Getting Ready For Steem 1.0...And The End Of Beta

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So what does the future of Steem look like from the perspective of a guy who's been here for 2 years? What do I see brewing in the underbelly that will change the way you and I will interact with the Steem blockchain?

2 Years and still in beta...

Lots of water under the bridge and yet, we are still in beta. One side of me feels discouraged that Steem hasn't made as much headway as we would have imagined two years ago. By now, I imagined that we would have communities and a better way to organize ourselves than tags...or a way to chat directly on the website itself.

But like I said in my previous article, running an incentivized social media blockchain is very tricky and Steem had to solve the scaling issue in order to be poised for growth. That meant sacrificing development in order areas.

Dont' get me wrong, incredible things happened too! The amount of devs and projects that are actually useful is through the roof! is ranked among the top 1500 most traffic website in the world and among the top 10,000. That's a great achievement and to be honest, even with all of its flaws, the Steem blockchain remains the #1 most used blockchain in the world! (with over 40% of all blockchain transactions every single day - source here)

The Future Looks Good...But Maybe Not For Me

If Steemit Inc can deliver on their one-person-one-vote oracle system that doesn't get corrupted by people creating millions of accounts, the game will change radically. If it works, I believe that this is a core Steem 1.0 feature (along with communities and SMTs).

From there, the Steem experience will resemble what most people expect from social media. What I mean by that is that the most popular and trendy content will make it to the top rather than the one with the most stake-weighted votes.

The stake weighted voting is what keeps many big names out of the game because there isn't a direct correlation between the number of followers and $$$. But when this change, watch out. People with millions of fans & subscribers on youtube, facebook, twitter, instagram will migrate to one of Steem apps in order to monetize their users and THEY WILL dominate the game.

As a CONTENT CREATOR on Steem, it's almost the end of my run...unless I go full-time professional content creator.

But, the INVESTOR side of me would definitely win big time. Steem would become the #1 way for content creator to monetize their audience. Steepshot, would be bigger than is today just with the cheer amount of instagramers would eat Youtube's lunch, etc.

The value of Steem, the value of all SMT's, the amount of ICOs of people launching their own apps will burst through the seam and we will be looking at a situation where Steem is where it is supposed to be...among the top 5 crypto by marketcap with a price per Steem above the $100 mark.

Getting Ready For The Future

If you want to make some serious dough in the future as a Content Creator on the steem blockchain, start building your social media presence. That means finding a niche, buying a nice mic and camera and start posting your content across ALL platforms (Youtube, FB, Twitter, Instagram). Build an audience that you will be able to migrate here down the road.

This is a very tough game...your content needs to be more social, entertaining or informative than millions of other people competing for attention...but the rewards will be great for those who plow the field and plant the seeds.

If that's not you, you might want to consider buying as much STEEM as you can right now while it's on discount. Of course, this is not financial advice and I'm just stating my opinion.


I would like your thoughts on this. Let me know what you think, please consider sharing this article on Reddit, Twitter or Facebook and let's get the people engaged in that discussion.

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So from what I understand, the trending page will eventually become filled with actually trending posts (meaning people actually viewing it, not botted up). But you mention how that might not be good for you, but financially speaking.. Since you have so much SP you'd still be fine (if price of Steem rises), just maybe not as "popular" on the site anymore, right?


exactly. The top earners will change to be the one who actually are the most popular...rather than the one with the most friends with high SP. :-)


for real?
would the bidbots have the same effect or totally not?


Agreed. Would be great for minnows


Hmm.. I may sound dumb.. But what will SP do in that case? Are the financial rewards going to be based off of number of likes or SP? or a mix of both?


SP is vested Steem and it's primarly there to calculate bandwidth on the system. IF you want to run an SMT you will need SP to run it. Steem will gain a lot fo value from it since it will be the only pair on the network to trade all of those SMTs. SteemPower will still work to distribute STEEM like it does right now (but not other SMTs)...if that make sense.


Pardon My ignorance, but what is SMT?


Smart Media Token. You will find the explanation in SteemWiki.


I was thinking exactly the same thing


I think they arent going to get rid of the stake based voting system all together but rather add another payout option. I think i read that you will have a choice of offering an upvote based on your SP or 1vote/1account option... I might be wrong but i think i read that somewhere.


What if they decided to not include the posts that are voted by bots in trending page? I think it would be sound more "trending" when no bots are involved.


I really would like that to happen. Because most of us get discouraged as our hardwork doesn't yield. But if what you say really happens, then it will change the way of Steemit forever.


Estoy totalmente de acuerdo contigo amigo @aweber si sube el precio del STEEM, esta página pasaría de su fase BETA a Steemit 1.0, perdería o ganaría con esta posible nueva fase? me gustaría saber la opinión de @cryptoctopuses realmente interesante y además nos genera mucha expectativa.
A propósito, saludos a todos!

I totally agree with you friend @aweber if you raise the price of STEEM, this page will go from its BETA phase to Steemit 1.0, would it lose or win this possible new phase? I would like to know the opinion of @cryptoctopuses really interesting and also generates a lot of expectation.
By the way, greetings to all!

Well,​ I think that the One person one vote system would change the game as you said. In my opinion in a more fair way. A motivation to dive into this realm knowing that you have to be better than other creators. It's like in sport.

But with the current system often it doesn't​ matter if you are a good content creator because​ it's​ hard to get noticed.

What I want to add is that I believe that the SMT starting with Appics will give the STEEM Blockchain an enormous​ boost.
For me,​ this SMT will have a better starting point compared​ to steepshot.


Haha Appics blocked real support in their Telegram channel. Look into it. They blocked multiple that gave real feedback and spent hours providing value. They only responded to yes men feedback that wasn't asking any real questions so they could have their ICO launch run smooth. They are driven by money and greed above community. They have no clue what they are doing. They are also very elitist.

I should also say that 1 guy from Appics Team reached out at least in the end. Which showed high moral standards from him and I appreciate that. The way I have understood it is Appics will use their own system outside SMT pretty sure I seen that.


