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Thanks for the flag for the valuable article about the animal disease Leishmaniasis

Hi Dear Sir. Here is the GIF animated image of AbuseReports. I hope is useful.


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Happy New Year @berniesanders!


You got a 99.51% upvote worth $0.043 from @upvotewhale courtesy of @eii!

Thanks for bringing this travesty to light.

Here’s what I don’t get: If you don’t like what he’s doing on proboards why not just ignore those accounts? To be honest, those are two topics I don’t get into much either, and this is because I don’t see evidence for it, yet, we have this super cool blockchain which allows for great debate, and that's awesome in my book.

I figure if we don’t like what someone is saying, it’s a perfect opportunity to challenge what’s being said in the comment section of the post, and if that gets boring, we can always just mute them from our world like changing a TV channel on a remote. Why resort to punishing people for their ideas?

To be perpetually at odds with someone that isn't harming you seems like a waste of energy, not only is it a waste of personal energy but it also drags others into that negative energy vortex too. It's great to have the ability to have so much fight power (FP), yet if it gets projected at people who aren't harming you, then it seems like a skill wasted on the wrong person.

Or worse, what happens when you get engaged by a real enemy IRL, and all of your FP is depleted on non-IRL ideological disputes? I say, save up some of that FP for the real bad guys, and then you'll have explosive power available on tap, should you ever need it. In the realm of the psyche, hate, unlike love, should be used very sparingly because of the damaging effect it has on both parties.

  ·  2년 전

Can I ask exactly what is going on with this Berndog? Not really caught up on this situation and if you've got time to reply a summary to me I'd vastly appreciate it man.



He’s “archiving” (spamming) a whackadoo forum site to the chain. Same content across 5+ accounts now. Hundreds of posts and tens of thousands of comments.

Does anyone have an explanation of why?

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The only thing that I could think of, from last semester notes of my Psychology Class:

That in metaphor: @ fulltimegeek thinks that some aliens that he is imagining think that he is very important, and are going to kidnap him,

and wants to leave lots of clues as spam on other servers of where they are going to take him, while he has disabled his own server as a witness.

Or that in reality: He is going to be "incarcerated and medicated" and put in a jail uniform ( that he refers to as cloned).

Hope this helps to explain his behavior.



So he is a prolific criminal and his conscience is eating him alive? I’ve been there not pleasant!

Just odd to see someone make such a big splash to only have it turn out in flames, guess he was jumping into gasoline not water 😅

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