A fair and objective review of the EOS ICO as a potential investment.

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First, I would like to give some information about myself. I am the founder of the Cryptocurrency Collectors Club with around 32k people in the main group and over 10k in the Beginner's group, however, you count it, tens of thousands of people in the groups I created and manage. I also have years of experience offering advice and researching cryptocurrencies, starting in 2013, and I have worked as a crypto market advisor in the past. I am also the community manager of Expanse, the first stable fork of Ethereum.

So, what do I think of EOS? The biggest con would be the use of data centers with DPOS, as essentially that could be an argument against decentralization. However, Dan Larimer, who is one of the best without any doubt, has a strong argument that mining pools are also forms of centralization, I tend to agree as I know the issues of mining pools and proof of work far more than most, as most people do not work on proof of work based projects or have to deal with the threats and risks.

So I think his argument is valid as proof of work is not a perfect solution. Invariably, pools form, mining cartels form, and create groups with powerful influence. They manipulate for their own interests that do not always align with user’s interests. I do believe DPOS done right is a reasonable solution. It is ideologically a trade off, in a way, but TX scalability can be easily solved with such a solution proposed by EOS, and I see no reason Dan and his team cannot pull this off, they have a blank slate to start with and plenty of funding and talent.

The biggest pro would be that this could be something that could help Blockchain go mainstream with ease of use and scalability. I also believe the tech and use case concepts are very real and the business plan makes sense, it is not just hype. I do think the unlimited ICO cannot by design offer the profits of buying Ethereum early or perhaps buying a lower market cap project, but if you are bullish on Blockchain and think this will all get bigger by the time EOS launches, then there will certainly be profits just on speculation alone.

There is also the argument that Dan has been involved in a few projects and could lose interest, but since they are raising so much money and he has the experience of working with past teams, I think it is reasonable to assume he has learned many lessons from his past experiences, and it would be highly unlikely he would lose interest in such a promising and rewarding project that he has so much personal control over. I see that risk, of him losing interest in an ideal situation as so low I would not even worry about it.

So my advice is that EOS is a solid investment, not something to go all in on as there is always the risk, but to accumulate as part of a diversified portfolio and just hold and watch the project grow. You may not make astronomical profits, but I think the risks are low and the potential rewards offset them. Bitcoin will always have more drama and problems and even if Ethereum remains dominant people will always be looking for the next Ethereum. Speculation alone makes this a good bet, and if Dan and his team are successful building it, which I think is most likely, EOS will be a huge win.

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EOS is now a core holding in my portfolio. The strongest fundamental driver for investing in EOS is that the blockchain directly targets large commercial/industrial use cases and is being designed from the ground up to scale.

I think companies will see the advantages of using EOS to power their blockchain applications and the 'EntEOSAlliance' will be even more impressive than the EntETHAlliance.

I was impressed by the project when it came out but i chose not to invest in it due to the information in the whitepaper about the tokens not providing any intrinsic value. Not sure if understood that information correctly though.


AFAIK the no intrinsic value thing is just a disclaimer they continue to cite to avoid SEC regulations. Basically an extremely sketchy white lie, on purpose.


Yes, I did the research. Ethereum had the same disclaimers. That is for liability and standard so they cannot be sued if something goes wrong. You take all the risk with any ICO and any competent ICO would have the same disclaimers, although with the track record of Dan Larimer I think the risk of his team not delivering is about zero.

I believe EOS can eventually become more "mainstream" than ETH because of ease of use for the end user and because of ETH's high transaction fees.

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No doubts! EOS will be the most valued coin in 2018!

Really good post! I love it!
Nice to be your friend here at Steemit <3 ! The community needs cool people like you

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Thanks James! I will definitely be adding some EOS to my portfolio :)


EOS is the must have asset :D

I think EOS is a solid contender as an "Ethereum successor", if there ever will be one. Contrary to most projects that just improve one or two aspects, it improves around the board and is well thought out.

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Excited about this one. Solid write up, and good to hear your opinion on this. Thanks James


You are welcome, as the price is down with all the Bitcoin drama, it looked like a good time to pick some up before the bull market returns, which I believe it will.


I agree wholeheartedly with your logic here. I am somewhat new to steemit btw, but this is the basis behind my post which I actually posted in your beginners club (never received answer on the regular CCC, but all good). I bought into EOS recently as one of the many I picked up in my portfolio when prices dipped recently. Here is the steemit link to the post I'm talking about. If you have a moment, as I know you are a busy man sir, check it out and tell me what you think. It is basically an excel chart showing which currencies took the biggest losses, and an explanation of why I think they could be the best investments right now. Making your post here my first resteem ever :) Pleasure to meet you.



I have been following James the last 3 months and I think he is a great mentor in the crypto world. Solid opinion always based on straightforward arguments.

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EOS is the good asset you must hold!

There will be a total of 1,000,000,000 EOS and there is 100 million Ether so ten times more EOS than Ether. I guess 1 EOS could go to $20 over time.

Hi I am new to Cryptos and have studied the contract of EOS and found this:
EOS TOKENS HAVE NO RIGHTS, USES OR ATTRIBUTES . The EOS Tokens do not have any rights, uses, purpose, attributes , functionalities or features , express or implied, including , without limitation, any uses, purpose, attributes, functionalities or features on the EOS Platform.

Buyer should not participate in the EOS Token Distribution or purchase EOS Tokens for investment purposes. EOS Tokens are not designed for investment purposes and should not be considered as a type of investment. Within forty eight ( 48 ) hours from the end of the EOS Distribution Period, all EOS Tokens will no longer be transferable and the EOS Token Contract will prevent all further transfers and public key mappings. At this point , the distribution of EOS Tokens will be complete . Buyer acknowledges, understand s and agrees that Buyer should not expect and there is no guarantee or representation or warranty by Company that: ( a ) the 5 EOS.IO Software will ever be adopted; ( b ) the EOS.IO Software will be adopted as developed by block.one and not in a different or modified form; ( c ) a blockchain utilizing or adopting the EOS.IO Software will ever be launched; and ( d ) a blockchain will ever be launched with or without changes to the EOS.IO Software and with or without a distribution matching the fixed, non transferable EOS Token balances. Furthermore, EOS Tokens will not have any functionality or rights on the EOS Platform and holding EOS Tokens is not a guarantee, representation or warranty that the holder will be able to use the EOS Platform, or receive any tokens utilized on the EOS Platform, even if the EOS Platform is launched and the EOS.IO Software is adopted , of which there is no guarantee , representation or warranty made by Company .

In simple terms isn't this saying that these tokens are worth nothing?
Why would one but them?

!! Great James Clayton!! "(I see that risk, of him losing interest in an ideal situation as so low I would not even worry about it.) " I agree with you !!