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Hi, Steemians!

Your holidays went well, we hope!

At Commun we’ve added a new very important feature recently. Namely, the “Buy” button that allows you to acquire Commun tokens using BTC.

Screenshot 2020-01-09 at 16.10.46.png

Powered by ChangeHero, one of the fastest crypto exchanges with real-time rates, this new feature offers Commun users additional options to manage and promote their content converting Commun tokens into community points.

Screenshot 2020-01-09 at 16.11.16.png

For Commun it’s the next step in terms of implementing our key idea: giving you the tools that help create interest-driven diverse communities and steer them to prosperity.

Commun provides you with all necessary resources like content sharing, evaluating mechanics, as well as transparent monetization structure. You can easily register there, post the links to your Steemit long-reads, discuss the issues that are of interest to you, and get ‘likes’ and (if hitting the top) - the rewards.

CMN is a native token of the Commun platform that users can convert into Community Points via Bonding Curve mechanism. This algorithm assures the Community Points’ continual liquidity. Community Points could be used to vote for content within the community and later to pay for different community offerings.

We do believe that each community deserves its own token and should be able to manage its own destiny. Any of you can participate in community management. The first communities are pre-established by us, but later you will be able to launch any communities you want.

Start New Year with the new journey! Come to Commun and claim Steemit Points.

Don’t forget to share your thoughts with us!

See you all in here and on Commun!

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Hi @commun i've just created my account yesterday, and chosen the Design, Art and EOS as my first three communities. but, what i find is there nothing of design i've expecting before and also the same with art posts, sad that i see no originality so far :(
i've tried to reach your team looking for a link into your community group chat but can't find it so i decided to get in touch with you here. There is a same users becoming a leader of several communities, is that allowed? also they have been spamming with some of unrelated contents and that's somehow annoying to be honest. will we have something like a filtering system in a meanwhile?
i have a community of designer and digital artist, they don't want to join steemit because it's a bit complicated according to them. But it might gonna work for Commun and i'm pretty sure they would love it as they did with Reddit and Pinterest.
i would suggest myself as the design community leader for sure and i'm gonna post only my original design stuff, overall commun has offering me a fun blogging experience, Love it!! Thanks Devs :)


Hi! Thanks for your feedback! You might start posting your original content within existing communities ... Or if you really want to launch some new art communities we would be glad to discuss this issue with you. Message us in Askcommun channel at referring to this talk.

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