Oh this is not good to hear.
Are you sure that they ignored your questions on purpose?

I could be that all the work is too much to handle for the team but i cant imagine that they have bad intention. I also spoke with admins their. They distributed this week the purchased ERC20 tokens. Which is a good sign. They told me that they are just waiting for the finish SMT protocol.


What I heard is that they will definitely use SMTs... Heck, they were closely involved in the SMT programming process... as first project...


I am agreed with you!!

Until reading this I was a fan of 1 vote per person. But you are right, that could have A big disadvantage if famous people subscribe for Steemit.

For you it seems to be quite alright, with already having 500+ upvotes. That could work for just a few months.

I just see were it goes from here. My feeling still says it might end up terrible. Either because Steemit can't solve their major issues. Or because a competitor beats the crap out of them.


Not sure to understand how a brand new competitor can catch up to steem easily. When they are 2 years of experience ahead , solved the scaling issues, etc.

I was making the comment for the current established authors like me @exyle and @donkeypong for example. For the minnows and upcoming author it might actually be a boon. Regardless, we can't escape the 80/20 rules. There will never be a time where distribution will be done "equally". It just means that the top end will be populated by people with huge audience rather than those with friends with a lot of SP.


Experience? At what? Failing?
They have not solved the scaling issues. Look at how few full nodes are run.

The only thing Steemit has going for it is the ridiculous amount of coins they hold. If they didn't have that, Steemit, inc. would not even exist. It's a shame they're wasting it on such low level talent.


Does it mean that in the end Steemit will perish?!
Those are serious flaws.
Snowden recently gave an interview saying that Bitcoin and Blockchain will not survive the bottleneck from the scaling issue.
Aside, I also run into one person with five account names! Lots of small issues have yet to solved as well as the plundering of the reward pool by some people! I think randowhale has been doing a thankless job which seems too big for most people to solve as the underlying structure of the system has not been corrected!
So, rando, I wish you would let go and let it be!
The end will not be pretty for most people as there are so many things happening in the background without our knowledge. We are just pawns in the bigger game!

I wish randowhale would be able to let go of his outrageous feeling about wrongdoers. Sometimes it’s best to let things go according to this law of karma! Somehow the cabal’s stooges have already infiltrated this community! They will try whatever means to control Blockchain and the crypto currency markets. And they will use ‘divide to rule’ to create diversions and preoccupations so that we don’t see the bigger picture.

Just like many things in life, there is a life cycle of beginning, growing, aging and decaying! Enjoy the ride when things are good. But be prepared for the unexpected and disappointments.
Blockchain will be allowed to flourish as long as it is still useful to the power-that-be! They need it to escape from the collapsing fiat system. Very neat really!

Best wishes to all ‘useless eaters!’
(That the term they call us!)
No one escapes the law of karma!


Nailed it!
Pareto's Law is a reality in every system in the universe; "There will never be a time where distribution will be done 'equally.'"
So long as Steemians keep their expectations in check, keep putting out quality content to grow their following, and continue to power-up their Steem, the way it all shakes out will be in their favour, regardless of the end game.


what is that video about?


The song is "Something Good", as in these potential changes could be extremely positive for Steemit.

Though I do share concerns that once big social media personalities start using or moving to Steemit, most of us smaller or casual authors are going to get squeezed out.


Thanks @retro-room!
That's correct, you nailed the meaning of my intent 👍 🤝


I love that song BTW. Especially that 2008 remix.


I think a brand new competitor especially has a chance of they are under the wings of a big company. Which provides them both money and knowledge. This could also be A steemit whale with a few millions USD.
Otherwise it will be indeed really difficult to catch up with Steemit.

How could it help people like me? I still think I will basically earn close to nothing.

Do you have any info about the current reward distribution? At this moment my feeling says it's more like 80/2 instead of 20. If you look at the amount of Steem people have its actually like 80/0.2. That's at least what I concluded from arcange his data. But that data did not say anything about the reward distribution. Do you know any data about that?


I like this idea to be so it is possible for people who have good content but who are not highly voted, due to small friends with high SP.

Yeah, it is really discouraged, "2 Years and still in beta" and we still don't have the roadmap. At least tell us when we will have Steem 1.0.

i agree fake accounts are a problem and might be hard to deal with and again the vote will be prejudiced and manipulated the other ways including collusion but taking away power from those who have chosen to invest in Steem i think is just WRONG taking away our freedom of choice borders on Communism but hey that's just my opinion... they could add a good content reward incentive but who would pay for it?
and just another note FB,Twitter,Reddit have more bots than Mr Christie has cookies so they are not the answer they are what these guys have been practicing with. We have to keep em out that's what the task should focus on.

Well my stand on the one person one vote oracle system is still not quite solid. It will be a great move eliminating the issues of the trashy trending page, not abuse and the quality content creators getting nothing.
But on the other hand, how will abuse be prevented via this system? I believe it would create floor for a different kind of abuse just as you said - users with multiple accounts, curation trails, communities with tons of users and all that. I suppose though if this change is going to come, then plans would be put in place already to curb all this.

Well it's been two long years, only 5 months for me though but my faith has grown in the platform. There are quite some things that need to be fixed though and I suppose staying just a bit longer in beta wouldn't hurt anyone. At least just long enough to get the oracle system running and tested.


The oracle need to be rock solid in order to prevent sybil attacks. That is the very reason why it's been stakeweighted since the beginning. We can't have a 1 person 1 vote situation with a foolproof verification service. If they can deliver on that, I only see upside.


Well that would be perfect then. The trend will move from getting steempower or getting whale friends to creating quality engaging content and getting loyal followers. Just as it's meant to be.
Would be just what Steemit needs to break global publicity and frustrated users are definitely gonna come back. Even better, spammers would suffocated and annihilated.

Back to the first point though; do you think the oracle system will come before the launch of Steem 1.0 or will it be incorporated with the launch?

