Sneak Peak of @SteemSmarter - My First Project on Steem!

4년 전

Welcome back fellow Steemians and oh do I have an exciting announcement for you today!

Over the past few weeks, my team and I (@thescubageek and @crypthoe) have been developing a Steem service that will help you identify the most actively engaged tags by and which of these tags offers the best opportunity for YOU to earn rewards.

Let's face it, Steem(it) can be pretty confusing to new users and many leave before making their first $1. This is a problem and we wondered how we could strengthen the Steem community. So, we created SteemSmarter to help everyone, but especially minnows and plankton, to "make sense of Steem", hopefully make their first few $$ and become a member of our community rather than leaving after a few days or weeks.

I – like I'm sure most of you – have a difficult time figuring out what tags to use and where to spend our time connecting with other Steemians. As authors ourselves, we know that you could write on a multitude of topics but how do you know which topics of content have the highest demand and opportunity for rewards?

The great thing about Steem is since there's a monetary value associated with our content, we can identify where the excitement is and what's in high demand. This helps the community get what it wants by showing you, dear Steemian, which of your experiences "the community" want to hear about.

Is it breaking crypto news from Korea? Or maybe tips on backpacking through Europe? What about make-up tutorials or how to adopt a stray dog?

It's time to find out where your time is best spent. We’re on a mission to clear up the confusion and help you SteemSmarter! Find your community, learn what they have appetite for and set yourself up for the best chance to get rewarded for it!

Introducing the SteemSmarter Daily Report!

We’re going to start by offering a daily report which will provide insights on TWO main metrics, Engagement and Financial Health. We believe that if you become more aware of which tags are currently in demand then it will help grow the entire community. Let me walk you the structure of the report…

Engagement Insights

The purpose of the Engagement Insights section of our Daily Report is to identify which tags currently have the most community engagement as determined by our custom algorithm which factors in:

  • Number of resteems
  • Number of posts
  • Number of comments
  • Number of votes
  • Number of comment votes

With this information, over a 24 hour time-frame, we rank each category with our scoring system to present our Top 10 Engaged Tags! Basically these are the tags with the most community engagement in the daily timeframe by using the publicly available Steem blockchain data.

We will also highlight the "winners of the day" — which are the tags that have the best engagement metrics for each category. As we evolve our scoring system, we’ll stay mindful to not overweight the larger tags like life and photography simply because they have more activity, but possibly not when averaged by number of posts / unique active accounts.

Here's a sneak peek of the Engagement Insights section:

Financial Health Insights

Another measurement of opportunity is, of course, how much of the Steem rewards pool is being allocated to a certain tag. When the price of a good is high, it shows that there's high demand for that good. On Steem, the "good" is content... YOUR content.

The purpose of this section of the Daily Report is to show you which topics are in high demand, so that you can more intelligently author the content that the community demands. We use our scoring system to assign each tag a "Financial Health Score" using the publicly available data from the Steem blockchain in combination with our own custom algorithm including:

  • Total payout per tag
  • Avg payout per post
  • Avg payout per comment
  • Average $ per vote

For example, if you’re interested in writing about animals and the tag "dogs" is paying, on average, $3/post but "cats" is paying $5/post, then you know that our community currently prefers cat posts over dog posts. As an animal lover, you could write about both, but why not give the people what they want!

Here's a sneak peek of the Financial Health Insights section:

Future Plans

The Daily Report is just the start for SteemSmarter. There is so much data that we can now analyze with our deep-tag analysis engine — and we can't wait to continue to present insights that help you make more informed decisions about how to best use your time and engage the Steem community.

Make sure and follow both me (@ashe-oro) as well as the @SteemSmarter account so that you receive our regular updates. We'll make an official announcement shortly so please leave your feedback in the comments below.

What type of insights would help you SteemSmarter?

We are building this project with Steem love. We hope you find it useful and we ultimately hope that it strengthens our community. This platform is very unique in the cryptosphere and our goal is to help you make sense of Steem!!

