Bear made me Dolphin!

8개월 전

It is interesting that one animal gave me the opportunity to be another animal!

Yes, Thanks to this crypto Bear Market due to that I become Dolphin on Steem Blochchain.


Just 17 months ago I joined Steem blockchain as a Plankton and never would have imagined that I will be a dolphin here. Out of my 5000 SP almost half is earned here and rest is invested. During my steem journey, I witnessed a lot of ups and down. I have seen a low of Steem price of 0.23$ to highest about 6.0$. This market gave a lot of opportunities to earn handsome author rewards at different levels and this current bear market giving us a good opportunity to invest in Steem and other cryptos. There are always different types of opportunities available at different levels in the market as well as in our life, only we have to identify and avail the opportunity.
Nobody can predict that this is the bottom of crypto but everybody have their own assumption and take action accordingly. I invested stepwise at different levels below Steem price of $ 2.0 and around 0.25$ I accumulated enough Steems to get Dolphin status on Steem blockchain. I am not sure how this status will help me to grow here but it is a feel-good factor for me right now.


I am really thankful to my friend @xyzashu who always guided and supported me on my Steem journey from plankton to dolphin.

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