RE: That day I got a downvote and turned into a crazy maniac

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That day I got a downvote and turned into a crazy maniac

in steem

Point is the first interface added reward disputes after they realized their wasn't shit they could do to get people from abusing the flag tool.

That's not why 8 months after steam first launched and some 16 hf later that "dispute over rewards" was added as an explicit reason to downvote. It was to dispel any nonsense that downvoting was not to be used over disagreement with rewards and at the time it was changed because Dan had been flagging ozcharts and explicitly stating that it was over disagreement with rewards. You can make up whatever narrative makes you feel better though and you can think I or anyone else owes you a reason to buy steem but tough tittees, i don't give a fuck about selling you on steem, heck, gimme one fucking reason why you are on here if you truly think such batshit crazy crap about the development, and I quote:

"Since then, they've slowly been trying to manipulate the behavior of users into one of your communist dystopias. People going to hate it, nobody's going to buy Steem now."

Fuck out of here with your FUD. This is where you want to be when Jebuz comes back? Spreading fud.

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Creating an acronym from a few words, doesn't nullify their merit.

"Fuck out of here with your FUD."

Now, that's just hand waving.


What are you talking about? You think your FUD merits anything but ridicule huh? You think it's not FUD to claim that steemit is trying to manipulate the behaviour of users to create a communist thing or whatever you whack ass idiot faggot?


(A.) Your attempt at insult means nothing to me.
(B.) My FUD has transformith itself to CAT

Courage, Assuredness, Talkative.

Magical right, I made an acronym. I guess that means
you should stop the HODL and sell, because acronym.


How cute, so you weren't expressing Fear Uncertainty and Doubt and focusing exclusively on that, in other words, it's courageous to accuse steemit of 'manipulating' users. It's Assuredness to claim that the only reason to invest is to extract wealth and it's also Assuredness to beg me to give you a reason to buy steam, and calling a function that has been present from the inception "communist mentality" is being talkative right, certainly not FUD.


Fucking tool.