I Am Up Already And Recuperated From Insomnia Yesterday ๐Ÿ’ค๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿป

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Getting Refreshed By A Long Sleep

I had a long sleep today, it is because I had some bout of insomnia yesterday, the reason is I had too much fluids in my system that is causing me breathlessness. It is just hard to sleep when you are gasping for air so in turn it is just hard to sleep.

But last night I just decided to sleep early since I am already dialyzed and taken my Gabapentin. I used Gabapentin before for my restless legs syndrome but I experienced that it also improved my slepp plus it relaxed me too. So I decided to keep on using it because it has a lot of benefit for my health.


Gabapentin Is My Wonder Medicine

"A difference is that gabapentin is primarily an anti-seizure (anticonvulsant) drug used for preventing seizures and for treating post-herpetic neuralgia, the pain that follows an episode of shingles. Gabapentin is used off-label to treat anxiety."

A long time ago I had this condition in my legs, I have to "kick" it to relieve the tension I do not know what it was so I researched and found out for myself what is it and what is the cure. So I just learned that Gabapentin is the medicine for it.

So I just made a prescription for myself because I doubt that the doctor would not give me that since they don't prescribe it to dialysis patients. Then after taking it almost instantly when the medicine too effect my restless legs syndrome is gone just like that.


Multiple Birds With One Solution

Then I noticed something awesome, at that time I was insomniac and really could not sleep and is trouble having some nap even. I was also a coffee addict back then but Gabapentin had made me sleep or at least gave me the ability to have some good sleep.

Right then and there I thought to just keep on using it since the effect lasts for days even if I cut the tablet into three or four and it is good enough for me since my excretory system is failed my the medicine is just cycling around my system prolonging its effect or half-life.

It is a plus factor that it also helps me with my anxiety condition where I get all the symptoms when I am in a situation where I feel threatened or other people's attention is towards me, something like that. So I am glad that Gabapentin is helping me out as well with that mental issue. That is why I really am shy person and doesn't want to socialize especially now that I also have an appearance problem and speech impediment.


One Medicine Redeemed Me

But I also have a mild epilepsy condition and I have learned that Gabapentin is used to treat such condition. So it just makes me happy that I am also managing my epilepsy with that drug which is why I am not regularly taking it.

My kind of epilepsy is just mild, it only can be seen at EEGs but if I would be subjected in a severe pain and discomfort I would lose consciousness. But it is enough to make my Neurologist back then to prescribe me Phenobarbital which then caused me to experience clinical depression when I was just a child.


Having A Clinical Depression Is Not Good

At around five years of age I had this condition which I only learned about after researching what was that all about many years after I recuperated from it. It was a clinical depression which is sadness and loneliness that I could not explain.

It also lasted for years and even though I am watching cartoons in the TV I still feel depressed and blue. Then I just sweated it out over the years. My mother would just describe me as quiet not knowing that I am really affected with my brain because of my epilepsy condition.

It is better for a person to be treated right away with clinical depression because they most possibly commit self-harm or worse. But as a child back then of course killing myself didn't came into my mind. So it just went away maybe after my doctor had reduced my dosage of Phenobarbital.

In the early 90's my mother and I just decided to stop going to the doctor because I wasn't getting cured anyway since we were going back and forth from a big hospital in the capital city Manila for many years already. It wasn't a good idea but currently I have a more serious health condition to take care of.

Now I know that my restless legs syndrome will never be back because I had found a solution for it already plus I am enjoying its other effects like a better sleep quality, relaxation, pain support, anxiety solution, and epilepsy control. It is quite a medicine that I intend to keep on taking since it is helping my life to achieve a better sense of well-being.

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