Snow dolls from kedondong fruit

3년 전


Hi ... friend steemit you know what i post today ...?

This is the fruit of Kedondong that you often find around Aceh

The taste of the fruit is slightly sour but there is a taste of fat. Acehnese often make cakes from Kedondong. which they call the name "Candied"
Other children also often use kedondong as a toy. They make snowmen from this fruit.

that's what I got from the road this afternoon.

hope I post this. Many like it and have a nice day.

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hi ... @cheetah it's probably an unintentional technical mistake by someone who is focusing on my behavior at the base. So I got a comment from you. but it has been fixed and the post has been replaced with non-copies of texs or images of others' copyrights. @Cheetah works great
Have a nice day.