The Fear of Loss Can’t be Greater Than the Hope of Gain - Learn to Dominate Your Emotions

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There is absolutely no way anyone can know exactly what is going to happen. Many will claim to know this is the end, and many will fall prey to that fear. Its normal for all of us to feel scared, to worry about our future. In truth many have invested a lot into cryptocurrencies and looking at the markets today cannot bring anyone any comfort.

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I realize that many who participate of the cryptocurrency space do so with very little understanding of how trading works. Trading, speculation of assets is currently the main driving force behind this market, since many of the projects rely on the liquidity it brings. I say this, only to say that because not many understand, it’s completely normal that most people feel like a day with double digits into the red might be signaling some sort of end.

Thinking like an investor

In situations like this one is imperative, even if it feels very uncomfortable. Acting in desperation, selling the crypto you hold in fear is exactly the opposite of what an investor would do. In other words, we can boil this down to one simple question.

Why would you sell at a loss?

Of course I understand that some people took a gamble when they bought into crypto. However, the current fear you might be feeling might be telling you the gamble you took was not the one you should have taken, and that might be the bigger lesson hidden here.

Remain calm

If you understand the technology, a red market like today should not be the reason why you all of the sudden lose all faith. If you’ve lost it, it might be a sign you have not fully grasped what the proposed solution is all about.

There are many individuals that like to call cryptocurrencies as a whole a scam. Their criticisms are laughable because they accuse cryptocurrencies of the very things the US Dollar is in actuality. Thinking critically, it's impossible to not wonder, what are the agendas at play.

If you can wait, wait…

The bull market is coming, everything in life is a pendulum and that is something hard to deny. I’m only saying this because I was looking at some exchanges at the moment, considering a point of entry noticing the sale walls taking over my screen. There are currently two Orca’s worth of STEEM waiting to be purchased on Bittrex.

I ask, and I ask this sincerely. How many investors do you think are selling today? I can almost guarantee the answer is none.

I’m getting ready to buy some more Steem myself. I’ve set up my purchases, and I’m ready to ride this wave. I’m hesitant to call this advice, as this is not my place and I’m no financial adviser, but in my personal opinion, today is a good day to buy STEEM and power up. Today Steem is on sale, and I for one have decided to celebrate.

Steem on friends...


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what a great post I am so encouraging by reading this post

Good. Think like an investor.

Emotions do not need domination, they need understanding and to be felt. When you truly and unconditionally accept your felt responses, you will be able to open to intuition - the same as is used by remote viewers and which has been used to correctly predict and profit from future price changes. ;)


perfectly said... funny enough I was just learning about steem ocean yesterday and here you are! good job... i'm still learning the ropes of this ecosystem and all the dapps witnesses have created to help it grow.


Excellent, thanks and thankyou for your synchronicity ;)

I see you are a musician and producer too - please to make your acquaintance - Followed!

BTW, if you have a spare witness vote slot and like what I am doing - I'd be grateful for the support with a vote. Another synchronicity is that I just posted a witness update to let everyone know what I'm up to, so you can have a read there if you like.

I look forward to reading more from you soon.


Happy to support your witness @ura-soul . Just finished reading the update, you've been staying busy. Great work!

Usually, the weak hands are those new to this kind of business but if they only learn and familiarize the way on how it plays then they will surely not sell their coin at a loss price but hodl and have hope that it will rise soon.


patience is the name of the game...

interesting ..
The worlds communication sites is different from the real can not compare
What is important is your work‏
Thanks for sharing this with us‏..

That's a very inspiring post, the cryptocurrencies is very low at the moment but i won't believe this is the end, life is always up and down so the crypto is. This is a great time to buy more steem, we just need to be patient and trust the process.


Totally agree , I was dying lol

Great post guys, but I am pretty scared to fuck up on my standardized test to get into college and I fucked up so much that I am doing a lot of stupid shit with my cryptocurrencies in general! :/

Good day, I will like you to share more light, why crypto price are going down.

Exactly what I did as well. I bought Steem... It’s on sale... so why wouldn’t I?! In order to navigate the new money we are all going to have to learn how to trade in and out of assets when the need arises... or just buy what we really want to buy when it’s a good price. Steem has so much potential! So I’m buying! #TimeToStockpile

Great information and good thoughts. I think crypto currencies will be the fulture and we just have to be patient. I will buy more. I just don´t know when. Now or will it drop further. I´m going to buy more VEN, ETHOS, ICX and put some new coins into my portfolio: ZCO, ZIL, POE. And ONT when it goes below 5 USD. What does the others think about this? Resteemed.

I think the main feature of all this is ignorance, not knowing well what this is about the cryptocurrency, rumors are generated and people out of fear are carried away by them and rush to make dire decisions.


