3년 전 is running a STEEM AWARENESS EVENT!

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We are deeply passionate about Steem, the community and all the project being built on top of the network. As such, we figured it is time for some STEEM AWARENESS EVENTS!

How does it work?

It's easy to participate!

  1. Go to the STEEM event page.

  2. Write a short blurb about STEEM and why it's amazing and post it on any of the available social media platform:

  3. Then submit your article/video/share link, click here:

    Submit Article

These instructions are also available on

Prize Pool

The prize pool is 300 STEEM. The prizes will be distributed equally among all participating links. If the event gains traction and the community wants to contribute to increase the prize pool, we are definitely open to discussion! We hope that most participants participate to help adoption rather than the actual prize pool.

That's it! Let's spread awareness about Steem!

We as a community are responsible for advertising and letting the world know about Steem. Let's all band together to increase adoption of this amazing network.

We are aware that in our article we did not mention every great project built on Steem. This is only for the sake of keeping it short and simple. We appreciate, acknowledge and respect many of the great Steem-based projects!

Support Us

Feel free to support us by following us on:

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Awesome! Loving this content I will be sure to enter!

Posted using Partiko iOS

Nice! Im doing my own Steem community advertise for the network but i will participate in yours too!

Check mine and let me know what you think

Posted using Partiko Android

@cateredcontent, Kindly find my participation post below for your reference. And I've submitted this post on Website too.

Keep up the great work and have a wonderful time ahead.

Posted using Partiko Android

Great initiative. Please when is the deadline for submissions?

Posted using Partiko Android

Do submissions count on their own or must we use your platform? here is a link, I also pumped it on my twitter.

Posted using Partiko Android

In the current onepagex event, I have submitted an entry, that is showing in the my account--submission. But that is not showing in the list of submission under that event. Can you please fix it.

Please how do I get this reward


Hi dear @CateredContent, I got the award for the Reddit article on FastBTC. But you have not transferred the 2 remaining Steems (1 for Twitter Bonus and 1 for Instagram Bonus) Regards ^^

Posted using Partiko Android

Hi, good morning i am new here
but you need to check this, someone is doing multiaccounts n instagram just to win some steem and thats very unfair for those who really take time to write a right article.



these accounts should not be taken into consideration, they have no followers, they uploaded the image at the same time and it happens to the same one that only upload instagram link. As the image shows


Thank you for letting us know. We are currently working on ways to prevent multi-accounting accounts. It should be less of a problem in the future with the currently implemented solution.

We really appreciate this type of input!

URGENT: CateredContent I am writing to remind you that YOU have not paid MY PRIZE for the last CateredContent contest: OnePageX.Com # 7; PLEASE RECTIFY I EXPECT YOUR ANSWER