WARNING: Some Steemit Apps may have been compromised and are using your Posting Keys

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Dear Steemit Friends,

I wanted to take this time to give my followers and all Steemit Users a heads up that a number of your Posting Keys may have been used without your knowledge. In the last several hours there have been a number of posts that have suddenly received a mass number of upvotes as well as posts with a mass number of downvotes, all within seconds of each other.

This was brought to my attention as well as other witnesses while we were chatting in Steem.Chat and is an update that I wanted to share with my fellow community members. Thanks, @followbtcnews for the heads up.

This could potentially be due to one of the many apps built on the Steem blockchain which users have granted posting authority to. Although this is not a regular occurrence, it can, and probably will happen so I urge everyone to be careful when selecting apps to trust your information with.

to be on the safe side, you should all check your voting history and look for posts that you may or may not have necessarily voted on. A number of posts will stand out if you have been impacted.

Since all users affected were using steemconnect only posting keys were used so your funds are safe. The recommendation is to review your authorizations and revoke any authorization to apps you do not use or recognize. It's best if you revoke all authorized apps in the meantime while the issue is being investigated and until the compromised app is identified and updates are made by the owner of the app.

If you need to review your app authorizations and/or revoke access, you can go to the following link:

It may also be advisable to update/change your Steemit password and keys.

Hopefully this is an isolated event and by working together we can find and patch the impacted app. As a community we should work together and protect one another. I hope this information helps and has potentially helped drive additional visibility towards security awareness and being more vigilant about who you share your information with.

Thanks for reading! Be safe!

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Nice. Happy how fast this community works in order to find and address issues! Thanks for the heads up and additional information!

Can i translate your post to vietnamese?
Thank you for sharing


Sure. Of course you can. The more people that know about issues, the better!

Thank you for this sir, now i am aware. I resteemed this so that others can see


Thanks! Awareness is key to getting issues addressed faster and to make sure everyone stays informed!

Thank You sir for alert us...........good job sir........carry on......best wishes for you..


Sure thing. Just want to make sure everyone is aware and staying safe

thanks you sir for alert us... good job bro @cloh76


Happy to do what I can to drive awareness

Thanks you sir. I'll be careful


Anytime. Looks like the issue has been addressed.

Awww. It seems that these guys/scammers won't stop chasing innocent steemians. Thanks for the heads up @cloh76

Thank you for this reminder sir.. I will take note on this one