10,000 EPC TOKEN Giveaway!

2년 전

That's right. You heard that correctly. I'm giving away free money!

The first 10 people to upvote and comment on this post get 1,000 EPC tokens for free.

For those of you that don't know what the EPC Tokens are, they're a Smart Media Token on the STEEM blockchain that distributes dividends each day from the EpicDice Casino, also hosted here on the STEEM blockchain! All dividends from the house edge are distributed to EPC token holders daily. All you have to do is own the tokens in your STEEM wallet. You can earn more EPC by placing wagers on the EpicDice platform.

Join the fun at EpicDice and start earning some extra STEEM and SBD today!


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Yay, I love EPC tokens 🤘


Enjoy your tokens

What's good homie it's been a while.


Not too bad, my man! Thanks for stopping by. Enjoy your EPC!

Sounds good man!

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Enjoy your tokens!


Thanks for hooking me up bro!

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Ever insightful, ever generous... your gracious host for tonight... ladies and gentlemen, put your hands together for Clayford08!!! :p


Thanks for stopping by! Enjoy your tokens!


Qool, thanx

howto get the token?

Very good.