Steem about to take off?? MONSTER buy support tips the scales on Bittrex.

3년 전

The price of Steem has done nothing but plummet since mid-June, the only consolation most Steemit users have is that Bitcoin has skyrocketed at the same time, protecting you for the most part against Steem's drop in value.. but also let's be honest - potentially making you kick yourself that you didn't cash out your Steem earlier on to benefit from bitcoin's rise!

But finally, you will be relieved to hear, Steem is showing signs of life. If you've been watching the charts for the last few weeks, you might have seen it coming... But I wasn't expecting this.

In the last few hours a whale whacked 50 Bitcoins onto the buy orders, dwarfing the sell orders to complete insignificance. It could just be short term manipulation, but nevertheless this is yet another indicator that Steem is ripe for a boost.

So hold on to your Steem, or buy more...

An uptrend is starting!

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I would like to introduce my steem charts.

hey clint, how are you man? been a while haven't seen any news from you :) . hope you're doing well bro!! , and yes you are right about steem coins, I think nobody care about steem coins on steemit, look the volume it's so low now, I hope some strong groups come and support it and take it up....


Hey David, I'm alright, I haven't been playing much music recently, just taking a break. How are you?
Yeah I think most people are just cashing out their Steem straight away, but once they see it rising again I'm sure that will change.

Actually, I see basically the same picture on least there are much bigger buy orders than there normally is...You could be right about an uptrend!

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I am holding and going to add more when my funds get moved around.

STEEM is going to be a long term winner in my opinion. There might be a bit more downside but that is okay.

I still believe we are looking at a $10 token.

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Do you think it's time for me to convert my STEEM to btc and just keep it in my wallet?