Windows binaries for steem v0.5.0

5년 전

Now with faster mining!

I recently made a change that fixed the hash rate slowdown bug for the MinGW cross-compiled Windows build of steemd. (Note: this does not fix the slowdown for MSVC compiled versions.) I was able to get these changes in prior to the v0.5.0 release.

You can cross-compile v0.5.0 steemd and cli_wallet yourself if you have a Linux system by following my guide (now updated for v0.5.0 from Steemit's official steem repo).

Alternatively, you can download the compiled binaries from my GitHub repo.

The SHA256 of the zip file is:


Edit: I updated the binaries so that the cli_wallet is compiled with doxygen. So, help and gethelp commands work properly now.

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OK I got the Windows miner working thanks to help from bhuz and pfunk! If you have issues, try downloading the blockchain provided by pfunk (valid for 7 days) and that fixed it for me and nextgencrypto.

If you have problems getting the miner to work you can go to the link below for help!

How to Mine Steem with Windows

Thanks for sharing this useful information.

  ·  5년 전

Is there a good explanation on how to start mining on windows somewhere?


Basically just edit the config as instructed here (ignore everything else, just look at setting up config) ...

Then download the blockchain from here ...

Start the miner up, let it crash (most likely) and it will create the folders. Now go unzip the blockchain over the /database folder.

And you should be good to go! Startup steemd.exe and start mining! If you have problems, go into the slack channel and #mining


Thanks fheman! Btw I noticed in your config file below, the "" were missing around the witness name, that might have caused the problem I think.

  ·  5년 전


** Update : SOLVED **
I used the linux guide to setup the config, but the miner shuts down after a few seconds and I can't figure out why. Any help would be much appreciated! I'm using Win10 (unfortunately), 16GB/AMD A10-7700.

Update: I just tried it on an i7 and same result. There is no info in the log file either. I'm sure it's something I've done wrong, because I have no clue what it is I'm doing. :/

Here's my config file info that I've input, the rest is unchanged :

# P2P nodes to connect to on startup (may specify multiple times)
seed-node =
seed-node =
seed-node =
seed-node =
seed-node =
seed-node =
seed-node =

# name of witness controlled by this node (e.g. initwitness )
witness = tuckfheman

# name of miner and its private key (e.g. ["account","WIF PRIVATE KEY"] )
miner = ["tuckfheman","blahblahmykey"] 

I just used an account I'd already setup and it's key. Do I need to create a new account using the cli wallet or something? I tried running the cli_wallet.exe but it also shut down after a few seconds. Is it supposed to be started with some parameters?


steemd in action on windows 10, 6 threads - AMD FX6300


Waiting for MPIR optimized build :D