Kedondong fruit and bananas

3년 전


Kedondong fruit and bananas seem familiar to us all in everyday life.

today I visited my brother's house and saw the fruits. The fruit is big and healthy and I try to taste kedondong fruit. Kedondong fruit in the jungka village this elephant is very sweet and not too fibrous so that the people around this village make a cake called MANISAN BOEH KERUENDONG.

It's different with this banana. aceh people call this banana the name BOEH PISANG WAK. Usually they make a cake named BOEH GUEDOK using the raw material of this banana.

Likewise about the fruit of kedondong and banana in Jungka Gajah village, Meurah Mulia sub-district, (Aceh).


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My post today is about banana wak and Boeh kerundong.

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