Steemit... About to go viral?

3년 전

Look at the amount of money** moving into Steem today compared to two (2) months ago.

** summary of top 10 accounts moving in $$$ on a weekly basis.

24th December 2017

20171224 exchange-transfer-report-dec-24.JPG

Total: $2,914,963.92

24th October 2017

20171224 exchange-transfer-report-oct-24.JPG

Total: $217,128.88

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I got my spacesuit on and am ready for lift off, captain.


copy that prepare for lift off.

Wow, just wow. I think we are all going to be very happy in 2018. Let the FOMO hit, I'll be waiting ;)

Thanks for bringing this to my attention. Today I noticed a new Steemit member who was giving large upvotes. I checked it out and he had been moving large amounts in and powering up.

Interesting times. If those people start giving out large upvotes to other new members regularly... things could get interesting around here.


Exactly. I've been waiting for a crypto with this potential to go crazy viral since 2014 and with SBD so high it could be the perfect catalyst. For example, my friend @iblondie123 just joined with her first posts today because I encouraged her to test it out and basically bribed her with my up vote lol.


That's one way to do it!

Wow!! Very very cool!! That is a LOT of money. ;).

thats nice numbers hope soon we will see millions as normal:D

good post regard stemian @mizi23

Very encouraging news! I just posted that Steemit and Steem are exploding higher on Google Trends lately too.

That is interesting time and patience can result in good returns
(Time to aggressively position towards being a whale ha-ha)
(Since across the board most cryptos went deep red today on poloniex not fiat though ^^)

thanks for the update