Why I Left Hive’s Toxic Culture - Downfalls of Decentralized Media

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Creating content is not an easy task. It takes more than just talent, creativity, and willpower to start a project and finish it. Even some write-ups as little as articles are not easy to crack. Sometimes creators spend hours researching a topic and comparing personal research with information in other materials. This task is even more difficult when one is a blogger. The reasons for this are multifarious. First, there’s the need to be creative and produce interesting, insightful, and useful content. Second, there’s the need to be consistent with posts and ensure that the content keeps coming in at a steady pace periodically. Third, one has to ensure that the blog posts are SEO optimized in order to engage a larger audience of readers. Then again, after building a reader audience across a particular niche, one has to ensure that fresh content with originality and creativity keeps coming in at an impressive pace in order to maintain the standard. This is why I strongly believe that intellectual property of any kind should be given a very high regard in all possible respects.

Sadly, not everyone shares this notion with me. There are some classes of persons who do not empathize with the struggles of a creator in producing each piece. Still, these persons try to feed off of the worth of such writings.

As a blogger and content creator, I have spent years creating useful and creative content on crypto and crypto-related topics. Just like any creator, I decided to join an already existing community of bloggers and readers on the Hive network. My Hive experience went well from the very beginning. I kept publishing posts on crypto-related subjects and got good feedbacks from the community. To return the goodwill I had enjoyed from the Hive platform, I always promoted their brand whenever I did publications on other social media platforms. And that was a lot; being that I belong to over twenty-six social media channels. Apart from just talking about the Hive network on videos, write-ups, and social media posts, I always used footers or headers to promote their brand. So if you just took a glance at a video without even playing it, you would see the Hive logo on a corner of the paused video; either below or as a header. I maintained the same standards across all my social media platforms. And this wasn’t an issue at all until I got nominated as one of the best influencers by Binance. This was when I started to notice a decline in response and people suddenly began to downvote my posts. Being human, I aired out my grievances and some people said it was just constructive criticism to make me better.

It would have been okay to leave things the way they were. I mean, everybody is entitled to their own opinions. But I noticed something again. The downvotes were by top stakeholders in the hive community. Their apparent reason for the bad energy towards my work was the fact that I put my brand on each post I made. They wanted me to stop adding the “CryptoFinally” tags and all the other tags that advertised my work. At the same time, they wanted me to only put out their brand as though my work was theirs. I wasn’t comfortable with this culture and so I had to leave. You may not agree with me, but I strongly believe that a writer should have some say about exclusive content created by that writer even if it is published on another platform. Besides, I have no contract with them regarding branding or advertising. I found the culture contradictory to my personal and professional values and so I had to part ways with them.

Watch the full video on why I left Hive:


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I am very sorry that the hive community treated you that way. Many of them are rather immature, but there are good people there too. I am glad that you are giving Steem a chance, and I hope that your content does well here! The community is small, but it is growing under the direction of the new Steemit team. Have you considered joining the diary game?

I heard the whole saga. Sorry to hear how it all went down. Hope you continue the journey here.

come on steemit.
here is clean and nobody like hive downvoter.

이젠 어디로 ???

and now where r u going to ???