A closer look at my recent SP delegations {Part II}

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I recently drafted a post which discussed the accounts that I have decided to delegate my hard earned SP to. I decided just a few days ago to delegate more SP to some other swiftly growing accounts. I briefly discussed, in a recent post of mine, about the first of two of these newly delegatee's - @naturalproducts.

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I decided to delegate SP to @naturalproducts for a number of reasons. Firstly, I am all about natural medicine because I believe things are done here in the western world without regard to attacking the root causes. When something is wrong, doctors are often too quick to prescribe medication in hope this will solve the problem, but this only works in the short-term. This is the easy way out. Doctors should be far more concerned with treating the underlying issues that cause a specific disease or illness, rather than just treating the symptoms. All this current method does is make patients more and more dependent on the medications doctors prescribe, which has lead to another health crisis we are witnessing first hand - the opioid crisis.

Image derived from Pixabay

With this being said, I am also huge fan of integrative and alternatives to medicine. There are many of these approaches that are finally making their way from the woodwork's, and these include: yoga and meditation, acupuncture, massage; aroma; music and art therapy, among several others. These are all forms of natural medicine, and the underutilization of such techniques has caused our society to become one of the most unhealthy the world has, and will ever see. People are living sedentary lifestyles and consuming unhealthy, processed foods that are high in sugar and sodium - the silent killers of the western diet. More attention needs to be focused on #naturalproducts and #naturalmedicine in order for a paradigm shift toward complementary and alternative approaches to medicine, and this is largely in part as to why I decided to delegate SP to @naturalproducts.

The second delegatee of my newly recent SP delegation went to @epicdice. I have been a huge supporter of many of the new tribes, and even decided to invest in a few of the projects. @epicdice was one of these tribes, so I thought I might as well support them in helping spread the wealth on steemit as best as possible. If you delegate SP to epic dice, you will receive 2 EPC tokens per every SP delegated. For example, if you delegate 10 SP to @epicdice, you will receive 20 EPC tokens every day. Not too shabby. I delegated 800 SP to support the project and also help build my stake in EPC in hopes of the token gaining traction among the tribe community. Also, as part of my delegation, I receive a daily dividend payout in STEEM. The dividend has been as much as 5 STEEM and as little as 0.20 depending on the token's circulating supply.

This is just a closer look at some of my SP delegations. I am very happy to have found these projects, and can't wait to see what the future has in store for all of those that choose to support these wonderful projects.

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Those are some good projects to support. I read your other post and support SteemBasicIncome by constantly buying shares for people to help them individually. I have a delegation in to @qurator as well because there are a few folks in that community who are pillars of our blockchain.

I haven't looked too much into natural products beyond looking at the description in STEEM engine when a couple tokens appeared. I appreciate whole foods and holistic medicine and the movement in general but do more reading here than posting.

It is timely information as well because only dolphins and above have any upvote value at this low STEEM price and delegations are a way to make sure you are not just farting dust everywhere ;)


Yessir, all quality projects with forward-thinking objectives to help spread the wealth as much as possible, and not simply to the hierarchy of command.

Natural products is worth a look. I delegated and they sent me 25k SE tokens, which at the time, was worth over $100. Now it has slipped slightly to around $80, but with their phase 1 A.C.E gamification ending 8/31, I can see the token increasing in value

Thanks for stopping by, bro!!

Respect 🙏🏼

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Interesting projects to consider! I have to find a place for the of this Steem on sale I have picked up as well so looking forward to doing some homework!

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Yessir! I know you also like to support community projects, better do your hw is right !

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Excellent my dear brother, very grateful for the support given to @natural products to delegate their valuable SP by virtue of the noble cause that pursues this project for the benefit of humans and the environment, for lack of awareness and ignorance to consume products processed chemically and silently damage our body, for example producing diseases such as diabetes mellitus type II and high blood pressure.


Yes, brother, you nailed it. Chronic illnesses continue to plague our society due to our ignorance and lack of awareness surrounding these issues! Let’s help spread the word 👂🏼


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