I Am Glad That Our Luxury Ox Cart Is Fixed Already ๐Ÿš—โ™ฅ๐Ÿ”ง๐Ÿ†—



Our Luxurious Ox Cart Is Finally Finished

My father had been fixing our car for about more than three weeks now. At first he said that it was the engine head so it fixed it but after assembling it the engine didn't fine. So my father inspected the engine block itself because of the clunking sound that the car had made prior.

So finally he decided to just send the engine block and have the cylinder liners re-fitted with new ones. He also had replaced the pistons, timing belt, bearings and all. Now since he had fixed the engine head already he worked on the assembling of the whole engine after polishing work and adjustments.


My Father Has A Lot Of Experience With Our Car's 2 Liter Diesel Engine

Now I heard that he had started it and it worked fine as I could hear that the engine now is purring like a kitten with its sound, finer than the last time. So now he just cleaned-out the rusty old car with blower and some wiping work (although I can't see it) but I can hear the blower, it is done and ready to go.

It would have been fantastic if the car has some good suspension system but it does not. It is a pain to ride it and it does hurt me. I am like spanked with my back everytime we hit even a small hump or a big pothole it is just a terrorizing ride which makes me eager to go home already to save my back and also my tailbone from further beating.


I Might Be Better Off Riding A Bike Than Our Car Because Of Its Awful Suspension

It is unlike the suspension of my sister's husband's car or any sedan for that matter where it is more comfortable to ride it than our luxury Ox cart. So whenever I ride it I would prepare my legs and push it against the floor as well as my arms supporting my torso so with any bump I will make my limbs as secondary suspension system.

My father also had stuffed the seats with rags so now if you sit on it the seat is very hard and adds to the magnification of when the car hits some humps and bumps on the road. The only good thing about our car is that it can get us to someplace although my father would not take it very far although I know that he just doesn't want to go especially to my mother's relatives in her province.


I Always Pray For Us Not To Hit A Pothole Because It Is Excruciating For My Back And My Tailbone

Again if I would have some budget I would go for buying a more comfortable car mainly because I needed it to carry me to and from the hospital although it is in the last of my list in planning to buy. I know that there are second hand vehicles out there that seems to be more affordable but I am afraid of what happened when we acquired this car, it apparently had a bad engine and needs a secondhand engine to be fitted and replace the old one.

I do not want that scenario to happen again but buying a new one will cost an arm and a leg. That is why if only I have the extra money I will begin to consider at least a more comfortable to ride in.


If Not For Its Forbidding Price I Would Prefer An SUV

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Excellent the car is fixed๐Ÿ‘

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