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Steemies, if you're also using the fantastic tool Steemworld on a daily basis, like me, please consider supporting @steemchiller, the creative mind behind it.

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If would be a pity if we lost this tool, just because he can't afford to dedicate his time to it anymore.

This blockchain gives us the possibility to financially reward him without even paying out of our own pocket. It should be a no-brainer...

All we have to do is upvote his posts, people.

I was absolutely sure that I was doing that - I thought I had him on my auto-voter, but I just realized I didn't. Big shock, which I immediately corrected. So, to make up for it, I'm putting this post out, in case you're also not aware that you're not supporting him (yet).

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So here are three ways you can support him from now on:

1. Put him on your auto-voter

Wether you use Steemvoter or or any other auto-voting tool - make sure you put @steemchiller in there so you don't miss upvoting his weekly updates (and any other post).

Also, give him 100%. Come on.

2. Contribute to his Steem Basic Income

Send 1 or more Steem to @steembasicincome and add his name in the memo. This way, whenever he posts, he will also be upvoted by some of the basic income bots. Oh, and so will YOU - because by adding someone else to the Basic Income recipients' list, you will be added, too!

If you are not aware of @steembasicincome yet - read their FAQ's here.

3. Send him a tip

Of course this is another thing you can do. Just send him some Steem, or SBD, if you can. Either directly from your wallet to his, or by using the tipping button on the top left corner of his site.

Screenshot 2019-03-28 at 14.39.15.png

(I will send the liquid rewards of this post as a tip to @steemchiller.)

4. Support him through the Brave Browser (Noooo-brainer!!)

Yes, this is the 4th of the three options I announced ;) Thanks to @roleerob for reminding me of this in the comments below.

Download the Brave Browser, add to your favorites, and voilá - done! Steemchiller can now earn BAT tokens in addition to Steem.

If you're not familiar yet with Brave, I made a tutorial some time ago. See below. The layout has changed in the meantime as Brave was updated, but you'll get the idea.

If you download Brave with my link, you'll get a few BAT tokens as a gift, which you can then allocate to

That's it. Your good deed of the day.

It will make you feel good, I promise! :)

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About the author:

Anja Schuetz is a cryptocurrency mentor for absolute beginners, with specific focus on women and non-digital natives. She also consults as a Customer Communication & Operations Manager for blockchain start-ups.

Anja offers a Free Bitcoin Beginner's Course when you sign up to her Conscious Crypto Museletter here: and has also written a Beginner's Guide to Steemit

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Good reminder. He does great work.

Awesome that you wrote a support post too. A clear resteem.


Ja, that was a no-brainer. Especially since I noticed I had been pretty unsupportive as well!

Thanks for the reminder! I just assigned another 50 of my SBI management units his way (along with 100% beneficiary on this comment).

Edit: proof of beneficiary


Yes @connecteconomy all on the Steem blockchain should do what we can to support this great Steemian and his work.

There is an additional way. Use the Brave browser and send him BAT for support of his SteemWorld website!

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Oooh, you’re right!! And I’ve actually been doing that for a few months! Phew, makes me feel less bad, LOL! Thanks for reminding me!

Posted using Partiko iOS


Fantastisch!! 👌🏻

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Thanks Anja, I don't get why he is not on everybody's autovoter.


Yes, I was thinking about that, too. Because it happened to me, too. Maybe it's because he's not very visible - people forget there's an actual person behind the whole thing. I don't know... If people were able to have a connection with him instead of only to his website, maybe they would be way more conscious of rewarding him.

Super Anja!!! I discovered this steamworld 2 days ago and it's awesome! I'll put his on autovote. By the way, which tool is better to do it?

· is also an easy one to use. It literally takes no time to figure out how to use it.

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I think it makes no difference. Both give you a number of auto-votes for free. I use steemdunk and I can put 20 different authors on my auto-vote list for free. I'm not sure how many steemvoter offers. But that might be one way to make a choice which one to go for.

Danke dir für das Aufmerksammachen. Wer Steemworld nutzt, bekomt ja immer seine Posts angezeigt beim Öffnen und kann dann auch etwas zurückgeben. Klarer Resteem. Lieben Gruß Kadna

When my voting power gets really high I make an additional vote on a comment of his - only a small reward, but many small rewards make a great reward :)

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No, mostly i use, simple and fast tool made by @penguinpablo. i use only once a few months to change outgoing delegations.

Excellent! I agree totally! @steemchiller is the best!

SteemWorld is indispensible!

Resteeming this!