Stop Complicating Bitcoin - Accessing Common Consumers

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It is one thing to know something, and it is another entirely different thing to know how to teach something. Many times the issues we face are not really as a result of the information passed across to us. The genesis of the problem spurs from the unending intricacies wrongly interwoven in explanations used to convey the idea for the very first time. Think about it this way for instance, would a child in nursery school appreciate the idea of algebra? The answer is a glaring “no”. But if on the other hand, numbers and alphabets are though which are actually the essential foundation of algebra, the child would get a good grasp of the concept from whence he or she can develop.

The same principle applies to Bitcoin education. And we want to let you know it is not as hard as you think it is. A lot of people always have trouble thinking about it because they feel it is too complex. That’s why a lot of people rhetorically refer to cryptocurrency as a value of exchange that is like calculus. At times tutors make it difficult for them to join the cryptocurrency world when they just want to know how the entire handling of value works. If you’re a tutor or you want to introduce someone to the world of crypto, the best approach to adopt is the simplistic approach. When a person asks the function of a button, or how to create bitcoin or how to build a blockchain, simply answer them without going into complicated details in a bid to give more depth. It is unnecessary in most cases. You don’t have to explain two-step protocol verification to a newbie who just wants to learn how to send bitcoin. Similarly, a learner who wants to know what a blockchain is doesn’t need to know the progression of algorithms and how they are interwoven in a network. With this common consumers won’t have problems understanding how bitcoin works.

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How does one change the conversation to make a simple consumer understand all of this?

Over time, it has been noticed that at the mere thoughts of bitcoin, some just get confused without understanding what it all means. Bitcoin has been severely overcomplicated.

The hardest challenge some people have faced in the cryptocurrency business is training upcoming traders and investors with high proficiency and expertise without complicating things for them. Well, the secret to keeping it simple. Every learner should start from the basics and master the workings of the system gradually.

Over the past years, cryptocurrency and Bitcoin are hitting the mainstream. Daily, new individuals enter the cryptocurrency world and change is constant. Typical consumers won't be the mathematicians to the problems that riddle the crypto world. At the end of the day, people just want things to be basic for easier and faster understanding.


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Really powerful message. I'm glad I read through this and I do believe most people fail to educate us properly on this amazing cryptocurrency. I am also fairly new to the crypto space and as you rightly said," many of us are not mathematics".

If you’re a tutor or you want to introduce someone to the world of crypto, the best approach to adopt is the simplistic approach.

Therefore, we must be taught in a simple language using explanations which are down to earth to the ordinary.
Thank you for this!


Of course! I fully believe that dropping that dense technical jargon is really going to make crypto a lot easier to understand for many people. Accessibility is key here. Thanks for reading!

You are absolutely right, we have to explain in a clear and simple way so that they understand about this technology. Glad to see you back.


Yes! Of course! And happy to be :)