Curious if you ever can create a system that is about the content. Isn't it just a time before a bot can write like a human. I think it's more about trust and relationships then the content can be whatever.


Exactly! I was just thinking the same thing a couple days ago. It's a popularity contest not a writing contest. It will always involve money in every aspect you can imagine. It's all about quality relationships and consistent quality communications. No voting system will change this.


That would be a question for @ned :-)


Yeah, I mean there are already people that control hundreds or thousands of accounts, I wonder how they will be able to sort that out.

I wish they'd get rid of the "GIF" box out of the reply space. It's hard to type replies when the "GIF" button is hovering over the text you're typing!

Well I have been on steemit since 3 months and I think the future is absolutely brilliant. As we know Steem is a brilliant innovation wherein social-media users are rewarded with STEEM tokens for actively participating in Steemit . Liking, Commenting and Writing quality content apparently earns you steem dollars.

Given how the world needs quality information from as many verifiable sources as possible and social media sites are trending towards enforcing quality, there’s no doubt that steemit will grow popular over the years.

However, people quitting their jobs for the sake of generating quality content on the internet is still a bit far-fetched. STEEM is bound to take off once this starts happening.

Steepshot, would be bigger than is today just with the cheer amount of instagramers would eat Youtube's lunch, etc.

I agree with you steepshot and dtube has an upper edge over all of the other ones as they are based on steem.


DTube is the core leader in providing quality to the Blockchain. No more click bait culture of content.

Steemit has become a game. It is a bot game. The whales are getting bigger and in total control. The meetups are all about meeting people who can upvote each other posts. It is definitely not about quality content. I have tried it all and nothing makes a difference. I made money beginning of year. Now I am powering down and looking for other sites. Steemit is dying. It is a shame.


I would lower the earnings threshold to .01. I hear it might be getting lowered soon. It seems to me like we already have all or at least most of the tools we need to succeed. I think the price of steem should be higher. I think a higher steem price would help out the platform. I think more people should be buying steem instead of taking a negative ROI on the bots.

Liking what is cooking steem 1.0 sounds great already

This is my favourite phrase from your post:

we will be looking at a situation where Steem is where it is supposed to be...among the top 5 crypto by marketcap with a price per Steem above the $100 mark.

I invested 1000 Steem when I join in April. Looking forward to the day when it reaches $100.

Thanks for the encouragement.

I am just looking at where the witnesses will go here in RC1. Right now I have two servers that have RAMed out so to speak. Witness and a seed node.

Both were hardware maxed at 32 GB Ram and the blockchain has run past that operational capacity. I want to keep running witness servers but the cost of a 128GB ram server is cost prohibitive if you're not being rewarded at least 10 STEEM a day. that requires you be in the top 75 witnesses.

I am really looking forward to 1.0 but I am not holding my breath it will truly be the change we all are looking for.
The flag wars will likely still continue and good content creators will be snubbed by evil whales with an agenda based in their own greed.
The ability to signup new users must be fixed, I know onboarding is one of the main task for 1.0 but can they really do it?

All the foot dragging and the length of time we have been in HF 19 has been discouraging and lead to my recent lack of site participation.

I hope release candidate 1 is all it has been built up to be. I will however remain skeptical until I have fully embedded myself in it

Oh shit, that's exciting, beta is pretty much a formality right now

If the voting cartel goes down like you say, I think normal users like us can benefit a lot. Hoping for a better future at Steemit.

Tu artículo es genial tengo que leerlo con más calma saludos.

Me too! Cant wait nice post btw

I like it when these positive posts get trending... there is a lot of negativity and complaining floating around. I often forget that steemit is still in beta, I think you bring up some really good points here. Good post!

Waiting for getting the app

One person one vote oracle system is key! 🔑

This platform would be benefit greatly if it wasn’t run by the 🐳 , and instead gave everyone an equal voting opportunity.

Until then, I’m going to hold off on telling my friends. PS. Great post 👌🏼

As the system currently operates, bringing in new people to the platform is often a trap.

Some people pull in friends or family by telling them they can make money. We've seen this already with Youtube back in the day, where everyone and their grandma was vlogging or gaming, then getting discouraged when they realize there's a system in place that makes the popular even more popular, and the little guys get no views.

The big sell in my mind for Steem is having a place to permanently post your own original content, and prove that you own rights to that content. The blockchain cannot be contested if your content is original, and was uploaded to Steem first. Photography is a big one, but writing in general and videos too. Youtube can wipe your account, but on Steem your content is locked in after 7 days and visible forever (if it wasn't flagged into oblivion).

I dunno, I think that as long as people are drawn into Steem thinking there's piles of easy money to be made, there's going to be a lot more abandoned accounts and wasted Steem Power tied to them. There needs to be a large paradigm shift to strengthen Steem in the long run. Content creators will always need a way of promoting themselves, and if bid bots are removed, then a tokenized system (or systems) will replace that.

Come to think of it, Steemfollower already uses a system like that to reward someone with points for upvoting others, which then earns exposure and potential upvotes, and even increased promotion and exposure if you choose to burn through those points faster.

anywho, good post, heres hoping Steem matures enough to retain new users. As it stands, I would not want to be a new user now, starting off with 15 Steem Power. The uphill climb would be daunting.

I think the launch of Steem 1.0 is long overdue. I think when it's launched, the whole things will change.

I suspect the launch is sooner than ever. With the activities of @ned, I know everything is set for the launch.


Yes,you are right
totall agreed with you

YouTube, Facebook and Instagram already feels like Stone Age. Why would you do any action outside the Blockchain? The best part here is how the whole core system people are using will be undermined. People will start to expect more from a platform.

I also don't think people on current platforms will migrate anytime soon, this is too geeky and complicated for now. So mainly the geeky males that will benefit. The best way to explain other platforms right now is noise. And all other platforms work via a clickbait scheme in how you try to trick someone to enter your little world. While we try to build up a system that relies more on trust and relationships.

