I'll Buy More Steem, But Won't Invest More Than I Can Afford To Lose!

2년 전

Steem has not been immune to the downturn in the overall cryptocurrency market and has seen losses extremely similar to those of Ethereum, the main Altcoin and one of the common currencies that other altcoins are traded against. In my opinion, we're within 5-6 months of a huge turning point for steem price, as well as for steem popularity and utility. As the release of Smart Media Tokens approaches, the only scenarios I can imagine where Steem doesn't see a huge bounce in price are:

  1. The scenario where there is too little development effort and smart media tokens aren't a success. To be clear, I don't foresee that happening. I think that SMTs will be huge because of the fact that they are being built on THE MOST USED Blockchain worldwide and SMTs will have the largest crypto-centric audience in the world to display themselves to and to show people how limitless this blockchain will be.
  2. The Cryptocurrency and/or Blockchain Movement continues to move downward as a whole. I also don't see that happening. I subscribe to the ICO Hypothesis, where many of the less-than-reputable ICOs that were popular in 2017 cashed out, leading to the market downturn. I think that the cash out has essentially ended, as shown by the stable bottom that has been hit about 3 times by ETH and BTC, especially the 6000 BTC bottom.

I am going to top up and I'm going to buy the dip that I believe we're in. I think that the bottom has been roughly reached by BTC and ETH and I think that a potentially slow, potentially steady incline is coming; how slow and how stead it will be, I don't know, but I do think an incline is on its way nonetheless. Steem is pegged heavily to BTC and ETH, as shown by comparing their charts over time. It is not an exact correlation, but it is there. So, Steem will rise as they rise and then Steem will rise even further at SMT time. So, I will buy now while Steem is cheap and while I believe it is on a huge sale, but not more than I can afford to lose, as Crypto has its question marks.


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Buy low as they say :)

Hi @biddle it's a good idea if we think in the long term i believe we will find a price around $3 in some months or i hope that. Regards

The longer this correction sustains the bigger the upmove will be.

your analysis is very informative. but i think steem is very dependable coin. steem will give profitable feedback .............

Brother @biddle, Good to hear that you are ready to Top Up and Power Up when Steem is at cheaper side. In my opinion you've shared some effective points and we can see an Productive Future Journey.

Wishing you an great day and stay blessed. 🙂

Buy steem buy steem buy steem

This is exactly the right time to buy steem to power-up, but the market is not showing any sign of price increase , I just hope that some bullish runs for steem before the year ends @biddle

Buying better decision under the dip. Steem would be better very soon.

Well written. I think this is a healthy approach to not lose or miss too much.

  ·  2년 전

Sir it is a time to invest in steem,we all guys just hope it will go to higher place as soon as possible...

now is definitely a good time to buy some steem