My top reasons for making the Steem Blockchain part of your life in 2020

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I keep being reminded that it's important to tell everyone "out there" about how great Steem is instead of just preaching to the converted so to speak. But when your Twittering, FBooking around, getting your Insta on, Quoraing or getting reddit - how do you tell them without writing a dissertation on each platform? To make my life easier I'm making this one post I can share around the platforms and just say - Steem is great, go over there to read more and join up.


This has to be top of the list, just imagine all the fun you can have ridiculing my posts in the comments, you can be Donald from Happy Gilmore shouting "Jackass" to make me slip up. Like a stumpy, hairy British Stretch Armstrong you can bend and stretch me to your will - and when you are bored just look at all the other cool things you can do as well.

Getting Started with the Steem Blockchain

Steem is a Blockchain, and you can access it through a variety of different front ends, server based tools like Steem Python and even web based tools like SteemJS to look at the past data stored. To interact with the Blockchain you need to register an account - there are a variety of ways of doing this including and in fact I will set up accounts if anyone needs them just contact me through discord @c0ff33a / Deranged [Witness]#7845

Unlike other cryptocurrencies, your Steem account name is human readable - so my account is @c0ff33a, if someone wished to send me an amount of Steem they just type in my account name - simple and the transactions are lightening fast. Compare that to sending Bitcoin 3FpSgz9hani8sai89Ngh7QCsykzteCSUmY , Etherium 0x8fa0ea51373cbD8030b2f107F3BcC971ae1B0e4e or LTC MFCqNzj5fXXBjwEsdSfdFFFjSp6XMTFvmK (they all work if anyone wants to test them out) long complicated names and super slow transactions.

Once you account is set up, your interaction with Steem based apps is limited by Resource Credits - to increase your Resource Credits you need to Stake Steem - that is invest it into Steem Power which will give you more resource credits and also greater influence. The simplest way to obtain Steem and then power it up is through

Frontends is an example front end to access the blogging aspects of the Steem Blockchain

Screenshot 2019-12-27 at 22.58.49.png

But you can actually access and post to the Steem Blockchain from many different sites like

Screenshot 2019-12-27 at 23.02.17.png

Each front end will display information differently, so you can find one that suits you or even use a combination. Some like use your interaction history of comments and upvotes to intelligently display new posts you might like

Screenshot 2019-12-27 at 23.13.28.png

Others like just give a simple alternative

Screenshot 2019-12-27 at 23.16.12.png

There are also mobile and desktop based apps like

Screenshot 2019-12-27 at 23.17.43.png

Or even

Screenshot 2019-12-27 at 23.18.35.png

And to share video content!

Screenshot 2019-12-27 at 23.19.59.png


Screenshot 2019-12-27 at 23.21.03.png

That's a massive range of ways to access the Steem blockchain, and it is only a tiny selection of what it currently available.


When you want to relax after a hard days blogging, what better to then to wind down with a game or two. Top of the list is

Screenshot 2019-12-27 at 23.31.29.png

Everything in the game is logged and stored to your Steem Blockchain account - from buying cards, playing matches to trading cards and selling on the open market. It's a super fun game, you can buy card packs with Steem or other Cryptocurrencies and even credit card via PayPal.

Screenshot 2019-12-27 at 23.47.15.png

If you are interested in space exploration, then might be for you

Screenshot 2019-12-27 at 23.51.26.png

It's a game of patience and thought, where you spend your gained resources hopefully wisely to grown them even more.

A different alternative is where you invest your earnings on growing production - but leave it exposed and other gamers will fight to take your spoils. It becomes a race - gain more defence units to protect your income, while still trying to build more production to keep growing.

Screenshot 2019-12-27 at 23.57.52.png

I was a sceptic at first because of the title, but once you get into it very addictive. These are just three examples of built on Steem Blockchain games which utilise your account to store your game progress, many more are available or in progress.

And there is more

I have not mentioned Communities because they are still in Beta, but they do offer additional opportunities compared to the standard static blog. Being able to pin specific posts to a hobby or special interest group will make it much easier to find and share information.

Screenshot 2019-12-28 at 00.18.20.png adds a vast range of Tokens to the mix, and with many of them corresponding tribe sites where you can stake the Tokens and earn them in rewards like

Screenshot 2019-12-28 at 00.20.13.png

And the Steem Blockchain will be launching SMT (Smart Media Tokens) to further expand rewards on external sites.

To Conclude

The Steem Blockchain offers so much from one simple account sign up, whether you already have a blog or are thinking of signing up for one - Steem offers an easy way to create posts, embed images direct from the page builder and enhance your text with Markdown. With a variety of Steem backed games and DApps to access, that one account gives you access to many other opportunities - and of course you can also Earn Steem, send it quickly to other account members and Power it up to gain greater influence.