Before I leave you, here are a few action shots of our recent Startup Week in Chiang Mai, Thailand. The entire SteemSmarter team rallied for 10 straight days to build this for you and here are some pictures of our journey. Enjoy!

Hey look, even @inzan1ty joined us for a bit!

Working from the rooftop!

Process mapping our daily report workflow.

Don't worry, it wasn't ALL work and no play ;)

Here's @thescubageek pondering how to best build our database, or maybe just enjoying the Thai sunset ;)

Speaking of building the it is in progress.

Now these are the right conditions to grind 16 hours/day!

A panorama view from the rooftop office!

And finally my "Oscar selfie" when I presented in front of 100+ people in Thailand on Steem!

Oh yeah, we have a mascot! Check out Steemy! He's the friendly octopus who's here to help out. Say hi to him in the comments!

Steem smarter, not harder...

–The Team

Don't forget to follow @steemsmarter!

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Great work! Very cool to see this coming together. Clearly you and the team have put a lot of work behind this already.

One thing I'd like to see your reports highlight is that tag spam will not be tolerated. People who post on a popular tag in hopes of earning rewards will be flagged and it will hurt their reputation in the long-term. The example you gave includes the witness-category which is interesting because clearly not everyone is a witness or involved in witness discussions so using that category would not be helpful for most people (unless, of course, they had something of value to contribute to that conversation).

I'd be interested in seeing the first set of metrics related to stake-weighted vote as well. So instead of just votes, resteems, and comments, but more importantly weighted against influencers with high Steem Power. There are plenty of resteem bots out there, for example, that are quite meaningless, but a strategic resteem from some accounts can have a really big impact.

I'm looking forward to where this goes!


great points, @lukestokes.

  1. The idea is that using the largest tags doesn't actually give you the best opportunities. In v1 we will average by the # of posts and can definitely have an exclude list of tags to never show (like witness related tags). I wonder how we could capture some of the spamming of tags by users. I'm sure we could pull that data and display it eventually. Ideally people will know the best, most relevant tags to use and where their tribe actually hangs out instead of just posting in "steem" each time (for example).

  2. In v2 we plan to add "fish scales" which will give in depth analysis of who is posting, voting, commenting, etc (not calling out names, but %'s) so that people know what each tag/community consists of. This should show if the resteems/votes/comments are by low-weight bots or actual dolphins or whales, etc.


resteembots are bit of a hit or miss. But on the long run using about 3-4 bots on each post has had positive returns. In fact considering engagement they are more cost effective than voting bots. Sometimes I have gotten about 8 new followers after going to sleep sending SBD to a resteembot. Sometimes I barely get any followers or comments after a resteem.

If you are making good content and use a bunch of resteembot you are bound to get decent results based on my experience.

thanks you dear ashe-oro! for introducing steem smarter! yaah Engagement Insights is great that will show us which tags is community engagement...
that great step taken by you i really appriciate your work...
Financial Health Insights show which topic is demand....
the both are reall good stuff...
conguragulation to your team
thank you for providing steem smarter best of luck...


thank you @addys!!!


most wellcome sie when your project will be lounched i am waiting.? your last post i have bandwith problem so can not give my feedback..
you are really beneficial to me and your hard work will always pay off..
i will support you sir...

Excellent project. I know my way around some of the tags I frequently post like #philosophy #economy #cryptocurrency etc. But this would seriously help when posting under some new tag or when using additional tags.

Really useful stuff. You should start as a witness. You've got my vote.


ah thx @vimukthi! I'd like to build a super valuable product on Steem first before I think about being a witness. Maybe one day if the community would like.

oh wow this is amazing!! can't wait for more I'm so excited I've never known which tags would actually help :D this will help out us small guys & gals more.

Correct me if I'm wrong SteemSmarter would be able to help us know which tags would help us get more attention. What I'm about to ask might still be classified information but would it be able to tell us the same information but for the tags that we have used in the past? So we would be able to get an idea of what we have done wrong and what we have done right?

