A Last Look: @creativetruth Steem Value


Today is the last day I'll likely be active on Steem, so I wanted to take a final snapshot of all of my reward earning achievements since I started tracking it. Every once in a while I post this chart to show my current progress. I have not posted one of these in many months, so it's now or never.

It's exciting to see how far I've come since my account was created on 2017-08-28. It's even more interesting to glimpse these achievements on this day considering all the tumultuous world events happening at the moment: world flu pandemic, stock markets have plunged into one of the worst drops in history, and now the Hive blockchain is seeking to replace Steem blockchain starting tomorrow!

Below, my record acts as a marker to someday look back at. This is not an end. It's a proof of progress, and assurance that things are going to get better with continuous hard work and patience.


Thursday, March 19, 2020

Account Value: $1,277.21Votes Given / Received: 8,214 / 40,286
SP: 4,075.783Posts / Comments: 478 / 3,434
STEEM / SBD: 11.212 / $29.724Delegated In / Out: 0 / 439.526
REP: 67.796Followers: 1,838 / 221 following
Curation Rewards: 4.329 SPAuthor Rewards SP / S / SBD: 9.204 / 9.202 / 0


STEEM In / Ex = 0.17452 / 0.27524BTC / ETH/ LTC = 6279 / 138 / 39.6
SBD = 1.06953Gold/Silver oz. = 1675 / 17.35

Value of Currencies in USD $ on this Day

Looks like I'll be needing a new emblem to replace the blue steem gong design I created for this historical marker so long ago.

Perhaps a beehive will do!

Gratitude, Patience, and Quality can stay. The triforce has served me well.

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See you on the other side, mate.

Hi, OK, what's happening with steempeak.com, page doesn't exist. I finally logged into steemit.com. Is there a takeover or something? Where are you blogging now? Thanks.


A lot of people are logging into peakd.com using the same keys. This lets them post using the Hive blockchain instead of the Steem blockchain.

I'm posting a reply here using steampeak.com. It seems to be working at the moment.

Most of us are trying to encourage users to discontinue use of steem, due to the centralization of power in the witnesses 100% owned by Justin Sun. It is a good idea to change your recovery account to someone you trust, because the default is @steem will have to authorize your account recovery, and that is now owned by Justin Sun.

Hive.blog and peakd.com are the main ways to access Hive. You can login using the same keys. They also offer a Hive keychain to stay logged in using a browser app.

At the moment, Steemit is censoring a lot of posts. This reply might get censored on steemit. It is recommended to start powering down, then sell your steem if you are able to do so. Many people are posting on both Hive and Steem. I've joined many who are only posting on Hive. Some people who have not been on Steem for a while are still starting to learn about what happened, and that is why Steempeak is still servicing the steem blockchain, to help combat the censorship and allow people to still login and learn what happened.