For example I would love to see different reputation systems to make it more fun and engaging. A charity reputation score for example. To see more if a user has been really unselfish. But clearly they are working on stuff to try to also make it worth more to engage in the community and comment section. Since it's currently a bit undervalued.

There is also this low level communism many have because of school brainwashing. If you search for capitalism only evil photos show up on Shutterstock. Which is misleading. Surely you have many hipsters also in here that not really see the point in creating something engaging in form of content. Or the people that tries to make all into a conspiracy.

I have stated it in the past that the pointlessness of money Era is coming. Since we will have trillionaires walking around on Earth. 1 of them will be able to solve literally any issue on Earth. Since business is running best when there are no problems and just give humans what they want. This is with my core belief that 99% of Man is good and has no weird agendas.

We geeks are now mainly just looking for entertainment and fun. I think @ned stated that "interesting" > "quality", in a Steemit comment. We can call it The Game of Blockchains. We sort of need lots of new novelty. Because we are extremely good at fast pattern recognition and filter out the same old boring predictable.

As you said the smartest for content creators is to build up their personal brand. Since that is the most powerful thing you can do. And video will be insanely huge in the future. I have uploaded over 9000 videos on YouTube with over 600M total views. That means an average of 50,000 humans clicked each video. Let's say some double so only 30,000. That is still insanely high. The demand for new stuff is massive.

Time will tell.
Steem is still in its early age, let's not judge the progress

Really interesting how it's STILL in beta.. I wonder why?

So @cryptoctopus do you think steemit will become more viewer base instead of upvote for payments? Because if more people join and it is still upvote base couldn’t the whales just promote bid bots so they can make money and stay on top? I understand that minnows like myself are earning more of the steem then whales because we outnumber them and so we post more.

Nice conclusion and advice! Helped a lot!

thanks for info. Very interesting. Love your work keep it up


Waiting for getting the app

Just find that steem is still in beta.

  ·  3년 전

This seems realy freaking awesome

Good article. I feel that as good as steemit is, it still has some very poor features that are standard on other platforms (searching for example)

Once Dan Larimer has launched EOS and has the time to focus on 'Steemit 2.0' (name not confirmed but he has strongly hinted it is in the works), that will run on top of EOS, we will really start to see things moving.

I feel that this Beta will never end and that we will need to wait for the next iteration of incentivized social platforms that EOS will enable.

Amazing news and also worried news because if beta version if over and if the new version is hard to earn money on it
Hope for the bestand thanks for the information @cryptoctopus

The earnings would still depend on the steem power. Except the ones with the most votes will show on trending.
That's a welcome addition in my opinion
This is gonna be one hell of a ride


nope. Earning won't depend on SP in the case of an oracle powered SMT.


Really, didn't know about that..
The curation trials and auto-voting system will mess up.
Steem power will be useless.
Suddenly I'm not feeling too good about this


don't get this wrong. It will increase the value of Steem. SP will be necessary to earn Steem (but not oracle powered SMTs), second SP will be necessary for anyone who wants to run an SMT (it's going to be bandwidth) and finally, Steem will be the only pair to trade all of SMTs. If anything, the value of Steem will go through the roof.


Oh! Ok
But there's also the issue of much increased spam.
Follow for follow and Upvote for Upvote spam will increase exponentially


I see the opposite, as long as you can create an infinite amount of new accounts and start over, it's easy to spam. When you are in a situation where even if you have 100 accounts you are identified as a single person, the cost of spamming becomes huge.


Yeah, you just won't get a 'Good Person Token' issued until you can (somehow) confirm you are operating with a single account - or have put forward this one account to be your GPT issuer.

This is for SMT though, no plans for that 'here' I read.

I would say that here, it's actually going to be tougher for the smaller accounts - especially those not producing content for the dapps and utopian.

You should be set though, as it should just be a case of holding the SP and letting the SMTs do the work.


Really thought provoking.. and most importantly motivating. I look forward to 2018 for steemit and myself as a content creator, too the moon!

Post yang luar biasa bagus sekali steem Beta ,salam

I think the beta mode has served it's fuction, it's been two years really and well it's time, I can begin to wonder the prospects when we leave the beta mode


But it's just a Label right? If I remove Beta will the platform change? No it will stay the same. Unless they release some new features of course. Developers love Alpha and Beta.

Wow, I'm quite new on the platform (I think 2 months) and I like your point of view, we really should look to expand or make known what steemit is and how you can work with it.

Especially because of the growing number of Spanish speakers that register on the page.

For my part I am amazed with Steepshot and I think it's great all the support you receive has to fix some things to the app, but to be a Beta version is very good

The future looks promising in Steemit, so much so that I'm thinking of investing in some SP.

Post yang luar biasa bagus sekali steem beta,salam steem

I would have expected steem to be way up the ladder by now but there are more to it than what appeals the eye. I think the trending algorithm when changed to per vote wise will not affect the weight stake.

Brilliant . Upvote and resteemed it . Thanks

I think one person one vote "with" same vote value is a better way.

For example : person A has rep 60, person B has rep 53, person C has rep 34. When they vote on someone post, their votes value will have same value, like $1 per vote no matter how big or small their reputation, so everyone is on the same ground.

This vote system need a limit too, how many upvote a person can give to someone in 1 day, so people won't abuse this.

Remove bot on steemit in the future, so steemit is a place for 100% interaction between people and people, not people and bot anymore.


If everybody's vote is equal then there is no incentives to invest in any tokens or to accumulate them whatsoever. It's a bad idea. Superlinear rewards is better in my opinion. Second, you can't get rid of bots since it's a blockchain (an open ledger), even in closed systems like Facebook and twitters there are bots, the idea is to reduce the incentives to run the bots.

It's pretty exciting if it holds up to evolution..

After reading this post. Most of my thoughts matches with you. Yep, people with lots of followers will try to dominate Steemit. As a very less knowledgeable person of this platform I can't say much about it. Even my own thoughts are kinda jumbled up right now. Sorry and thank you.

