Okay Hive, Okay Steem - it was nice but... thats it

8개월 전
in steem

That's it.

Maybe I'm wrong, but for me the STEEM/HIVE project is completely finished.

I don't know how the scenario will develop, what result we will see. I will certainly follow it, but at the moment I see little perspective.

For me there are only losers in this situation at first. More centrality than I find acceptable in a "decentralized network".

In sum, I can neither approve the decisions of the new HIVE-Witnesses nor the new Steemit team. I think it has become clear that the existing system is not sufficient to fulfil the decentralised claim and the original promise.

This means for me that I will sell my manageable token stock on one of the exchanges, after I was about to increase my stake.

Regardless of my point of view, I wish this project continued success. It would still be a friend to see this experiment succeed or maybe an optimized successor that will correct the systemic deficiencies and build on a different approach.

In this sense


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