE PEOPLE FOR ANY REASON. It is wrong, morally reprehensible and uncalled for. Its a sin, illegal and a crime to your fellow man. Dont do it.

What you CAN NOT SAY when you suspect something is a scam:

  • ITS A SCAM!! (this is false accusation without cause, without due process, without a loss nor crime having been committed, it is appropriating guilt before action which is far even before conviction. you simply can not legally call scam until a scam has actually occurred)

What you CAN say when suspect something is a Scam:

  • It looks suspect to me
  • I think IT MIGHT BE a scam
  • This seems to have some suspect conditions like xyz.

What is the appropriate behavior?

  • Ask politely for an explanation.
  • Use your thinker not your stinker. Don't abuse, research.
  • give the benefit of the doubt, by all means be cautious if you don't understand something but you can't cry scam when no one has even lost anything yet.

In regards to returns. ALL early stage startups promise huge returns like 3-10x IF the project actually can get off the ground and to a profit. That's the FACT of Startup and Startup investing. Venture Capitalists don't invest in things that don't. Instead of pretending the entire Venture Capital industry magically doesn't exist, you can accept that this is real, that crypto investments are real and people have earned up to 70,000% gains in them, and 300% or 3x, is the low end of the long term VC scale of 3-10X. Use your thinker not your stinker.

  ·  작년

If you suspect someone is trying to scam people, you can NOT state that it is a scam until loss has been committed and you must prove your claim, NOT the party accused. They don't have to prove anything.
Due process DEMANDS the accuser to prove his claim NOT the accused. That is THE LAW, EVERYWHERE.

Almost everywhere but not in the USA. The accused party must prove innocence but can still attack the accuser for defamation.

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