Were all witnesses running 0.23 in on it? OR only first 20 would get a cut? 25K$ not bad for some code copying

6개월 전

I tried to find out why was this account on the list of HF 23 https://steemd.com/@mottler

He never voted, never commented, never made a post, had nothing with creation of Hive, he never even moved steem, never sold it... He was not active for 4 years. But he did own more than 2 million steem. I asked about it wherever i could, but no one involved in HF23 ever answered.

As there was no answer, it is reasonable to suspect that those 2M steem was intended as a reward for witnesses running HF23. Even if SPS was ever done, they were pretty sure that mottler will not show up and claim the tokens, as he was not active for 4 years, and the funds could be shared.

Question is: Did all witnesses knew about it?

When you split over 2M steem on 20 witnesses you will get more than 25.000$. but if you eliminate witnesses that were created just day before the HF you will get close to 40.000$ per witness? now question is, were the people that knew about it ready to share it with all witnesses running 0.23?

steem witnesses theft.jpg

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