As I Have Expected My Bath Activity Had Been Grueling ๐Ÿ›€๐Ÿป๐Ÿงผ๐Ÿšฟ๐Ÿ˜ข

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Surviving The Bath

If only I do not needed to shower or use the toilet I would do so but because I have to be fresh and clean before I go for my dialysis I just have to go and work it out and endure the hardship associated with being so breathless while at the same time having body pains and stiffness all over. It is indeed like a torture and I have no other choice but to get on with it.

Showering and bathing had been an activity of leisure for me in the past but not now. The current changes to my bones and joints in particular now doesn't give me the same experience as before. So now I just have to time my bathroom use with having a lesser pain with the influence of painkillers so that I won't too much hard time in a seemingly negligible activity such as a simple bathing.


The Fun And Leisure Of Showering Is No More For Me Because Of Pain And Stiffness

One of the keys that I do when bathing is not rushing it ( can't rush it anyway) I am like slower than a sloth because of stiffness in my back and I just take my time in the steps of bathing that I do . Because any extra exertion will just wear me out and making me feel extra breathless for that matter. At least now I am not that breathless but the thing is that the pain that I am experiencing has intensified compared to the past few months.

It still makes me feel scared in the coming months that is why I am doing all what I can regarding my bone issues to alleviate with it its symptoms including a therapy of vitamin D3 and K2 that would probably do some good changes for my pain issues if my bone starts to absorb more Calcium than it leaches out.

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My Joints Really Are Just As Stiff As These Frozen Berries

So I do pray really that my efforts would work since I am really wanting to get well because I am really fed-up already with my pain issues that I am constantly battle though all these past years already and no one is helping me out except myself with what solution I could come up to just for me to make the pesky pains to vanish.

If it will or will not really vanish is still uncertain but at least it gives me hope for some better changes to come. All I needed is some more prayers and prayer again for God to hear it and make the remainder of my life as comfortable as it can get.


The Road Ahead For Me Is Really Just Full Of Uncertainties And Fear

Currently at least the treatment that I get is relatively better than what I got in the first 2/3rds of being a dialysis patient. Possibly because of the type of dialyzer that I use that I believe just gave me a better well-being because of the better cleaning job that I get with my blood. I regard it as very good because at least I am not getting that ammonia breath anymore plus the added nausea of having a toxic blood due to a poor dialysis treatment that went on for many, many years.

But that problem got replaced by my current bone and joint pain and stiffness complaints so again I just wish that I can see some light for this hard times of my life for my joint issues in particular because it gives me some degree of terror in my thoughts and feelings because I could foresee what my future will be if this just continues for the worse. But I trust God in what he can do for my life plus with my steemian friends alongside me as my needed support I might see some positive changes.


My Future Seems So Bleak But I Have To Trust What God Can Do


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