Does Steemit Worth In Future ?

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Does Steemit Is Worth In Future ?

Did you know two year's before you can earn 1 steem on $0.60 only, you can see below

git for coinmarketcap.gif

But now the situation has changed. Now what should I tell you people do not work hard to do their blogs, for now let it go this is not our topic for now. I am just saying that its easy to earn steem sbd or steem power in the past because the value of steem is not that high But now the matter is different because 1 steem cost 5$ remember below what you seeing in the gif its not a dollar nor a sbd(steem dollar) actually its a mixture of steem dollar and steem power (I might be wrong if I'm wrong then make a decision to make me understand it right).

sbd gif.gif

My point is in future its get more difficult to earn from steemit because for now steem value is this below in this gif.
It might be 40 $ or 80$ who knows.

steem value.gif

What is Reputation on steemit

reputation has two basic roles:

  1. "It is an indicator that visible how “trusted or admire by the circle” you are."
  2. "It is a tool that intercept user with low reputation(respect) to hurt other users."


How It Works ?

Reputation score are calculated by using the mathematical function Log base 10 basically every one knows that function am i right ??.
did you know that "people with less repotation score can not hurt the people with high repotation score".

About Reward Shares

shared reward also knows as curation reward

When you vote for a post or comment, you tell the blockcain system hey blockcahin system please take some reward in the form of money from the Global Rewards Prize Pool and did you know 74.9% of this award on the Author (Author Reward) and the remaining 24.9% reward among those Vote for the post (curation reward).
The more votes with great voting power, the higher both payment will be, but hey curation payment are not equally divided among all the people who vote and this is what we called reward share.

On Steemit What Is An Upvote Bot?

steem bot tracker.png

It look like that some people with massive skills have create a way for an account to receive exact amounts of Steem or steem dollar and then go and cast an up vote for a given post or comment.
If you are a complete newbie on steemit like me then figuring this out is a challenge. Most of the bots give you very indeterminate information or change it routinely.
They all almost forgot to describe in detail how to do any of the stuff that you need to do to get their upvote.
They think you know the every thing when most people who would need to use their services are noob or newbie to the #steemit platform.

It gives a way for nood users to get a little bit of notice for their posts. If the quality is not good then they won’t get far, but if the quality is there it can help grow people means follower by hurdle and bounce.
It confidence or support people to buy and use steem and steem dollar. Steem is one of the only crypto I have found that people actually use and most frequently that use is boost their posts. This should be support as much as achievable to help grow the value of (steem) and the platform as a whole.

How to Use Voting Bots ?

So now that i have confidently set that paid voting bots and services are a good thing, the question is how to take advantage of them. Initially I sent anyone 1 sbd about whom I knew a little bit and i got a good result. I think people are implementing the same strategy today. Now go to the and select a bot which is profitable depending on the current situation.

steem bot.gif


Authors get paid when people like you upvote their post.
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