Vague Entertainment - Investment proposal

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Vague Entertainment is a fledgling game studio in North Central Texas that I, Benjamin Flanagin, have been floating for the last few years. Though its primary goal was always to create games for the general public it will also serve as a place of learning and engagement with classes designed to create opportunities for people in the area to get a foot hold in technological pursuits.



Vague Entertainment is looking to grow. From the creation of original games, to software that is designed to reach a broad audience, to the creation of a Master/Apprentice styled learning environment where people can learn digital arts and game development, within five years Vague Entertainment could be the next big name on STEEM, and beyond. I am looking for direct investment and / or delegation. The minimum amount needed to achieve my goals is ~2000 USD a month by any combination of the two funding methods.


  • Games and Products

Our games and products are designed for mass consumption, and as such will be featured on stores like, Steam, epic store, etc. With the hopes of getting the games on consoles in the future. Though some games will have a tighter integration with STEEM all should have minimal interactions. For each unit sold a portion of the purchase will be transferred into STEEM to create accounts for new users as well as giving existing users "spending money" for the game. A portion of this amount will be split between investors based on amount invested. Physical copies of things sold in any sort of store front will see a similar transfer done once a month and based on total profit.

  • Educational programs

The educational aspect of the project may very well be the most profitable part of the offering as each student will have a monthly fee that is then split between the investors after expenses. The classes also have a quicker RIO as with most of the games that might be a year or more out (depending on funding) the classes can start as soon as the hardware has arrived and students have signed up.

  • Other income
    With investment should come other means of passive income. The most logical would be the addition of all investors names into the beneficiaries of all posts done by @v-entertainment as well as a percentage of any profit to be had from the creation of a STEEM node when funding allows.
  • Advertising

The laptops we use for class will sure look better with your companies logo on it. Investors would get automatic inclusion on any posters,t-shirts, or laptop wraps that are made for the classes.


Ideally, I'm looking for a year or two worth of runway with enough to funding to hire two more individuals to accelerate the development of Allonian Seed and other projects (~72000 USD / yr). The minimum amount as stated above is to fund full time development and the beginning of the educational aspects of the project. Below is a tentative time frame if funding reaches the bare minimum amount.

1st year: My current estimate is to have around 15 students by the end of the year which will give an income of around 1500 USD a month. On the software side, if full time development is possible we could see the first versions of Allonian Seed (full game, not a demo) around this time next year. With the possibility of other titles being created along the way.

2nd year: The classes should reach the maximum amount I could handle without a stationary location ~30 students. New game projects as well as updates to existing projects will of course continue throughout. The Students works will also find a home on the chain as well.

3rd year: Increase in staff to better support the games and students, a building with an "arcade" that features the students work.

4-5 year: Continued growth.

Community Pledge

Vague Entertainment and its properties will stay true to the networks where it finds support. At no time in the future, unless in the collapse of the support structure, will VE or any of its properties leave the networks that gave us the opportunity to succeed. VE will use whatever support it is given to build not only its own products but support the network it is beholden too. Here are a few, but not all of the ways VE intends to give back.

  • STEEM Node: The more nodes the better, and as the number of games that access the STEEM blockchain increases we need to offset the drain on other nodes by having our own.
  • Exclusive Demos: Content creators on VIMM and Dtube are often left out when it comes to "first looks" at new games and software. Any game or app created by VE will give those that support, or are supported by STEEM a chance to get first dibs on that content, and rights to display them.
  • Portfolios: All students in the classes will be required to create portfolios of their work, blog about their creative process and become a part of the bigger STEEM community. This will also extend to anyone that works for VE as paid employees.
  • Meaninful content: While this is a debatable topic, all software created will only post meaningful content to the chain that is visible to everyone. No spam content of "new high scores" -or- achievement unlocks.


For those unfamiliar with the Vague Entertainment here is a list of projects that are currently being worked on.



A fully 3D action adventure game that connects with STEEM to generate parts (heads,legs, weapons systems, augmentations) from posts written by the player. Each part is "owned" by the player and when the game is released there will be a market place where you can buy and sell these parts. I have been chronicling the development on @bflanagin and @v-entertainment if you would like to find out more.

Death in absentia


A point and click style story heavy puzzle game. There is a very early "tech demo" available here. Be sure to allow the browser to capture the mouse before trying to play. This was created as part of a contest on STEEM but there is great promise in the design and the idea.


Wayfinder is my take on systems like Roll20 but connect to the steem block chain and with an emphasis on local play. This project spans many years of off and on development and needs that last big push to get it ready for mass consumption. Find out more on the fundition page for the project here

Legacy Games

Vola-tile (Tile matching), CodeBreakers (Master Mind), Num-Nom (Math game for kids), Engage (battle ship IN SPAAACCCEE!)

All of which could use an update.




I have had the most amazing opportunity to teach my two boys at home this last year. As such I wasn't happy with the way most home school software's worked and set out to create my own. EduSteem is that software. With the ability to connect to the STEEM block chain to post things like lesson plans, progress reports, and teacher approved posts both student and teacher can benefit from the chain by getting rewards for their work.


Personal digital business card and digital signage software that uses location to share cards with other users as well as ads that will display on CafeSync enabled smart signs. Though not connected to a block chain (yet) this could give any number of small businesses or general "live local" people a reason to look into STEEM and become a part of the network.


Photo sharing application that is designed around secure image transfer and an easy rating system and privacy lock to keep people from seeing images that are not meant for them.


Back End

Open Seed

Open Seed started as a simple highscore / multiplayer server API for some of the earlier games created by myself and others that were working with me at the time. Since then it has grown into an all in one solution for applications and games. I am now working on getting it more inline with modern methods and toolchains as well as working on getting it connected to STEEM.

The future of openSeed could see the creation of "digital collectibles" which of course would require its own chain or at the very least a side chain similar to how Steem-Engine works.


Future projects

There are many ways we could increase the viability and visibility of STEEM and its benefits. Some of those fit in very nicely with what I have already started. Here are a few that have been tossed around by those I talk to:

  1. STEEM powered "Print on Demand" service similar to shapeways.
  2. STEEM powered game distribution service similar to
  3. Decentralized Arcade / Console using STEEM and IPFS (this could be basically the same as 2)


Feel free to ask any questions here on this post or send me an email at for more information.

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Love your projects, Ben :) I hope to continue to support it in every way I can <3


Thank you so much. I really feel like this is what I was "called to do", now all I have to do is figure out how to make it the only THING I do. :)

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