Unique patterned butterfly #/variant of batik cloth

3년 전


During the day the night butterfly. like this type. is asleep to prepare physically to find food at night. This type of butterfly looks unique and beautiful, but these


location :

It is in this area that we often find and see this batik cloth patterned butterfly.


butterflies are often caught in trouble because of their aloof nature. like other butterflies we often see them beating together and being a very good team flying between bungan and branches around the yard or other things we often encounter.


The night butterfly that I post is often used by cats as their snack and sometimes as a game material for cat.

Nature reserve habitat may have been far thinking about the safety of animals this one is the winged night butterfly patterned batik cloth. but I think only time and how to get it is difficult to collect butterflies patterned with batik cloth.

for me to find this butterfly, I think it's easy even though sometimes these butterflies are not always present when we look forward to it.


provide lights that are slightly dim in color like sunlight at dusk. and spread the straw of rice trees around the light beam and wait for it in a few hours at night. when you spread straw rice from dry trees. You have to do it at dusk to be seen at dusk when the atmosphere comes naturally.

That's the result of my research that I got. this just happens and I tell you all.


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