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It's always nice to see whales hugging, dancing, kissing....when I mean just getting along.

Fyrstikken is cool.


From the thumbnail I thought this was South Park lol

Some of the best content ever put on steemit.

Nothing has changed.


Wow, talk about not being the hero we need but the hero we deserve.

When was this video made and how did I miss it? it was soooo good, and the nice happy music and words at the end added to the greatness

Hahaah yeh I have the original post bookmarked and video downloaded. Cheers me up when I watch it :)

Stir thing up is right!

We need to look out for the betterment of Steemit. Keep users legit, keep the reward pool free from rape, and keep scammers and collusion out!

Press on...

i have start knowing you now

cool friend ..👍👍

My! I heard a lot of fucking in the video lol hahsha wow that's one video done with anger, he's not been here a while, I wonder where he's gone. way up Bernie,

Beautifull vod :) i love @berniesanders ✌✌✌✌

  ·  4년 전

Haha the violin music in the background while he's saying 'go fuck yourself' is just too funny.


rofl great animation i loved it ,greetings

You are @fyrstikken you fool!


I'm smoking the legal mule that killed @haejin! Deep into the murky waters we go my fellow savage!!

Upvote bernie 100% for being a dedicated asshole - funniest part!


He declined the payout xD

Steemit is an amazing community and you are a fun guy ☺

One of the best post ever on @steemit. Steem On Dude! Lol

Oh, that's very emotional and funny. This is the Viking in the third degree!:))
By the way, about improving Steemit.
@berniesanders, can I ask you a favor? I developed the telegram-bot to notify on sleep time of @randowhale. Bot is absolutely free for all of Steemians. It notifies about sleep and wakefulness of @randowhale. I hope the bot will be a good alternative to other notification systems and will help many Steemians to make timely transfers to @randowhale. There is one small problem, my blog is not popular, so few people found out about the new bot. Would be great if You did resteem my post in which I describe a new bot. You are very popular on Steemit and a lot of people read You. If Your followers know about a new bot, maybe some of it will seem easy. I'm not a beggar, I'm not asking upvote, I ask you to do resteem my old post. Thanks in advance!

STEEMspeak is not a a safe space... Let the TROLL-a-THON begin!

‘You talk too much lol @berniesanders

OMG! That shit is fucking funny.

hahaha what did i just see

This is a classic! lol -Thank you for revisiting.

The music kills me.... Dedicated asshole!

You already fucked yourselfs. Go fuck yourself again!


I came across that a little while ago for the first time and thought people were exaggerating @fyrstikken's rants, but man that was legendary.

OMG, you nailed it!

it's cool ^^

He holds me a lot of publications every day
Only works for me the same benefit and stolen rewards does not contribute to the development of society
I noticed that many accounts have the same name

Call for Rebellion..