I call this steemit undiluted by @crptoctopus (another title for this post). I picked a whole lot from this.
Sincerely speaking, I have not been able to go into my niche fully because I don't have the tools to do that(camera, mic). I have a lot to give to the steemit platform, but I am saving towards it so I can get the right tools to create quality content.
For now, I use my phone to make a dlive video.

Thanks for this, I will be more focus in getting those tools and build a fanbase across all social network before steem 1.0 comes in.

Kind of bummed me out. :)

Im probably one of those out of touch creators that is actually hoping that Steem could lift me up to achieve a steady, above average income from creating content.
You are right. The competition will be scary and only a handful of those already in the game will have a chance at competing on such a level.
The rest of us will probably stagnate and fade away into our small communities looking for that shot of making it big.
Being more then we can be.

Well you have to put up a fight. Test your worth against the rest of the world. Only then can you see how you compare.
Or not. Some will just be happy to network and have social interactions. :)

If the big transition is really going to happen (as you are wishing for) will you still keep posting or would you feel discouraged to continue, as your article might not get as much attention?

I am not so sure that the SMT and the one-person-one-vote system will work. I think will be very hard to stop robots (or peoples in Indonesia) generating fake accounts. You can see this problem with Instagram today. People just buy themselves fake likes and comments. Idon't know how Steem Inc will be able to fight this.


None of those platform have a technology to prevent duplicate account and sybil attacks...mostly because there is no high cost attached to let that happen. With Steem, it's mandatory for the oracle system to be rock solid otherwise, the whole thing is subject to sybil attacks.

Hope this will come soon. Gmail stayed in beta many years (8 or 10 I'd say...)

well, i have recently started using steem and trying to get hold of the platform and trying to build an audience for the kind of blogs and video logs i produce, but yeah discovering your article has definitely given me a sort of push to give some more time towards building my social presence on steemit, as i can clearly see in the near future its going to get us some real good money.
thank you for such an informative post:)
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infographic by @overkiilcoin

thanks for sharing your helpful knowledge
thank you very much

Well that's true that evern after 2 year of development we are still in Beta and people are now taking advantage of their stacks but i don't like the one person one upvote system because that will make oir Steempower worthless instead of Bandwidth and people who are already struggling here got no chance to survive that,

Well iam pretty sure about a strong price of steem in future because of all these developments and Dapps but iam not sure who are going to earn here investors or Content Creators.


so you like the stake weighted voting situation? How about the mess of the trending page? How about people earning $500 with only 50 views on their articles?

SP is Steem. It's a contraption that was always meant to be a way to calculate bandwidth. The people who will need to power up are going to actually be the people who need bandwidth rather than those who rape the reward pool with abusive self voting (think @heajin and company)

For those who create great content, it's a good thing. For the one established like me with people auto-voting me, it's bad.


You need Steem Power to do stuff on the Blockchain. You also will have SMT be paired to Steem. It's clearly in Steemit's best interest to not make Steem useless since they hold Steem. So if you want to convert an SMT token into Fiat then you will have to use Steem. Nobody struggles here if you stop look at relative wealth. The only thing you have to do is invest your Time and Attention properly to the desired goal you have and work hard and smart while you build up new relationships and creates a unique niche on the Blockchain.

YouTube is still in Beta it still has the monkey error, their Machine Learning totally ignores what a human subscribe too, their Ad system is tanking and currently a disaster, they have no support not even a phone number. Everyone will earn via the win-win concept. If I do something good on the Blockchain I increase the value of this place and it benefits all Token holders. Investors are starting to blend together with content creators. The old labels are disappearing.

One upvote system will promote more engagement if they can identify human accounts. But this will always be a cat and mouse game. No black and white solution here. Universal truths are: Life is competition and life is selection. Once you understand that then you will do your best job possible. With more apps we will create a more niche based world with more alternatives. People love the idea of their own little Tribe and special place.

Can’t wait for that day - exciting times for sure!

What you think about people using bots to upvotes their posts?

I'm worried about the lack of progress in certain areas. But at the moment Steemit does have a leg-up through word-of-mouth, people being aware of its presence and so many using it. But I could see some other platform coming along that achieves much the same model, with a different coin, and surpasses Steemit in terms of development. It would have a long way to go to catch up. But I don't think its impossible. Steemit needs to worry about a competitor coming up from behind declaring a race with it to develop a better platform and a larger user base.

We will see what the future holds. Are you sure that a Steemit 1.0 feature will be able to open the registry for everyone? I think it would not be the best idea. Many new users would not use Steemit. Because they have Facebook, Youtube and so on. Why should you use another social network?


Steemit is only a website. Any apps built on Steem that pays your to participate is better than any other other social media. Even if it's a few cents for a comment.


Thats true :)

thanks for this great and useful article.
i really enjoyed it.

By now, I imagined that we would have communities and a better way to organize ourselves than tags

What we need is the ability to follow and mute tags, that way communities can be created around subjects.

The social media on the blockchain idea is definitely going to be BIG, whether or not it's STEEM that does it remains to be seen. I like the idea of the one person one vote system but it's important to make sure the STEEM token actually has a function and is worth holding. The votes should still be worth different amounts depending on amount of SP in my opinion, but the order of whats trending should depend purely on number of votes

The truth is that you opened my eyes to many things that I thought could be good on the platform, I think that we are not yet very prepared for these big changes, we will only get used to it and without failing. Many of us are here the people who really do the things well, but as in all things there is always a disadvantage and advantages, let's pray that the Oracle system works in the best way

I just have some questions about the one-person-one-vote system :

What would restrain people from using upvote bots ? (It would be even more efficient)
Maybe with a CAPTCHA system or something like that, you could stop this abuse, but do "normal users" would like the experience to answer a CAPTCHA before upvoting someone ? Seems like the Facebook, Twitter, Instagram audience are all about the fluidity of the user experience, and I think it would annoy a lot of people (not me but I'm thinking about impatient young people and not-quite-comfortable-with-computer older people).
And it would also be the end of Curation Trail, automated curation, etc... which are for me an interesting and beneficial part of this platform.

