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Everyone buy more steem and vote

Yaba is top ranked now Bern. We need to push 3 more in there so they can't fork shit

I hope it will help


You’re going to have my vote

Done, hope it helps <3

I see that you are not utilizing all your 30 votes - would be great if you could add more votes not to waste any vote potential against TRON, which seem to be buying Steem at the market to power up more...

@nextgencrypto has been on my witness vote since day 1.
Its the realest A-team.
Someone suggest some more witnesses to me.

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I suggest mostly @aggroed, @arcange, @good-karma, @roelandp, @themarkymark, @yabapmatt. There are many more good witnesses. I literally used all of my 30 witness votes.

Already cast 30 votes. Hoping, we as community will liberate the blockchain that was once belong to us.

I have been on a voting spree today.

Will do ;)

Great bernie

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Vote for witness @nextgencrypto

Hope helpful


Good hardwork ♨️

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No problem, you or your favorite witnesses get my Vote nevertheless.