How to get Free Byteball and exchange it for Steem!

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When I received a link through a blog post I tried to receive this reward. But I failed. But I am thankful that I could not do at that time. At that time my reputation was 35 only. I would have got only 10$.I could not find much blogs on how to convert Bytes into Steem. Yesterday I got success in it.As my reputation is 50 now I received approximately 40 $ worth byeball. This article will help you to receive your bytes and convert it into steem.

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There are other article which figuratively explains everything. Refer them also.This is written from my practical experiance. Through this post I want you to know that anyone above reputation of 30 can get Byteball.

Their reward system is as follows.

Steem reputation >30: you get a $10 reward

Steem reputation > 40: you get a $20 reward

Steem reputation > 50: you get a $40 reward

Steem reputation >60: you get a $80 reward

Steem reputation > 70: you get a $160 reward

From each of these you will receive half of the bytes now and half will be locked in by a smart contract over 1 year. So I received 20 $ and remaining 20$ I can withdraw after 1 year.
If you haven't claimed that you can claim it. Click on the link below

1)Go to download wallet

2)Select your device to download-For example I used windows 64 bit

3)Wait for it to download

4)As any normal installation install the wallet

5)Please stick with the default options:
6)Press Agree, Continue, Continue.

7)Click on receive and you will get wallet address. Copy it

8)Go to Chat -botstore - steem attestation bot - add bot

9)Click on small icon( ... )on bottom left and select Insert my address (Small expenses wallet)

10)Insert your wallet address there and click on send icon(Upward arrow button near message space- This was where I missed previously!)

11)The bot now generates a link to Steemconnect. Click the link and sign in with your Steemit account.If you are new you can join it. Its safe I promise.

12)Select "public" or "private" no matter what.

13)A sign in message will come ie Please prove ownership of your address by signing a message:

Click sign it and click send

You will receive a message in wallet

Congratz you got your Bytes

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How to exchange byteball for steem ?

Open an account in Cryptopia

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Get your byteball receiving address from there(Please note make sure only byteball address)

Go to your wallet.
Half of your bytes will be held for a period of 1 year- as you can see half of my Bytes are locked
But you can sell remaining

Go to your byte ball wallet-small expanse wallet -Make sure your bytes are there. I have already spent it. So it appears zero.

Paste the Cryptopia byte ball wallet address on address area

Click send all
Click send

Wait for few minutes- it took my bytes half hour to reach Cryptopia

Sell it for BTC

Send BTC to blocktrades

Purchase Steem and enjoy!

Beware transaction charge of byte ball is very high . But there is a saying. Dont count the teeth of the cow which is donated for you. Its free right! just enjoy its milk

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Thanks for sharing this information.


Thanks for this great information.


@starapple Currently there is no time limit for claiming this. So if you want you can wait and claim it later when reputation increases.


Yes, you're right. The more reputation one has, the better the reward. Thanks appreciate you visiting and commenting.
Have a nice day @bhaski. Enjoy!

Thanks for the info I received this message... any idea?


@thoughtsin-time You are trying to send the half that must be kept locked for 1 year as per smart contract. You can send only that half which is in your small wallet.

your information is very helpful for my next post

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