Lost $13,000 in Crypto


I haven't posted on steemit for a long while now. Looking to post on a credible site that won't delete my account for having different views. Politics aside, I decided to drain my Steem account a couple of years ago and try my luck on Binance. After getting a lashing in the crypto world My $13,000 was down to $29 Bucks. Then I learned that Binance was deleting every American Account still on their Chinese site. Well, I just decided to end it all together. Once again I find myself back on Steemit where I will be keeping ALL of my acquired STEEM.

A little advice for those that want to trade in the crypto world.... Just buy gold and silver. Cheers all.


(Image from google imaging under the word Austrailia)

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I personally wouldn't want to be invested in any of the Crypto's, once Electronic "Sovereign" Coinage is "Activated"...
January 15, 2021... 5.7 Hollywood Time...