Dear Diary: I Am 100% Powering Up On My Posts Rewards

3년 전


There is at least a great great chance that steem price will rise at more than a dollar so if you sell at those prices your earnings today is at least doubled or so. It is better to power up on our post rewards today because we might not be able to see steem at these cheap prices.

But of course some people will just cash out what they had earned but some really are at the moment taking the opportunity that someday they will make it big.

The only painful factor now is the waiting game since we are all flesh and are affected by time because we all fade away like flowers in the field so sometimes we just like it now to happen and disregarding the long-term outlook considering that the technology is already here and on the poise of being adopted by the current and future businesses.

The order of the day, or months is to be so patient. I will just be patient and enjoy posting here at steemit and I just want cryptos to outlive me and not the other way around or I will just be left with nothing.

Powering up today is a bit exciting too because you are building your own future as if you are going to school and you will have the chance to land on a good job one day or to put it in a more better terms you are building your business so that you will no longer have a problem in finances in the future and it is good to be optimistic because of what cryptos can do for us.

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Someone once said that when there is blood in the streets, even if it's yours, you still need to buy. I believe that we need to hold steady and keep the faith that this will turn around. I'm in for the long haul! It appears that I am in good company! Keep HODL-ING! :)

You have been holding onto your steem for such a long time. I think you give a lot of people hope. Thanks for bringing a positive message and showing others what a good role-model for steem really looks like in spirit.

There are three categories of people I find here still. Those who will say or do anything to make money here. I call them the schemers. Those who get nasty when they stop making as much money as they used to, or as much as other people make. They are the drama makers. The last is those who are less tempted by greed, and are able to stay positive and real in their content and communications without need for schemes and drama. We usually just call the third group friends.

It would be nice if things flip back up to the levels of the past. I would like to see some of the friends I made along the way be able to find themselves in a better situation thanks to the help I contributed.


I just see steem like the "real world" but unlike the real world the people here are somewhat empowered to change lives @creativetruth and like the real world it also has some bright sides that we can look upon as well and I choose to look at that side most of the time.

I really enjoyed all your post but this cheering up post is extraordinary. I always recommend those who trade wisely. (This is time to buy)
It's a hard time though for every individual, meanwhile the future should be our major concern and invest.
My major problem which I frown at is that My financial situation is bad and I have no fiat to powerup.
But am sure it's time.

Some have this opportunity but wouldn't take the advantage.

Stay well @cryptopie
Still remain your fans @profnuhu

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I agree with you. In thr low price as we knew together your strp us good whike we waiting for better condition. We hope steem will increase and we can pick the harvest someday..

Congrats! Welcome to the club.

It’s a good time to invest in Steem, while the price is so low you can really power up. Looking at the long term future we have plenty of potential to look forward to, already so many dApps are out or in progress - and many more are just waiting for the ideas to develop - @steemonsters has been a huge success and paved the way for many more blockchain based games.

I’m looking forward to seeing all the exciting new developments 2019 will bring to Steem

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