The Lack of Foresight with Bidbots

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Warning: This post uses strong language. If that offends you, nobody is forcing you to read this (I hope lol).

Explaining how the reward pool works (generally speaking) on Steem is a horse that's getting kicked to death, and for good reason.

My own education and work background, as well as fields I've worked in throughout my life have given me the tools to assess businesses and determine where improvements need to be made, or if it's time to pack it in and cut losses. Steem is beyond that point - if we're comparing to a centralized business model. Just sayin'.

For those on a tirade to save bid bots and fight against down-voting: You are fools of the highest order, and your behavior has, and will continue to obliterate the intrinsic value of the steem ecosystem as you rob everyone else. The fact you aren't getting down-voted more tells me that the social media side of steem is already fluttering around like a fish out of water, and you would squeeze what life is left out of it for your own selfish short-term gains, instead of helping the fish back into the water.

There is one rule in any business: don't kill the hen that's laying eggs.

It sounds like common sense, and it fucking is. Any farmer will tell you likewise.

Every time someone boosts a shitpost to the top of trending, the hen population gets a little smaller. I'm all for good content getting onto trending, or content that really adds long term value to Steem, and I'm even guilty of using bid bots myself in the past because there was literally no other way to get a post seen, and at no point was I happy that I had to do it.

Well, if there is any life left in Steem, I would suggest finding a new source to feed on, because the immune system of Steem will fight back if there is any immune system left, and if you bleed the ecosystem dry, same result in the end; you lose. You just get to decide whether everyone loses, or just you. Sustainability is the key here, and those who cannot understand this are the problem, not the solution.

In layman's terms, you won't get to bleed Steem forever, because it's on literal life support, and the fangs of bidbots are still stuck in its neck. And, if you actually believe that bid bots attract new users, I am reminded of the dozens of friends and hundreds of other Steemians I've watched leave because of the greedy behavior. Greedy behavior only attracts more people who are greedy to the ecosystem, like a swarm of locusts wiping out crops that someone put a lot of time and effort into growing, and in turn making Steem an even bigger shithole than it's become since bidbots started.

Want to fight against the masses and keep stealing from the rest of us? Keep going, but you'll only beach yourselves, and that goes double for bid bot owners that haven't gotten the message yet, or don't understand common sense business practices. I just hope the greedy types I'm speaking of never decide to start a business in the real world, because they always fail miserably, always killing the hens and going bankrupt. I've seen it so often in the real world that its a wonder that the economy even functions. If it weren't for the responsible people in society, we'd all be fucked by the mismanagement and selfish behavior of many.

This will be my last post on this topic. If you don't like the language, why are you still reading?

Those who are left using Steem are either smart enough to join in and stand up against thieves who think Steem is their own personal slush fund, or you can kiss the social media side of Steem goodbye in the long term. And if no one fights against the greed, then good riddance to a failed community that was too clueless to fight back against the parasites.

thanks for dropping by.

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Agreed, the main reasons I see in Medium articles, YouTube Videos, etc. from people that bailed was getting drowned out by bots and people paying themselves at the expense of everyone else.

It is the evolution of behavior.

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I'm here because I like alternatives. Maybe that's not a good sign. Let's see.
Oh, and the greed part I ignore.

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