If people migrate from Facebook and such, that would make a lot of new people, how will Steemit handle it ?
When I see now the time it takes Steemit Inc. to validate an account, imagine the delay if millions of users came in a very narrow time window. Steemit would be done and forgotten even before people get their accounts validated. And if the controls are diminished, you'll end up with a lot of fake accounts and circle voting will be aggravated with the one-person-one-vote (as anybody, even with no investment, will be able to make a profitable circle-voting scheme, right now to do it with no investment you need a lot of patience to grow SP on all the accounts involved).

What could be the solution ?
I'm here since 2 months now, and I still haven't downvoted (flagged) anyone. Wouldn't the solution be there ? Like a downvote that will make you lose Steem Power (and put it back in the rewards pool). By the way, I don't really know what are the consequences of downvoting except losing reputation. I have seen a lot of strange behavior (circle voting mainly) and I'm always conflicted about what I should do about it. I know it's bad for the ecosystem, but I have no power, imagine I downvote one clear case of circle voting and then the 100+ accounts come to downvote all my future posts.... Of course there could be abuse, but like everything, and I know there's a lot of good people here and even if some might fall in this battle, the righteous will prevail.

Thanks in advance to anybody that will answer my interrogations.

"As a CONTENT CREATOR on Steem, it's almost the end of my run..."

Give me a break, your not done, there is this code...

Nobody is ever truly done once they have begun

Nice way to put it. Don't know how long it will take to effect. Hope i can find some audience of my own and have something keep in my wallet. You are making me afraid. But, to the point. If it really work out like this!!! Then, your suggestion is best. Hope, atleast we early joinner,will be able to survive with something.

Surely words for consideration. I enjoy the Steemit platform but I have noticed some serious flaws that I hope we can all break through to make this a platform for the future of social media.

Photo by on Unsplash

Screen Shot 2018-05-16 at 4.35.20 PM.png

I know it's not required but general attribution conventions utilize the author name and links to the author profile and the relevant image.


I usually do, but the "author" is, I think the mention is good enough in that case.

i am agree in most of your opinions i think it will be a better place for creators and increase their earnings

I've really enjoyed your article. I've been using steemit for a month and it's the first time I'm enjoying a social media. But you're definitely right about who's going to have the biggest spotlight on their content... Those who are everywhere... I won't be one of those but I'll keep posting stuff and interact with steemian because I like it and at least it worth something... Better than paying to get your content to your fans on Facebook I guess.

I think every platform needs a lot of time in order to grow in popularity and also the development of the site in the future, looking at the huge number of steemit users creating video content on steemit nowadays, I think we might see more and more YouTuber joining steemit in the coming future.

Steemit is an amazing platform, but one weak point is the inability for Plankton/Minnows to earn much from curation. I have an idea to remedy that outlined here.
By carving out 2% of the curation reward and giving it to the first user who upvotes @ 80% Steem Power or higher, it would really improve the Steemit retention rate overnight, as well as reduce the number of bid-bots. I would welcome any feedback. Thanks.

I agree, might as well buy some steem now that its cheap.

Beautiful points. I have no doubts about the potentials of steem, though it seems people with high sp will always dominate the steem blockhain. For content creators, they have to be exceptionally crafty in their arts to make thier way easily. The competition will sure be fiercer than we have now.

There will certainly be room for long time steemians even when the famous youtubers and bloggers come. Remember we have a head start. They may have many fans but we’ve built our followings here, and our followers understand the ecosystem better. It may take a little more work to remain “relevant” but I think eventually we will find that we can be relevelent in certain tags and it’ll be more than enough for us. Trending has always been overrated and with it’s problems and it’ll continue to be the case.

Once popular users from other social sites use Steem, their followers will migrate to Steem as well. I believe since crypto is still not fully adopted, steem will not rapidly grow until that happens.

Great article... I have been ready for Steem to remove the word "Beta"

Thanks for sharing and viewing

Have you considered these:

  1. Misuse of bots
  2. Shit contents like whale wars, complaints, few pics, 2 liner posts, etc. nonsense on trending page.
  3. Flagging for fun or to remove personal grudge.
  4. Witness/Delegates who comment or posts once in a blue moon.
  5. Wasting tremendous amount of money on meetups/fests, where nothing really good happens for the steemit community, but its getting worst day by day.

It’s an exciting time for all of to be here, to see what the future holds! Go Steemit!

@cryptoctopus Yeah, I've been around for pretty long too though I disappeared for almost a year. And, steemit has made quite a lot of progress but the trending page problem is still there. Mostly crypto related posts are on top. I wish the posts were more diverse like on reddit.

And, features like

  • chat right on the website
  • save posts for viewing later
  • notifications for replies and mentions

I hope they are implemented in Steem 1.0.

"The stake weighted voting is what keeps many big names out of the game because there isn't a direct correlation between the number of followers and $$$."

How could you possibly know this? I don't mind speculation as long as it is presented as such.

Great article anyway, as I am happy to see another optimist here.

For me personally, Steemit is quite a bad platform for own marketing purposes. Compared to FB, Vimeo, Youtube, DeviantArt or similar.

What I earned on those networks with my Arts will never be reached here with "Steem Dollars". Btw, compared to other cryptos there still is no really efficient way of converting Steem to Fiat-currencies.
The real worth of Steem seems to be for the shareholders - imao...........

In my opinion, Steemit has remained a kind of "Monopoly" for virtual players with virtual dollars.
Btw as long as there are errors like "504" :-( never seen such in other social or crypto networks !!!

So what ? ;-)

New concept with great delivery

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cryptocopus you need sbd



I feel that when Steemit does go of beta and all the big boys come to play, they will indeed dominate the authorship part of the medium exactly like you say. Do you think content creation for the small accounts will be essentially meaningless then?

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Not until now that I realised that we are still in Beta

Well,​ I think that the One person one vote system would change the game as you said. In my opinion in a more fair way. A motivation to dive into this realm knowing that you have to be better than other creators. It's like in sport.
I like this.

