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Fixing the reward pool rape is step 1 in restoring a market value to STEEM because it opens the platform to new users who create quality content that won't disappear under the weight of vote bots, and it stems the haemorrhage of bid bot buyers and sellers dumping STEEM for other cryptos.


If this makes you sleep better at night then you keep telling yourself this. If you can't see the impact downvoting has had on people's opinion of this "social media" site, then you're more myopic then I originally thought.

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On the contrary, I have seen a massive improvement for content creators since the last fork. the environment is better, and that is the foundation we need for the platform to grow and the prices to rise again over time. Change won't happen overnight, but we have a system where change for the better is at least possible again.

Perhaps you could reduce the accusations of spam by adding more content to go along with your short definition posts. What artworks demonstrate the term in question? Where could people find tutorials to learn the techniques? That would make a huge difference in public perception, and help you show @themarkymark the error of his ways. You could also trim back the rather excessive copy/pasted footers on your posts.

Steemit isn't like other social media sites. It's a blog with a monetary reward structure based on blockchain technology and cryptocurrency. It's not officially in beta anymore, but it's still an experiment, and we're all trying to establish standards for conduct here. It's going to be messy. Let's try to find a way to make these conflicts constructive instead of destructive.