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Whoa fantastic post here buddy and this should be the post that tells newbies about steem for sure information was great fantastic post 😃 here’s to 2020 😃

Forgot to add this to my comment but one thing I’m struggling with when explaining to people about steem is that they don’t quite know what to post and why it’s worth posting on the blockchain and it’s not just newbies I have a couple steem friends who have been on steem for ages but haven’t made any form of content in months I don’t quite know why.

they don’t feel it’s worth posting or some other reason like why would someone want to read the content they create etc

I think I’m just bad at explaining what steem is but it seems everyone I try explaining it to they just don’t seem bothered and can’t grasp the concept but I don’t know that might just be me

It’s a shame especially when they already have steem accounts they are ready to go but they just never use it that’s what hurts the most


This is a good point, I was going to kind of cover this but it would have made the post too long. In reality people need to stop getting hung up on post rewards and just think of Steem as a way to post information on the web - so for example a group of gamers can get together post the current games they are playing, walkthroughs secrets etc - with communities it will be even easier for them to collaborate and share information that is easily accessible.

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Excellent job, @c0ff33a! The great thing is that we can all now simply link to your post when asked what this STEEM Blockchain thing is all about. 😎


Thank you, that’s exactly what I wanted to make it for - a simple to share guide to it. Plus I don’t really know how many people even currently use different front ends - they really open up so many extra opportunities. And I’m pretty sure I found off you.

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I wanted to make it for - a simple to share guide to it.

Mission accomplished! 😎

Excellent idea, and wicked awesome post, @c0ff33a! Here's to spreading the word about Steem in 2020!

@tipu curate


Thank you very much, I hope it makes existing users see all the potential Steem has as well as prospective new accounts. Thank you for the tip too !COFFEEA !DERANGED

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deranged You just received DERANGED @traciyork Keep up the great work, view all your tokens at

Great post! I'm saving the link!

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Thank you, I made it as simple as possible so it covers a wide range of benefits plus easy sign up links.

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You said a mouthful....


You don’t even want to know how long it took to do, and half way through I thought I should make the images click through - and then decided adding the extra code would take me well into the hours and I was cross eyed already!

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One account, many ways to benefit from if you want to maximise it. Great little starter pack for steem here to entice people in. I'm still not sure the use of the word "blockchain" is needed to get ordinary people over.

With the amount of different areas to get involved with, it could just be different areas of focus for different "marketing campaigns".

E.g. A campaign for gaming, a campaign for blogging, one for vlogging etc etc


Good point, for me the Blockchain side is really the big benefit - I like that security of every transaction I make being stored safely forever. And being decentralized I don’t have to worry that someone will just shut down and leave, because I have two active copies of it on my two Witness servers. Then times that by 100+ active Witnesses all with the same active block log. Compared to creating a blog on some other site for free, pouring hours into creating blog posts only for it to shut down and everything get’s wiped because it only ever existed in one place - Blockchain makes far more sense.

But I also agree that people don’t have to understand what is happening to make use of the technology, I also feel the reward side needs less emphasis because primarily people should be joining to share information- with the reward a bonus not an expectation.

Once communities go live it will be the perfect time to target different groups, especially gaming because it can break down into so many different groups by platform PC, PS4 Xbox and also VR which then splits into the various headsets like Oculus Rift and HTC Vive

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And those are great points too. I'm sure there are people who feel the same way who have maybe had a channel, page or website shut down for one reason or another and lost everything they've worked hard to build up. So your points are things that should definitely be at the forefront of marketing if the target audience is going to be people who've lost their sites because of one person or entity - keep them in a Word doc somewhere and use them for #2020vision :)

Yea the rewards shouldn't be the main focus either, rather a bonus to being here and engaging with the platform. I have started saying that the community decides at the end of the 7 day post period how much reward should be given to a post so nothing is guaranteed.

I still need to get my head fully around communities and steemit beta. I have started using SteemPeak for everything and loving it so hope there are plans to integrate communities in. But definitely having niches will make targeting the right people a lot easier as you can pinpoint interests. Going to be awesome!!


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infinite reasons to love this blockchain :)

Highly rEsteemed!

Screen Shot 2019-12-27 at 8.36.29 PM.png

Hello @c0ff33a,

Receive a cordial greeting. Personally, I am delighted with the Steem Blockchain. I have told some friends about the benefits of belonging to this social network and its post is quite complete and explicit to attract attention.

I think that 2020 will be a year of expansion if all of us who live here intend to. So I congratulate you for this excellent post.

Nice post and greetings to you go ahead Steem in 2020!

In many ways, Steem/it (we) seem so close to critical mass. We have so much cool stuff coming on. However, I just wonder if it is too late. Will Voice on Feb 14 snatch victory right from out hands? All I do know is it has been a wild run with some highs and lows. I have been glad to be part of it. Happy that you have been here too.

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