Work Has Been Busy - DApp Beta Almost Completed, But May Take a Couple More Weeks

2년 전

Hey all, sorry for the delay on this launch, but I want it to be a reasonably ready-to-go product as we start and I'm a one man team right now, so it will be a couple/few more weeks until the Dapp is ready to launch. It's coming though. I know that many in the crypto industry are feeling a lot of pain right now due to the bear market, but keep in mind that mass adoption is THE ONLY WAY that a new currency/commodity/utility token can take hold (note the slashes are OR statements, not an 'in addition to' - something to keep in mind if ever used in any legal realm), so building DApps and remaining cohesive and strong as a community is essential. Keep strong and Steem On and let me know if you have any questions. I will be looking to team up with A LOT of people once this begins, so feel free to contact me preemptively to show your enthusiasm! :)


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Hi @biddle i think you're a talent man so i think we will have a great dapp :). Regards

I look forward to the release. thanks for the information

Keep building through the bear market, this will pay off.

Oh yes @biddle, great job and I hope your project launch will be great!

@biddle, Good to hear from you after sometime brother, hope that everything is fine with you. And yes, it's good to release with complete package and at right time. Good wishes from my side and stay blessed brother. 🙂

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Great news, my friend, and you are doing a very important job. I wish you good luck! Thank you @biddle

Thank you for sharing. I wish you a happy completion of work.