That and spending more than you can bear to lose. If you spent too much, it won't take much to scare you away. (All opinions my own...not financial advice) 🤣🤣🤣

Hope of everything will be good is very important and it will be revolutionary and rewarding when time will be good.

No emotions I be on my Tim Duncan!

Thanks for this @chbartist.
Since we are emotional beings, the fear for loss is really a loss. The hope for gain is the best road to trod

My Poker coach always told me that loseing 1$ feels as bad as winning 10$ does feel good. That s why most people playing Poker are unhappy if they can t controll their emotions.

We may be in the seventies of the last decade, for the age of electronic currencies, but we are moving quickly to the new millennium. No one can really predict the future

Yeah, you right. It's the best time to buy steem .

I belive that the idea is not only The Fear of Loss, we should try to control as much as possible the information to make investments based on analysis if we can use tools when we make some innvesment Of course results will be better. Thanks a lot for sharing this info

Yup, I have never really understood the people who sell when something shits the bed, since it is worth so little you might as well leave it alone, it can't go down that much more, it can either die completely or it will come back, if it dies completely you didn't lose that much more but if it comes back then you will have massive gains.
You don't make or lose any money until you sell something, best to HODL. If STEEM gets down to a dollar I am going to buy a bunch, why not?


If it goes down to a dollar, I will be breaking into my savings! kkkk


At this rate it could be next week!

تشکر از پست خوبتان
به نظرم خیلی مهم تست که بتوانیم از ازادی شخصی و حریم خصوصی خود دفاع کنیم و اتحاد و حمایت همه کاربران رمز اصلی این تلاش جمعی

موافقم. اگر دنبال ریسک کردن باشیم باید قبول کنیم که احتمال ضرر هم وجود دارد

This post isnt worth 660 dollars


dont worry bidbots are negative ROI at the moment, I'm trying help people be calm. Good news, nobody made money!

And I bought more steem, I'm doing my part to keep the boat floating.


Im new to cryptocurrencies and still over thinking instead of going in head on. Posts like this are really helpful and empowering, I will be watching and following great posts like this. Any advice is always accepted with gratitude. Thank you

Thanks for giving motivation

To be frank, I'm kinda scared with whats happening to the cryptocurrencies. I've just started to invest recently but i think I entered at the wrong time :( Anyway, thanks for this.


If you entered in the past month or two then you entered while currencies are at bargain prices.

I’d only be worried if you bought a bunch of shit coins.


that's right, well said. In my opinion the best investments are those with implemented solutions. many coins are just lotto tickets.

This is precisely why I feel comfortable buying steem, the network, the people, everything is here.


Yes exactly, and the more steem you hold the more you can earn with it. It's insanely unique and has a tonne going for it.

I also hold BTC given that it is much more stable during bearish markets and some IOTA and EOS.

I still consider IOTA a bit of a gamble since they don't have a working product yet.


I'm of the opinion IOTA is doomed. I like the idea, but it won't deliver all it promises. That's my perception of the project in any case.


You're quite possibly correct. I've been thinking about converting the coins back to BTC but have been waiting for a turnaround in the market.

Many people say strength is the key to success but I feel person who can control his emotions in both good and bad times is the one who succeed.
Its truely said that you should not make any decision whenever you are too happy or too sad because these too emotions makes us flow and we do not understand wheather we are doing right or wrong.
Really nice post sir..

Wow! This post is very helpful. Especially for newbies like me. I just bought some cryptocurrencies about a month ago and ever since I've been restless because of the decline in prices and market capitalization. I was also told about steemit by a friend. I joined this community some days ago, and now i'm getting good advice when it comes to managing my emotions. Thanks a lot. I'm hoping to see the bulls in the future. Thank you very much @chbartist for your advice

Yes, I'm with you. Time to celebrate. A new cycle is on its way and patience is the key :)

99.99999999% of people put their money in Crypto because they saw Bitcoin ...If bitcoin is in trouble....this is not good...on first sight...


let's wait

Do not let your emotions vote!

Investing is so much more than intelligence. You need some sure, but after a point intelligence doesn't do as much for you. Skills like mindfulness, and self control will allow you to ride the storms and make lucrative decisions when everyone else thinks the sky is falling.

Sehr gut gesagt . Die Leute verlieren ihre Geduld, und das ist der größte Grund dafür, dass Crypto fällt, da wir diejenigen sind, die Wale durch den Verkauf unserer Aktien mächtiger machen

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people should must keep patience in terms when they are investing in cryptos.

the greatest risk is "not taking risk" ...just have to put in the best, hope for the best but prepare for the worst.

Análisis, bien sustentado. gracias por compartirlo.

I'm here for a short time, but I read a lot of what people write here and I hope that this advice will lead me to something steemit.

Great article. Can I post a translation of it in Spanish? Or can I use it as reference?


