Steem, You're Not Listening To Your Customer

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Steem, You're Not Listening To Your Customer

So Steem went up 50% and is now 30% or so in the green, yay, everyone's happy and cheering, right? Wrong. Steem sucks, or at least, that seems to be the opinion of some of the crypto celebrities. Today, the well known and highly adored crypto darling known as CryptoTips did a live stream on Youtube, and when asked in the chat why she was not active on Steem she answered: "censorship"

Censorship?!?!? But isn't Steem THE social media blockchain where you can't be censored? Apparently, in her eyes, you can be censored. She pointed out that there was some Steem whale with the SP to make her experience on the Steem blockchain unpleasant, and to her that counted as censorship.

I never looked into who this whale is that gave the lovely little crypto angel trouble, but I can assure you that there is a long line of male fans that he never wants to meet in a Steemfest parking lot. She feels that she has been bullied, and its a frequently expressed perspective.

Yes, yes, I know. You want to argue that downvotes are not censorship. Yes, yes, I know, you want to say that it is "just something people have to learn to accept" but here is the thing, they won't accept it. They don't "have to" accept it because they can just ignore Steem altogether, and that seems to be the path they have chosen. Is it really their loss, I don't think it is them losing from it.

Steem appears to me to be headed by immature trust fund kids or something along those lines. I genuinely do not believe I know of another blockchain project that behaves in such an anti-business manner. How does that old slogan go? Ah yes, it is, "The customer is always right!" Indeed, this is true, your customer is your guru. Only on Steem does that seem to not be so.

Is There A Solution To The Problem?

There is a solution! The idea that someone can mute or undue your vote, essentially censoring your vote by downvoting what you upvoted is a terrible idea. Cryptocurrencies are literally being designed and intended for the opposite of that!!! Now, if some SMT-based community wants to have downvotes that is a different story. They can do that because it would be a niche community that will likely have competition. But the STEEM currency should be neutral of all debates and varieties of value appraisals on content.

It is time to plan a hard fork that involves making STEEM a Resource Credit generating-ONLY token. PoB has been and currently still is a miserable failure, but perhaps among a plethora of SMT design experimentations some community just might stumble upon something functional. It is time to stop gambling with the coin that secures the architecture and leave the risky game of PoB thrones to the SMTs.

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I agree with this and I've said it in plenty of my videos. Steem should be upvote only!

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