I'm a fairly new user. It's been an amazing adventure and I can see both amazing potential and terrible problems. You clearly know them. I have 2 questions:

-do you think that in the future it could be come easier for users to detect accounts that have consistently created high quality human content, allowing these accounts to be rewarded in the long term as their integrity will cause them to rise up?

-do you think EOS might provide something that fixes the problems of steemit and we all migrate there?

Pictures are beautiful, I've followed you and given voute, because I'm new to steemit, to experience your steemit to me and help me to maximize my steemit, thanks from me @ fauzan93.

Thank you for a very informative read.It Is encouraging news about one person one vote,although you qualify it with an if.

I think it is essential if the platform is to survive leave alone progress.

I m a bit confused about the 1 Account 1 Vote thing that you described.
Will that be only for the Trending Page or will the Reward be the same for every vote too ?
And if yes , why should people still hold their SteemPower ?

Always is good that platforms as good as this continue to improve

Time will tell the future
Steem is still in its early age let's not judge the progress

do u know that i am new on steemit but ummm!
Well I think the future is absolutely brilliant.All that we need to do is to support this brand new platfom
it will attract new peolpe and will replace all other social netwoks

Thanks for sharing @cryptoctopus. I think Steemit is still in beta because there are so many things it still needs to improve. It seems to take a while though, but I guess it's normal because it's blockchain based and these things take time. I really hope the one person, one vote feature will be in soon, if it can make things fairer for everyone on the Steemit community. In the meantime, I agree that to succeed as a content creator on Steemit, you really need to put yourself out there, alot of marketing to be done, and that is what I will be working on in the next months. If not, like you said, invest to gain steem power. I have invested but clearly not enough to stand out from others. There are so many things to figure out before being successfull on Steemit, but I've only been here for 4 months, so I'm fairly new and still gotta learn!

I think the level of impact that we see from established creators migrating will be dependent on what other features get added (or not). The implementation of communities would greatly offset the negative effect of a "larger pond" scenario. If categorization and search-ability is polished, then niche creators will still get found.

I think it will also depend on whether this platform starts to look more like a social media platform, or continues to be a blogging echo-chamber. Will people join and interact similarly to how they do on FB or twitter? Will your hundreds of friends/followers from other social media platforms who have no real concern or desire with creating content have a reason to make the jump? Maybe if curation rewards get a major revamp.

The Future Looks Good...But Maybe Not For Me
i like this sentence

I would like to know when we will have Steem 1.0.

It's going to suck when celebrities start using steemit. People like Justin Bevor and Kanye West are going to be getting all the steem

If you been here on steem for 2 years and u said this, what could someone been here for 1 month will say !
All the things i see and i observe here not encouraging me at all , i mean how can i reach what u reached at the moment !
This so confusing to me !
Would i get bigger here some day by just been creative and self made !!!
I don't think so ...

It's the first of it's kind so there are going to be lots of hiccups along the way. I think there is a lot going on behind the scenes that we are unaware of. The wheels are in motion and like you said, it is the most widely used blockchain, the transactions are instant and it's one of the worlds most visited sites.

Getting all the intricacies worked out takes time but we are in a good place, (you a little better than me) and we just need to keep finding/creating/curating good content.

Even just holding steem on the platform gives a better ROI than most other coins on the market.


No coin comes close to Steem at the moment. Good job from @dan and @ned. Clearly there will be many competitors out in the future so we can just surf the wave from our learning experience on Steemit where we are all Beta testers. Can we create an utopia that's the question.

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cryptoctopus u r awesome.

Plis follow back @caspersteem and upvot yes 😢

With the soon to be launched EOS blockchain and possible direct competitors to steem on the horizon i am surprised that the developments here are going at the pace they are. First mover advantage is one thing but I hope that can stay ahead of what I see will be a flood of alternatives.

SteepShot soon wont be the only competitor in town ;) (hodls cards)

it would be super dope if you were down to pm me on discord to telegram

Good read; Respect.

Now please consider EOS and it's heralded (potential) partnership with 'ONO' as a direct bid to launch a SM Protocol that could potentially (and most effectively -- see Everipedia Airdrop) become blockchains 'Facebook' as opposed to say it's 'ICQ', or 'Friendster', and I won't bore readers w/ excessive citations. Just suffice it to say, that whenever DL is presented with the subject he gets a gleam in his eye, like he knows something we do not.

Consider also the serendipitous timing of Zuck's recent appearance in front of US Senate!

Think H-Wood could have scripted it any better? To me, this reeks of Guerrilla Marketing -- And prep for Blockchain's Red-Carpet Appearance.

And, while there are too many 'Demi-Gods/Goddesses, Titans , Rock-Stars, and contributors without whom we'd never reached today -- including you and me! (Don't sell your selves short small people, without us, what? We're all part of a large (presently dysfunctional) Fam here !

But the point is, Dan Larimer could not have stood more heroically, or more gallantly in the respective shadows all the months while he was being (legally) 'defamed -- via both libel and slander. And all he had was his core team, his 'True Believers', and an oft- repeated, ever-inspiring life mission mantra:

"My entire mission in life is based upon finding crypto-economic solutions for securing life, liberty, property, and justice for all,"

which Vitalik, (Bless That Boy too! #morelovelesshate )shallowly and puerily dismissed DL's Mantra/Philosophy as:


I think Chris Sacca and i agree on the point that the Bill Gates' of the world,, the Zuck's, the Vaynerchuk's, and countless others who forgo formal education can do just fine, but when one becomes arrogant (as Vitalik here), daring to presuppose that b/c he's may be genius in appled maths, quantum physics, etc, that that 'knowledge' is simply transmogrified and somehow reduced to irrefutable philosophical postulates, like:

BullShitosphy, is slightly 'less than profound'.

(Also, in case you didn't know VB, 'Transmogrification' = French for 'Mistake'.)

