Flagging is an act of violence and it is not profitable. Why do it?

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Why do we dissipate energy on conflicts?

I'm kind of like how flagging on Steem is mimicking conflict in real life. If you want a confrontation - it will cost you something. Big war will cost you a lot energy and reputation. Instead of confronting a person, he could use that energy to produce good things, but he fights and looses energy.

Same thing with the flagging of posts on the Steem platform - it cost you Steem Power, which you could use more efficiently by voting for good content, voting for a friend, selling your vote. Even voting for yourself is one thousand times better than entering into a downvote war with some steemian.

Another approach to deal with malicious actors.

You've found a post which gaming a system in some way or has malicious content. Usually we flag these kinds of posts. We want to hide it from other users, make it less visible, but we should pay for this, and if we have a small amount of Steem Power - than our downvote will not make any difference.

What if instead of downvote we will use simple comment, where we will describe that's been wrong and what we don't like. You could put some warning there: "This author is gaming the system. If you are voting for him - then you participating in it". And then use your Steem Power to upvote your comment and make visible to other steemians. In that way you will not lose anything and got better results than flagging. You are in the position of active defence now, other side of the conflict now must use the resources to downvote your message or provide an answer. In the worst case your comment will get downvoted, but you would lose that reward anyway choose you downvote route. In case of comment you are having a change to get upvoted by others, who agree that the author of the post is doing harm to the community.

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Authors get paid when people like you upvote their post.
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This is one of the most excellent articles about how to behave here on steemit I've read for a long time! You are so right in everything you said! I flagged someone accidentally on my very first days here on steemit when I didn't understand what this little flag stood for ... Later on when I found out, I couldn't find this post anymore to "deflag"(?) 🙈. I think I used this tool one another time since then. But your article gave me the right inspiration how to deal with malicious posts here on steemit or malicious behavior in ral life! It is so simple, right in front of my eyes but I needed this moment to open them! Thank you for that! I am sorry I can't upvote or reesteem this anymore! I am going to check on newer articles ... 🚶🏼‍♀️

I followed you because of an excellent comment you had left on a post. My solution for flagging was to simply make it cost more VP. https://steemit.com/steemit/@vimukthi/a-philosophical-and-economic-outlook-at-steemit-sbd-and-flagging-and-suggestions-for-a-better-future-based-on-positive

I'm opposed to making flags regular as they are given the same power of an upvote while the good in community far exceed the bad. Upvotes vs Flags is a zero sum game.

If there are 50,000 active users posting, a $500 flag would only redistribute each of them a cent. An author who earned $5000 a week (which is deemed huge and unfair) only cost you 10 cents. What's with this war for 10 cents?

If more people earned more, then more people would compete for the same topics, style, content making that $5000 spread among few people. With flagging everyone will get their 10 cents, but nobody will get the continuous publishing of the content.

It's actually Voting Power you spend and your vote is given a weight based on the SP you have. So please correct that mistake.

Keep an eye on YOYOW, TRON, ALIS.
Happy steeming you intelligent non-violent person :-)

there is also an other problem, some people and I am personally are afraid sometimes to be flaged, this why we don't write what we exactly think about a person, not in post and not in comments, there are a lot of things that I don't like but I am not talking about that.

So because of this flaging there is no freedom of speach, you can write a very good comment and write your opinion about the author like you said and vote it and no one will see it if the worthy person flag it. ☺

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Yes, not having freedom to be natural and honest is the real problem.


Buen escrito :)

lot of steem power go in vain in this flagwar ....but it is good in another way...steem go back to the reward pool...

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It is so, but it is your personal power goes back to reward pool.

Interesting article ,, for me it's good

Wow I have been waiting for someone to pot about this issue, this is nice @cron

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Good post


Good ..
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"What if instead of downvote we will use simple comment. You could put some warning there: "This author is gaming the system. If you are voting for him - then you participating in it". And then use your Steem Power to upvote your comment and make visible to other steemians."

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please how do i use the highlight feature

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I loved your post, I'm new to this and I'm learning from everyone. Greetings from Venezuela

mh /nod i feel a block button to prevent people who think they get to say what you get to say from getting to you is a severe lack in functionality here. That won't come down to silencing people, only to keep them out of your backyard to peek through the window :p

your point is very valid

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How do you know?


theres already a war on here and flagging is being used to perpetrate it, if your approach was applied to solving the problem, we would have less fire. dont want to mention their user names.

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Even better, we could just not participate in their war.

But what would you do if you get flagged?


to help me?? that i dont know. in retaliation?? nothing to avoid a flag war

This is an amazing article my friend! Thank you for creating this! I have been on the receiving end of people flagging simply to be "those guys", it's not really fun and it can cripple a new user's account. There should be some way to make it so flagging is used for legitimate reasons, not over personal "beef" or because you find someone annoying, or whatever your excuse may be if it's not solely based on flagging spam or negative content.

At any rate, I thoroughly enjoyed this article!

The thing is... Do good to others and do not abuse the power of being a whale or dolphin... A lot of people need their help... like you Mr. @cron...

Same what I am doing now, I works as a charity worker. Even visit my article. And my wallet. But my job being a charity worker is not always. Because I need to check everything before I help... For more info. Just drop by at my article....

We need your help...

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Thank you for reaching me out!


We are thankful to have one like you...