CryptoEmpire Bot Update: Technical News + Game FAQs

4년 전

CryptoEmpire Bot Update: Technical News + Game FAQs

Hello there,

We're going to give you a quick update on some technical stuff, some game-related stuff and a quick note on players not being in-game already.

Read below...

I Delegated and I'm Not In The Game... Why?

We crawl the delegations list midweek, not Sunday, or else we wouldn't have time to prepare the game.

It's complex, and it has one person working on it currently, so it has to be that way.

The players currently in-game are those who delegated at the beggining of the week. Those that did it later on will spawn next Monday, and those who delegate late week next week will have to wait 2 more Mondays.

Delegate early on the week and you'll spawn the following Monday, delegate midweek and you may spawn only the Monday after.

Have this in mind.

Technical Difficulties Surpassed:

We hit a bug this week that altered one of our files.

As a result we paid more than we should to some and less to others.

@Eonwarped corrected this mistake, and if you got a transfer from him that means you got less in rewards than you should and you're getting them now.

So, everything is good and everyone got what they deserved.

Some got even more.

Game Rules and FAQs:

@Spiritualmax has published a quick start guide and FAQs post for the @cryptoempire game.

To read it, please follow this link!



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Read the FAQ, its helpful, without spoiling any secrets. Thx.


Hello. I transfer 0.040 SBD to cryptoempire more than 3 hours ago. And did not get the promised upvote. Why?


Now I see upvote. Thanks.


The bot was down for maintenance but it resumed already ;)