So yeah, read some real pholosohphy -- Platon's Republic, followed by his 'Apology', in which Socrates, in pseudo-self-defense, apologizes to the People of Athens..

Then, go into some world history, Like:

'Liberté, égalité, fraternité'

and (one you will surely know): 'Zemlya i Volya' and

"tierra y libertad!"

DL, with his words, is walking stride for stride with History's Titans. Hence, there is nothing incongruous with his simplified expression of truth. As a Master yourself, VB you mus be aware, even dimly, that what you both are doing is changing/charting the course of human history, especially as the magnitude of what we, from our vantage point, can confirm is nothing short of revolutionary. Sure, makes sense not to parade in the street proclaiming the end of imperialism, but is it not acceptable, and in fact, a duty, to tell the story as we see it?

In any case, I applaud VB's honesty, sincerity, and creativity. Just as I applaud DL, and Charles H, etc etc etc....

The thing that makes ZERO sense to me-- for those of you literally changing the world , that you would still be concerned with such a meritless pursuit: EGO.

DL invented 'DPOS' , was texting with Satoshi Himself back in 2009 and opening the doors of our minds to corridors/landscapes / star-scapes not accessible to less patient, insufficiently 'chiseled' (by relentless curiosity), and nearly devotional adherence to the dev of viable solutions.

Same can be said of VB :

'Genius Child' (See poem by Langston Hughes). The blockchains' own version Steve Job ( to DL's Elon Musk -- Yeah lack of parallelism, but (sorry Bill) comparing DL to Bill Gates, rings offensive.

Nevertheless, I do submit, that future generations will marvel that these Greats did what they did, and that it was one of the critical junctures in the 6M year-old human experiment.

And to answer the original point of this inquiry:

YES, if the EOS community can fulfill the mandate and launch the platform, the most ambitious, decentralized, Social Media Platform in history will certainly be forthcoming.

Great write up. I see as a great platform that solves all the centralized platforms problems. Problems such a censorship and such.

You should not worry. There really isn't any difference between beta and 1.0. That is a holdover from when software came packaged in CDs or DVDs and was downloaded on a laptop.

Think of it this way: Will be frozen when it is called 1.0? Change is constant, so who cares whether Steemit is constantly in beta?

The real truth is that the rules keep changing, and since Steemit is governed by computer algorithms we never will know the real rules until we stumble upon a violation of them. For example, exactly what is the value of an upvote or a resteem? When will we be rewarded and when will we be punished? Franz Kafka would have a field day with this.

this is an educative info for me. thanks

Those changes would flip everything upside down.Im not so sure if that would be good for current community.The one thing that is certain is mass migration.Popular people from all around internet would start posting on Steemit.I can only imagine that this would be an enormous bump.From the investor point of view it's dream scenario.I'm really curious about the future.Time will tell if everything will go as planned.Thanks for very interesting update! :)

Steem is a lovely platform <3

Youtube & Facebook are most popular in asia,there are live most of the people in the world....
in future....the twos will be the best platform...

Steem still has a very long way to go, longer than we can imagine to be competing with major platforms like facebook, twitter etc...And I have a feeling that big names on other social media may not prefer steem because it's decetralized which can hamper their online reputation that they have been building since long time.

I have a lot of content to share, but I am discouraged by the sheer lack of attention I get for them..

Here here. Nicely said.

End of the day, the person (who is legit with passionate, real content) and with a big following always survives.

I think there needs to be a way that people can have at least a few accounts. Those who have curation accounts or accounts for groups, separate from their own personal accounts, need to be allowed more than one account. I think a limit of 3 or 5 should cover the needs of such teams nicely. It makes it more reasonable.

Right now, nothing's certain until the developers finally made up their minds. Many changes had been done and many people jumped in to the crypto craze already which sets the expectation so high. It's just been 2 years and for a project ambitious as this, 2 years is a very very very short time! We'll have to wait few years more before we can finally see where we're heading. Right now, let's just create content and have fun to what we currently have.

I wish we could change things a bit so the future is different . I want everyone to have a chance . I don’t want all the famous stars and YouTube stars to come join the paltform and literally rape the reward pool to themselves even from one single post they might post as their first . I see many people like myself working hard everyday , engaging and what not , but fail to reach the top. I wanna see the trending section full of what people actually read and thing is meangful .

interesante,,a comprar steem

I have bee on Steemit since the end of August 2017. I have often thought that it should be out of beta by now. I really see a bright future for the platform. I just hope that when these "big eggs" hit steemit, that we little guys can still trudge along!

  ·  3년 전


Is there a way to guarantee getting some sort of income for quality work, even if it's $1 per 500 words?

I'm looking forward to stepping out of the beta phase.

The coolest thing is probably that by strengthening our voting power, that is to say, our ability to transfer funds to another person, group or organisation, we have nothing to lose from the balance! This is something that many cannot imagine and rightly ask where the hook is! And there is one hook? We cannot pay out the tokens that make up our voting power immediately, and the payment is spread over 13 equal parts over 13 weeks. This is a measure to reduce the amount of unclean gameplay, such as a one-off reinforcement of your account, writing a posture, collecting profits and withdrawing STEEM from your account.

Everything that you said make sense. I think the best way to avoid people making hundreds of accounts everyday is ID verification. I know everyone wants privacy and I can understand that, but there is no other way. We have already many scammers and spammers on the platform! Whether they can sign up for free or pay for the accounts, wont make any difference for them. They will always figure out a way to steal peoples accounts and rape the reward pool.
Every user should have a limited number of accounts and ID verification. Thats the only way to prevent problems in the future. Also every user that breaks the rules by posting spam or phishing links, should be suspended.
Thats my opinion :)


I agree

As a minnow, it's interesting to see that established, quality accounts have things to fear in the future.

sir i need some help to invesment ..........

The picture and vision becomes bigger everyday.
The demand increases and steem is becoming much more a full time engagement!... I Should be glad im out of job.
Lets keep building
Thanks @cryptoctopus