A great we all no what is going on with the cryptocurrency that it as been hacked by the unknown i think may be that is why the market as been going down

Интересная статья.Подписалась на Вас.Подпишитесь и на меня.Будем дружить

Steem on ! Good content ^^ :)

I like to think about it like this. In total about 50% of earths population is active internet users. We all have a great usage for internet and it helps our alot to have internet. Even if it sometimes comes to some costs. Will we ever see a world with like 100% usage of internet by the population?

Allso we migt find good usage of cryptocurrencies and the projects itself. With less than 1% of world using it. I think it all have great potential.

Thanks for the post anyway :) I hit you up with an upvote :)

Great article. 100% upvote from me.

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So, it better to be patient, calm and wait till the right time.... than sell at lost @chbartist @aasanka

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My question is based on the fact that it is risky not to risk. Applying that to crytocurrence is it better to sell when stakes are high

Good text

Congratulations!! your post is very informative!! I have upvoted your post and do read my post below,

Up vote if you like it. Looking forward to hearing more from you. cheers!!

I'm new to this platform and being a trader already, I have to learn More and be coached on steam coin, with this, I'm more convinced in purchasing more and now that it is low.

I agree everyone must wait for a rise again and it's firm

yeah the whales will apply situation that can breakdown our mental to gain more profit

Agree with the sentiment. It works as long as you don't invest more than you can loose. If you gamble it all though it can end badly.

It is very likely that July will be very good for the entire cryptocurrencies. After the correction, people will worldwide have more trust on them. Keep waiting for a while.

Wow, this is awesome and great information. Though the cryptocurrency value is very low at the moment I know very soon it will rise. The main message is not to lose faith. Thanks so much for this thought, Very informative and motivating.

I agree on your point. Actually, the market has its cycle, and this is, by far, the best time to get your STEEM. I already bagged mine, powered up and contribute that SP to the community.

I hope that our community will see it as a chance to get more, or if you don't have fiat, just wait their, don't sell to your fear and don't buy to your greed.

I think that your opinion can be applied to stock market investment.

Upvoted your post. Thanks for the insights.

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Could it be because you posted a picture of a few boxes of spaghetti?


LOL how could that not go viral?!

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If market is crashing, holding is the best option. Why sale cryptos at loss? One should be cool and calm. There is no need to be panicked. Panic sale would be a loss for everyone. As everyone can see that the price of bitcoin has not gone too much down, despite of the panic sale.

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RN I only have a hope of gain.

Because STEEM can't fall more

amen! everything is on sale, great time to buy

If you fail to make you fear and do not want to move forward, then you end up living your life at that moment. I think this is perfectly suited to a trader, and a venture capitalist

  ·  2년 전

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If only I could withdraw my STEEM from Poloniex..!

I accept the fact that many people who are currently participating in the cryptocurrency world have just little understanding of how the system works and it aught not to be like that. i suggest people should take time and educate them selves more about the cryptocurrency market in order to function effectively and thereby helping the crypto market to grow into a larger market place.

I think the investor/speculator mindset is very interesting. At any given point in the future, the price is going to be a certain number (assuming a somewhat deterministic world), regardless of one's individual choices (unless you're a whale of course), so a lower price one day (or month) doesn't lower the future price say one year from now. In that sense, the lower the price now, the higher the likeliness of the price going up again. The only reason to think that a decreasing price means that a certain future price will be lower, is ift one is dealing with multiple potential futures, but in the end, only one future will become the truth. Also, the fact that one has bought before only to have the hopes of an increasing price shattered, means that one was not able to see a drop coming back then, so one might as well not be able to see a price increase now. So who knows, maybe learning from previous mistakes is actually what keeps us repeating them?

yeah I agree with you.Sometimes I also get frustrated but after that I try to come back.Your post will inspire me.Thanks man!

Well work bro.Your post is very well and uncommon.

This is straight up GOLD. Thank you for sharing this <3

Ich fühle die Frustration der Menschen auf diesem Markt. Ich bin kein Finanzberater, aber ich möchte vorschlagen, dass wir diesen Preis ausnutzen, weil es möglich ist, dass dieser Preis nie so niedrig ist wie heute. Wir sind diejenigen, die die Wale durch den Verkauf unserer Handlungen mächtiger machen. Emotionen brauchen keine Herrschaft, sie brauchen Verständnis und fühle mich gut arbeiten Freund

Nice article! Clear and well written for us newbies

Woww... Ini berita bagus

Hey @chbartist, totally agree, amazing post! And to my opinion those who understand this that "trading, speculation of assets is currently the main driving force behind the crypto market" are not actually worried at all. They sell, buy and make quick money :)

Very good post and relevant! I am learning!

Really love your post, thanks for the positive vibes!

