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#1 STEEM!!


i need more of it :D

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nice post


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Monero, Ripple, IOTA, ETH too! I have posted my reasons for being a big investor of them here:

LTC - low fees, quick transactions and NEO with its' smart contracts.


Make people more aware of Litecoins low fees why dont you?? so eventually it wont be low transactions fees. In the near future of 2018-2019 Litecoin may have higher transaction fees but as of now im okay with the MC(Market Cap) and will be trading with different Alt Coins not ever using bitcoin.Unless it drops it's fees to lower than 5 bucks(USD) which probably wont happen again.

Electroneum, Ethereum, Bitcoin, Monero highly recommended at the moment ...

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Can't you use BTC to get onto a virgin airline Zero-G flight?

I love that here in my country I can pay for food or some other stuff ( it doesn`t work anywhere, but still) I can pay using my blockchain wallet. Cool fact :D

Steem. It has more value than any coin out there. Also Steem is predicted to hit $1500 within 5 years.

Ripple FTW.


Sooo true! Especially Litecoin!

Monero and Verge for privacy.
Litecoin for time-tested security and reliability, speed of transaction (relative to BTC) as well as low fees (again relative to bitcoin).


Strong coin thanks

A would ask you about bitcoin silver (btcs) what do think is a good coin to buy?!!

bitcoin you can buy anything with it and if you hit a wall you just use a third party convert it to fiat and buy stuff you like Monero , LTC and ETH


good short post

I really like Luynr (Lun) will be similar to steem but for a Wikipedia like site. I think the coin will go through the roof when the beta starts at the end of the month. This is a coin with a real world use.

Small cap crypto picks that could +1000% very soon:

  1. Airswap
  2. Lamden --> Huge potential (new)
  3. Loopring
  4. Elf
  5. Lux
    (Follow me for daily picks and have a great day!)

Great comments section too! great post

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SmartCash Komodo steem ltc verge.

I think ltc is pretty good and I hope a few of the other smaller coins like ADA might do well.

Stellar lumen, EOS, and tron all look very promising!

which airline actually allows to buy airfare using BTC? anyone knows?


There is surf air but it is not your normal airline, you pay a monthly fee and can fly as much as they want to, another pro being that you can skip past security as you get a government approved background check. I wish I lived in the US.


will check in...thanks new site 100 GH/s for start on mining Bitcoin proof payment 100% im testing from myselfspacemin ing.JPG

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