Dialysis Day Again And I Can't Wait To Get Cleansed With My Toxins And Get Rid Of Extra Fluids🧹🩸☺

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Getting Saved Again

Today after my dialysis I know that I would feel relatively well as I would once again experience the reduction of extra fluids in my body which would ease up my breathing but not totally. Then of course the cleaning action of dialysis gives me a more sense of well-being which I could feel about an hour after getting hooked-up which is the reason that I could eat again with enjoyment.

That is why I want a frequent dialysis so that I could enjoy eating which doesn't happen every time I would want to eat because it only happens at dialysis. Going for dialysis for three to four times a week is very time-consuming and impractical if not expensive so going for about two times would not be as much so but the well-being of the patient is affected.


Frequent Washing Of My Blood Means More Well-being And More Good Feeling

If only my mother is supportive for what I wanted then my life now could have been better. I could not decide for myself because they oppose the idea of having a tube stuck into my belly and fluids will get introduced to it and drained off. My mother just sees the infection susceptibility not knowing that it can be managed well by antibiotics. My mother also doesn't have a clue on how Peritoneal dialysis would clean the blood.

Now I might go for that type of dialysis if I can never get to the dialysis center due to my total immobility may God forbid because there will maybe come a time and there is a possibility unto it that hemodialysis will not be a viable option for me anymore because of the reasons of more weakness and more pain or even paralysis which is possible because of my weakened vertebrae.


Peritoneal Dialysis Option Is Always On The Table

May God give my bones more strength and allow it to recover because I could not bear into my mind the worse that would happen if my bone condition would go into downward spiral. My parents are supportive but not totally. That is why I am eager to get my surgery goals that would free me from taking my Parathyroid medicine when my Parathyroid is decreased in its mass which then would control or regulate its destructive hormone pump into my body.

But even my Endoctrinologist is opposed to the idea but if I would have the funds for it there is an option maybe that I could sign a waiver to forgo with the medical clearances and proceed directly to my needed Parathyroidectomy. I hope that God wills it for me and for cryptos to get kinder because I have no idea if when I would last because I do not want to live in pain and misery until the end of my life.


A Parathyroidectomy Is Just A Simple Less Invasive Surgery But Less Specialists Are Doing It


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I'm praying for you @cryptopie. I'm sure surgery would help. Your mom is just worried about you. That's all. Infection is the enemy.

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