Good post, especially bearing in mind that December 2017 was the high point of an emerging crypto-currencey market, that engulfed many novice investors to make a fast buck and blinded by radical returns not understanding fiscal markets.

Mind opening

Patience is the strength of the weak, and impatience, the weakness of the strong. Immanuel Kant

I will leave this here and retire slowly

This information would have helped me a lot some years ago when I was having that kind of fear, it is still helpful to this time, thanks for sharing great advise.

Wow thanks so much for encouragement for minnows like me. It's sickening staring at the red charts but this gives me hope that the bull is coming. Thanks @chbartist

Always do the opposite of what the mass majority does especially when it comes to FUD.

hold is the key of success in this scenario

True words👏👍

I feel the frustration of people in this market. I am not financial advisor but I want to suggest that take advantage of this price because we may never this price as low as this day. Technology is what will drive this market as long as they continue giving quality we expect the price will rise again.

Very well said . People loose patience and that is the biggest reason of crypto to fall as we are the one's who are making whales more powerful by selling our stocks .

I am new in the field of cryptocurrency trading and find this site and your article helpful. this is the site where I feel both financial and intellectual needs are full filled simultaneously

Greed and fear are the emotions playing within people.
Greed for getting rich as soon as possible and fear of losing there money which will wipe out there big dreams as being into this market since January 2017 i learned 1 thing that is patients if u lose your patience ull end up loosing your money and would be blaming thos market for your loss but the main reason for the loss is people themselves.

The best investments are made in faith on the cusp of a dream and I believe those who believe will be better for it. Whether it be the profit or the experience. So much reverence in this day is held on "playing it safe" Well you know what? This world isn't safe. To walk at night is a lesson I know all to well. I do not fear hard times because I've lived my life in that hell. To be strong.. and to dream; To be strong enough to believe in a dream is making a wish upon the wind.. If there's something we can believe in my friend its is the power and the often miss labeled "strength" but weary grace of our friend; of the beautiful.. beautiful wind.

Do not ever be afraid to lose if you want to succeed, successful people are people who are always ready with all the risks

  ·  2년 전

Yeah, that's true
big sacrifice brings great income

I've been riding the waves of cryptocurrencies. At the time I knew nothing about money, how it works, what it actually is. Over the time, I learned a lot of crazy things, also I learned some investment skills just from experience.
But I don't feel like an investor.

One thing I learned is that all the coins rise and fall, some don't rise again, those are the S*@7 coins. The other coins that rise and fall throughout the years, have been around for years; those are the good coins. Like Steem.

WOW Great Article...

Title of this blog is so great and i was so attract with this title then i read your post and i m totally agree with this

After entering into crypto I realize that trading without any emotions work the best. As they say, "Scared money don't make money" .

Well Quoted when market blood bath just keep shop good product which is on highly discount

the normal investors like us are the main cause of this bearish movement...We easily loose our emotion and make the FUD more power full its like a chain reaction..i believe we the affect the market more than a whale.

brother u r just aowesome

I say buy and HODL

This is the most important lesson for new traders. Learn the physiology of a marketplace and how to set your emotions aside.

True if you are not strong willed and does not understand the true value of the underlying technology is best to stay away, speculators are always losers.

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Awesome writing

Well said!!very soon, the people who have sold off their bitcions at $6500 will end up buying the same when it hits $10,000 - strange but thats how human psychology works and it just doesn't make any sense to me.

You are very right friend, Remember that it is the market that tells us what is currency and what is not. And the market has spoken. Cryptocurrencies have value because the market says they have value. This will change the equation of supply and demand for banking. It's that big. I am not at all surprised that bankers, financiers and Saudi princes are coming out against these

Thanks for the information and I have signed up to receive your post.

Definitely agree! Been adding a lot of alts mostly ETH. Great post! I posted something quiet similar to this the other day

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I think risk is every thing if you not takd risk then you will not do any thing in life

Bitcoin has done this many times and will do it many more. Hodl on my friends! :)

Nice read, i totally agree

Except if is full of shit content today, what will really be different with SMTs? Deeper shit doesn't necessarily justify higher prices.

The only reason you should be selling right now, rather than buying, is because you need the money. In an ideal world you would not have invested more than you could afford to lose. That would imply you don't need the money you invested.

Fortunately, that was the case with me. I've just been holding strong and buying when I can. But mostly holding, as I'm kind of poor right now. :D

Excellent publication

One line encouragement from my side. Bitcoin will surely go up , we all know that. So sit back and relax while others panic. Sooner or later it will give you huge profit

I agree with what you are saying. A long-term investor needs to believe in the investment and not let emotions (fear) cause them to make expensive mistakes. As long as the fundamental reason for the investment hasn't changed they should remain invested.

Excelente post, @chbartist.