No Ponzi, No Hype...Something Big (and Fun) is Coming!

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The BRO Sports & Gaming Network™ has something to show you!

This is just a small taste!


Did you see that symbol on the bottom right?

Follow @brosgn for more news and announcements coming soon!

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Oh, an announcement about a future announcement. ;) Those are so rare here. Normally I wouldn't take it seriously at all. However, we disagree often, but I usually find you interesting. Like dissecting frogs in science class. :)

In an odd twist of fate, following isn't an option right now for some reason.

Keep us posted. My first questions would be where will it be based (which blockchain) Mostly though, what will it trade against. Not interested in ER 20, which doesn't mean that many aren't.


My first questions would be where will it be based (which blockchain)

The blogs will be primarily on Steem. We also plan to have some integration with the chain for payments/transactions and player stats/information storage.

Mostly though, what will it trade against.

What will what trade against? The slot machine? We probably won't trade that, as it is pretty important for the gaming on the site. It's probably our coolest feature! :)

Not interested in ER 20, which doesn't mean that many aren't.

I'm not interested in creating any tokens that may be deemed "securities" or "illegal" by the incompetent governments of the world. I'll let others dabble in that space and put themselves and their supporters/buyers at risk. I'm just here to have fun, create business/commerce on the chain (which most people claim they want for it), and most importantly - stay out of prison.

And another thing...

I'm not sure what you're showing me in that image.


Sounds interesting I am curious.

I'm showing you that on there currently isn't a follow button. It's coming and going.


Randomly appearing buttons is the newest feature!

A Steem slotty??? Woohooo!! Watching :)


Well...a slot machine with a Steem coin on it, at least.

#great-initiative! The 100K in STEEM you'll be handed in no time is sure to make this project even better!

It's truly an inspiration to know that the STEEM Community and Ned will support this project with all their heart! Keep STEEMin on!


It's almost at $2 (minus curation rewards) after only 7 hours! In just 105,000 more hours, we may reach that 100K STEEM target!

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So, unlike Steemit? All ponzi, no hope.


Looks appealing :)

Did someone just say "Steem based gambling Dapp"? 👀


No. That type of unlicensed gambling is illegal in our governing jurisdiction, unfortunately.

But this should still be just as fun as losing money at a casino!

Its a Steem! I have to follow! Follow the steem!


Always follow the Steem! It's going to the m00n!!!

Unless, of can't breathe on the moon. Then don't follow the Steem. You'll maybe die.


I'll follow it to the no-air long death of the m00n!!!

Nice! Great to see! Still hoping you bring back Nascar on Steem.

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So no hype or messing instead just a random cryptic post about a new exciting project?


Thanks for the great information!