We need more non Steem related content to truly thrive!

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Content is king they say. Although there is loads of great content and great content creators on Steem, there is a heavy amount of Steem related content (especially on the trending page). Although Steem is still a relatively new blockchain and we need to share new ideas and projects, I think we need to encourage and reward non Steem related content more!


If we want mass adoption and new users flowing in, they want to see diverse and interesting content. Laods of the new users come from online spaces such as Reddit, Pinterest and others. Here the content is varied, but users arent in control of their content and arent being rewarded either. Imagine if you logged on to Facebook or reddit and the majority of the content on your homepage was about the platform, I would get a bit bored wouldnt you?

Curation is tricky game, and Steem related content does do well here as we all want this experiment to thrive. I encourage manual curators to seek out content that is more than just about Steem - travel, sports, cooking etc etc... As a new user I think all of the Steem content would overwhelm me, and many throw their arms up and run away. Lets make it more varied and interesting to consume content here.


I would love your thoughts and ideas on this, and would love to see the trending page change and adapt to attract (and keep) new users 😁😁

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This is one of my critiques also.

The more niche Tribes and Communities start popping up though, the more I think we will be able to find content that people off the chain are interested in.

For example, we've only just set up the naturalmedicine.io Tribe, and already we have started attracting readers who are not on Steem.... the next step is to get them to sign up for their own Steem accounts and start participating (and we're working on it).


Nice. Yeah the tribes are cool and something i have been more interested in. It certainly does increase and diversify the user base on here

Exciting times ahead 😁

Although Steem is still a relatively new blockchain and we need to share new ideas and projects, I think we need to encourage and reward non Steem related content more!

On SMTs & Steem Engine Tribes? Sure. On Steem directly? No.

There is an infinite amount of content available on the internet and the reward pool is finite. Meaning: there is always going to be "great" content available, but i don't think it should be rewarded on Steem, at least not at this point in time.

Steem is far from finished. It's still a big experiment, wanting & needing tons of development efforts. Not only the blockchain itself, but also the ecosystem. How long did it take for us to have something like Keychain? This should have been a number 1 priority to fund via the reward-pool. Which is why I believe the trending page on Steem aka the posts which have been most rewarded should be full of posts about Steem. SMTs can handle things differently.


we had a campaign for proposal system for months. 10% redirected from creators. Should not there be more of those people that you are talking about? We don't need more steem posts, we do need more people working on steem development. Opportunity to be supported is there. people will support it too with votes.

Pushing out travel content since December 2017 :)