We are thrilled to welcome Kava Labs on Commun!

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Dear Steemians,

We are happy to welcome you to an official first decentralized and self-governed community of Kava, a cross-chain DeFi platform that aims to enable to provide decentralized financial services using major crypto assets.

Commun gives a gift of 30 Kava Points to every subscriber of Kava’s Telegram channel! The easiest way to claim your Kava Points is to use a Telegram bot.

Go to Commun, register there, write down your Commun’s username in telegram bot, and voila - find your Points in your wallet!

This offer for Kava Community is limited to 1M Kava Points

Kava community on Commun is for you to discuss all project-related topics, ask questions and follow-up with the news and updates. The main bonus for all of you is that discussing Kava on Commun you are monetizing your talks (for your post and discussions you could get Kava Points) and capitalizing on growing awareness of Kava among crypto folk.

Have a great time on Commun!

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May I know the 30 kava..... is in my commun wallet? or in kava wallet?

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Hi! 30 Kava Points will appear in your Commun wallet. You can use them to vote for posts or leaders of the community. Also, you can exchange them to points of other communities, or to CMN token.


Thank You.
I was received it


Great! We hope you'll enjoy Commun! Let's stay in touch :)