P.S. Congrats for you and your team marvelous work :D


wonderful feedback @arhaynez. We absolutely plan (in the future) to offer an individual type of product so that people can analyze the tags that they've used and compare it against what the community is asking for. Maybe you used "cat" rather than "cats" or "start-up" rather than "startup". Hopefully SteemSmarter will clean up the sloppy use of tags and bring the communities together with a stronger identity.


That's great, SteemSmarter will definitely help out all of us small guys. Wish you all the best for your project

Awesome job Ashe! Can't wait to see how I'll be able to use this in order to insert myself into the Steemit community. I've been lurking waaaay too long, so this will be a great starting point! Looking forward to the insights you'll provide.


That's exactly the point. Helping ppl find their place and provide content the community wants.

Love the idea and seeing more steem uses. The only thing I worry about is creating a cycle where people follow the money more and more causing steemit to cover fewer and fewer topics.


Well it should point ppl to write on the topics that ppl want to read abt. #austrianecon


Yes. I just worry that the feedback loop will minimize new content in other areas that might then become popular. Probably won’t be a big issue though. Creative people gonna create


how I see it is this. Someone is going to use the publicly available data to build countless feedback loops. One idea is that we run it on a 7-day delay (basically when the payouts actually occur and are locked in to the blockchain). This delay would show ppl what's been popular recently rather than currently, but that would reduce the "real time" accuracy of the current community demands with regards to current topics and news-related content.


Hmm that’s interesting.

It would be really cool if the user could specific the lookback period. So users could see which tags are popular now vs a week ago vs the past month/year vs all time.

You might be interested in creating a post that is perennially high paying even though there might be a current dip for whatever reason (seasonal, fad, etc).

Sort of like a google trends view


all of our reports will be available for historical recalls until we are able to build a front end to display it. Guess that's the manually way for now for ppl interested. Don't tell anyone, but we also own the "@SteemTrends" account and have ambitious goals of releasing exactly what you mention. ;) This project has gotten a bit larger than I had originally expected and we may be looking for another dev.

Yeah a huge announcement by the way you have made.... You and your team has a lot of efforts behind this project as we all can see...
This will be so helpful for a new user to steemit that can be so much confused but this platform will provide him/her the opportunity to make money easily....

Thank you for doing some hard work for exploring steemit, great platform as i have seen till today...


thank you so much! We should be live before the end of Feb so stay tuned!


Thanks for giving me some part of your special time.... will stay tune to tou..

I just became the 10th follower of @steemsmarter
Waiting for the first post........

Sounds like great work. Do you need any developers, I want to contribute.


possibly, what's your experience?


I have 7+ years of experience. My technology stack might be completely different but I am willing to learn whatever is needed.


languages? Can you point to anything that you've built? Do you have a github handle?


I have mostly worked on Data Warehousing projects. I have used ETL tools and databases mostly. If you are available on we can discuss in detail.

This is great! It might actually help me find the yellow brick road...

Looks like you guys worked hard and party hard . Really cool pics . Will wait for the release !


work hard, party hard. You know this!

hello sir @ashe-oro much appreciated your first project,,, first congrats ,,and your picture show you have lovely friend ... its mean all of they make your project successful

Being a minnow I would like to try it , upvoted and resteemed .


we made the project for minnows :) Hope you find it useful once available.

thnkYou for introduce STEEM Smater, cOngratx for your First step. May yOu have successful in this Project!! All the best!

Congratulation sir @ashe-oro for your first project I wish you all the best, Your posts are good for us to get value able information


that's the goal! A strong community of people who are creating the content that we want is key to Steem's success.

Welcome your project.I hope you will be succeed ,sir.
Thanks.we can take out a lot of information from your post.I always visit your site & wait for your upcoming post.
@Resteem & follow has been done.


thank you !! I hope you find it useful when we launch it.

Congrats @ashe-oro on your first Project
May you succeed in You Future plans
Good Luck

u are doing great job i appreciate ur work keep ur efforts like this u are always good @ashe-ore.
thank you ashe-ore for introducing steem smarter! yeah Engagement Insights is extraordinary on
the way to display us which tags is community engagement.
Congratulations on your first project hope it will be successful and best of for ur future projects.


followed and rasteem you may in future your post help me in steem

so your nice post