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How to use the CC? + FAQ!

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[@alucian] Same for you @gadrian.

I understand your concerns about inflation. I don't think it's fair to issue a warning before we raise the limit for the coins to hold. In Germany we say: first come, first served. If you are convinced of the project (not yet of the spelling in English^^), it might be worth it for larger users to take a certain risk and buy.

We will not include a Stake option in the project. The coins will be bought well and it should not happen that more coins will be worked out than bought. Establishing such a system is no easy task and a precise schedule would be unrealistic.

That's why we focus on the improvements and the experience to "sell/distribute" something that we bring with us. The project should be as simple as possible, that's what we focus on. A too complicated system will not be understood by beginners.

It was not easy to explain the use of the current concept to everyone.

An interface is in the works, but will take a while, because the CC programmer is not a full-time Steemian.

We thank you very much for your active entertainment and are happy about your interest.

Have a nice day, both of you.


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Keep up the great work. You have our support!


[@alucian] Thank you, we think your support is great and are happy about the high interest. This motivates us to go on eagerly. If you need any help, just tell us. ;-)
Have a nice weekend.