Time for a Little Celebration




I was beginning to think I'd never see this day come. Dolphinhood. Especially after I had my account hacked and stolen about a month ago. Talk about a scary time! But thanks to Steemit Inc's Account Recovery tool, and a lot of help from community friends, I was able to get it back.

And here I am today, realizing my goal.


So I want to say a great big thank you to all you fantastic STEEM community peeps who have read, voted, and commented on my blog for the past year and a half. Yes, I almost gave up a time or two. I joined in May 2018, posted a few times and gave up for several months. I came back and gave it another try, and here I am, still posting daily. Without my communities, I would have not have found the joy in this platform.

Thanks to HF21 I believe that the posting environment has improved. There was much debate about the drop for authors' reward to 40% and raising the curators' reward to 60%. But I believe this, along with the very important work being done to downplay the bidbots usage has led to a much more balanced reward system. Here's a great chart that was pulled for me by @abh12345 (again, thank you very much!) that shows my curation reward activity since HF21. I've been making an effort to curate!

curation report.png

Again, I just wanted to celebrate a little bit for making my FIRST steem goal, and to thank everyone who helped me to get here!

Here's wishing the Steem platform and all it's participants continued progress and a great successful future!

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Congratulations, it’s great seeing you do so well -hopefully you carry on to double it soon. !COFFEEA

!giphy celebrate

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Thanks @c0ff33a! Awesome gif and thanks for the COFFEEA token!

Congratulations on Dolphin-hood! 😁 😄 🎉🎉

I wasn't paying much attention to steem a couple of weeks ago --busy with other things-- so I didn't see your post where you had gotten hacked. 😱 Just read it now... and have a sudden urge to change my password, haha. I normally change it every month, but have been slack lately.

So happy that everything worked out!!!!


Thank @kaelci! It was very scary going to my account and being locked out and seeing that Power Down started. Whew! Hope you're doing well, thanks for stopping by!

Go ahead

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This is great news! I'm so happy to hear of your dolphin achivement. Steem can be a fun place if you find some connections. I'm glad you found good communities!


Thank you @kenny-crane. Good communities and good friends - like YOU!

That's great news. Kudos to Steemit.

coffeea Lucky you @blueeyes8960 here is your COFFEEA, view all your tokens at steem-engine.com Vote for c0ff33a as Witness

I am so glad for you @blueeyes8960 and congratulations!

I agree that things have improved. From a minnow's perspective, the returns from posting have improved for me, too.


Thanks @fionafavourites. Yes there is hope for improvement I do believe!

Howdy blueeyes8960 and congratulations, you earned it!


Thank you @janton, I just keep plugging along, one day at time, lol.


Howdy today blueeyes8960! Well, I think your pace is a little faster than plugging and it shows! You're a great example and role model for newer users.

Hi, @blueeyes8960!

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Thanks for the curation @miti!


You're welcome, @blueeyes8960! Keep up the good work!


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from the @helpiecake curation team!

Much love to you from all of us at @helpie!
Keep up the great work!


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Thank you for the curation @helpiecake and @rem-steem! And doesn't that cake look delicious!!

Congratulations on reaching dolphinhood!

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That's really great. I also believe, what is happening is happening for the best.
Can you give me any info, from where can I see my stat like that?


I read this post and replied on it, asking for my own chart. Isn't that the bomb! It's so nice for @abh12345 to make that offer!


Thanks for letting me know. 😊